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Feeder – Just The Way I'm Feeling Lyrics 7 years ago
Well said Essayena - I think you have it spot on. At the same time this song is bleak and empty, it's totally uplifting, which is similar to those kinds of emotions. Say even when you're in a happy or ecstatic mood, that cloud can drift over you when something (or someone) is missing from the picture. "Just waiting for your healing hand, one touch could bring me round". That feeling pins you down at the same time it holds you together, it's world consuming even if it's only temporary.

Just a beautiful piece of music.

Bon Iver – Perth Lyrics 7 years ago
Although I do love the interpretation of the lyrics that crow heart posted, these are in fact the correct ones. See

Pig Destroyer – Gravedancer Lyrics 7 years ago
Awesome, I like hrehocikj's explanation. I just looked up the lyrics to this song because it pretty much exactly describes how I'm spending this Saturday afternoon.

Did anyone ever wonder about the "praying for the to come home"? I think it's just a misprint in the lyrics. "the" should be "them", or perhaps "her".

Mad Capsule Markets – Island Lyrics 8 years ago


Down – Stone The Crow Lyrics 8 years ago
I think like Ruxi said the song is about the depression in Phil's life and the feelings of hostility he seemed to breed - "no matter what I say, I'm blamed, I'm shamed, I'm judged unfairly". Awesome fucking line.

He also keeps talking about "yesterday" so I think it's also looking into the past - he's saying that he can't change the choices he's made or live in the past, but he's sunk to such deep pain that he feels like the person that he was is dying. When he says "I've never died before" it's in the context of "... but now I am", like he says in the last part of the song, "so now I've died before". He doesn't know who he is anymore.

And "stone the crow" I think you can take as a metaphor for death. In the first verse it has the same meaning "never died before/never stoned the crow", and in the second verse he says "I should've stoned the crow" which I guess could mean two things: he should have ended his life, or (more positive) just said fuck it and done something to change his life, "killed" off his current way of living before things sank to the way they are in the song.

The last 4 lines.... I don't know, maybe he is saying to the people who blame, shame and judge him unfairly that they are dead to him too. He "thought it sown as yesterday" -- he has never given two shits about forgetting who these people are. And then he ends again on "I never stoned the crow" - he thinks to himself despite all his shit and "killing" those who rise against him, he still hasn't sorted his own life out yet.

Nine Inch Nails – 01 Ghosts I Lyrics 8 years ago
The website isn't called lyrics meanings is it?

This song makes me think of waking up in a cold stone chamber, eyes adjusting to the lack of light and the white stone walls, trying to raise yourself from the ground but it's too cold..... suddenly a blurred yellow light appears far down the corridor, endorpins rush to you and you realise it's moving toward you.... it's someone in a hood carrying a candle, they seem confused of why youre there and they turn away, pulling down a curtain and the dark resumes.....

Actually scratch that I think it's about puppies.

Pig Destroyer – Jupiter's Eye Lyrics 8 years ago
The first time I read these lyrics I just about shat the bed. Beautiful imagery, powerfully written - like every single word has been considered carefully. What a fucking way to describe loss and longing, "my dreams of her are violent". The comparison to the planet Jupiter and its storm is a good comparison to the way he feels - the sheer magnitude, starkness & destruction that is happening out there, we are oblivious to even comprehend.

Tool – (-) Ions Lyrics 8 years ago
I do not really see what was so special about that sync up. cool video though.

I think this song is a tool.

Planes Mistaken for Stars – Standing Still Fast Lyrics 8 years ago
Wow a long time since the last comments on this song - quite a shame because I think this is my favourite song ever written. It reminds me of a day 4 years ago a cold december day where I took a train to Birmingham with some friends - right in the midst of my head being ruined by a girl who lived a couple thousand miles away and really feeling the distance and looking out the train window at the sky - everything was 'poetry in wanting' and for her to remember the time we did spend together - 'those days to hold you' - and for it to take a hold on her the way it did to me.

ends up she was a bitch anyway but hey

Tegan and Sara – You Wouldn't Like Me Lyrics 8 years ago
You know when you are with someone, either dating or getting close to that stage, and even though you are with the person and may be having a great time, you may still have that paranoia that the person doesn't like you as much as you like them, or they may not see all your cute little idiosyncracies the same way you do.

Sometimes it can be quite a serious neurosis, always self deprecating, especially if you have been in a bad relationship in the past, you sometimes stop yourself from edging forwards into really committing to the person. If it's all new and things are just getting started, it's more difficult to pour out your head and heart so it just makes it more difficult to know what the other person is thinking.

That is what I think this song is about. It comes as such a surprise when your other actually says something otherwise to what you have been thinking. I wasn't sure if the girl I had started seeing liked me, or if she was serious about me, or if she had it in her head already that she wanted to end things (as we sometimes do, but don't know how to) and one night we were lying there talking about each other and how things had happened so fast and she said "I feel like I can only be happy when I'm with you". It really shocked me :)

I wasn't sure what to make of these lines:

sunshine is days away
i won't be saved, i know all the words
i can't say that i'll love you forever
i won't say that i'll love you forever

It does work with my theory above - it is just a 'safety', a way of not taking that full commitment that she tells herself in case things don't work out?

Animal Collective – Fireworks Lyrics 8 years ago
By the way, that was my interpretation but I do not have a fucking clue what the genie skin bit means. That throws it off a little.

Animal Collective – Fireworks Lyrics 8 years ago
I love this song so much. It makes me feel really sad. I just put it on so that I could write this comment and my eyes welled up a little. I have hard feelings for this song (haha, if that makes sense), they are quite specific because it relates to something personal for me, but bear with me.

It's about falling for someone, and what it does to you when you are distanced from them, just wanting the future to be here already. At first he thinks "okay, I'm not going to dwell on it, we'll see what happens", trying to get the taste off his tongue. But he knows that he does care, and he's sick of having to wait around for the future to happen - the cereal getting warm.

Maybe he stops having time for his friends, he has such an 'ideal' picture in his mind of the future with the other person (a sacred night where we'll watch the fireworks) that everything else suddenly becomes a formality - his friends, being social, even going outdoors.

It's the trees of this day that I do battle with for the light
Then I start to feel tragic, people greet me, I'm polite (i.e. out of formality)

It's shitty but it happens. What is going to happen (which all depends on what HE does) is all he sees (sometimes). You get so tired of waiting and wanting, which has a negative effect on you, but only to others because to you, you've been blessed with this other person in your life, and the promise of the future. That kind of encapsulates the vibe of the song too, it's not a sad song, not a happy song, it just makes me fucking CRY.

Tool – (-) Ions Lyrics 8 years ago
i think that it runs into that nicely ya, it is just all about thinking about things differently, having a quiet moment to feel in touch with your astral consciousness. it's so relaxing even when you hear bill's voice at the start of third eye, i wish this track lasted forever...

Cult of Luna – Ghost Trail Lyrics 9 years ago
i dont have a fucking clue how to interpet this or make it relevant to anything in my own life but this song just gives me fucking chills, here is the kind of image it gives to me when i listen to it: it sounds like a nightmare of walking deep in a forest away from a beach and being hunted down by some dark presence (but rather than it chasing you, you are actually moving towards it) not knowing the way out but only merging with the forest and the shadows... getting in thicker and thicker and slow in the undergrowth, seeing shapes in the dark. then the guitar solo comes on and its like the presence of god appears and the light makes you go blind for a second, then open your eyes and everything is covered in holy fire and you have been saved from whatever has been hiding its true form, as everything is now bathed in light. everything calms down for a moment and you breathe easy and feel that there is no one following anymore and hear the sound of rushing water, you go down a slope of dry ground to a clearing as night settles again... but then the end bit comes on and a big fucking owl demon made out of fire and ancient ruins starts tearing through the forest, then you start running as it rampages behind... you make it back to the clearing of the beach and you turn around and there is nothing there, you might have imagined the whole thing but you think that you see a cloud of dust just settling back into the ground. FUCK this song scares me but i love it...

Cult of Luna – Leave Me Here Lyrics 9 years ago

Jimmy Eat World – Big Casino Lyrics 11 years ago
Thought I'd better throw in a lyric correction:

"Rock on young savior, don't give up your hopes" is actually "Rock on young savior, just don't GET up your hopes" according to the liner notes.

I prefer the incorrect version.

Elliott Smith – Fake It Through the Day (Miss Misery, early version) Lyrics 11 years ago
Yeah, not crappy, even in comparison. I think I prefer this version, just because of the lyrics. It feels more honest than the GWH version.

Elliott Smith – Thirteen (Big Star cover) Lyrics 11 years ago

Converge – Orphaned Lyrics 11 years ago
Agreed. Everything about this song is pure ferocity, and it's a little bit catchy to boot. Really demonstrates their ability to write a good punk rock song. The drumming is also mindblowing, and the guitar transition at about 60 seconds is absolute genius.

American Nightmare – Black Cloud Blues Lyrics 11 years ago

American Nightmare – The Ice Age Is Coming Lyrics 11 years ago
A cold world is one...
"where life takes your life."

still amazing.

American Nightmare – Hearts Lyrics 11 years ago
A New England wish, I take to refer to the person who is the subject of the song. I guess she lives in New England?
Goes with "There's A Black Hole In The Shadow Of The Pru" - you know, I could have died with you, and Boston is the reason that I'm feeling so blue.

Modest Mouse – Tiny Cities Made of Ashes Lyrics 11 years ago
I boogie. The verse reminds me a little of Convenient Parking from 'The Lonesome Crowded West.'


Modest Mouse – Float On Lyrics 11 years ago
Wrong song. I rule.

Modest Mouse – Float On Lyrics 11 years ago
I boogie. The verse reminds me a little of Convenient Parking from 'The Lonesome Crowded West.'

Mineral – Sounds Like Sunday Lyrics 11 years ago
Yep :(

These words are so to-the-point but they blow me away.

"Time doesn't always heal
It just breathes and swallows memories"

Truer words were never spoken. Even if you don't want to, you expect that in time you'll move on, but... yeah.

Mineral – Gloria Lyrics 11 years ago
A few months late, but... thank you for that corporatesilence, very well said.

As for the lyrics, I've been wondering about this verse:
"Hey sorrow where are you
Tomorrow just won't be the same
Without you here"

Most of the song sounds like a cry for hope, an expression of adoration, but that part sounds as though he's getting over whatever/whoever he's talking about. He's expressing his longing but saying that the sorrow that comes with it will soon be gone.
Or is it that he believes in destiny, that he will become the clay, and that's why tomorrow holds no sorrow? He just needs to hold his head up high, not let the misery weigh him down in the meantime.

Funeral for a Friend – Into Oblivion (Reunion) Lyrics 11 years ago
I like this song. I was a big fan of what they were doing on 'Casually Dressed...' but that style has been growing stale for years and I don't mind this more paced, anthemic direction; clearly they do it well. And the video? Wow! I'm impressed that they got Bill Paxton to play the part of the lead singer. Rock on, Bill!

Jimmy Buffett – Fins Lyrics 11 years ago

Planes Mistaken for Stars – The Past Two Lyrics 12 years ago
I'm really sorry to hear that demimondaine - just know you're not alone. Swap "December" for "year" and your comment could have been posted by me.

"I swear I tried to find the light in this, I held my breath for as long as I could hold on."

My Chemical Romance – Dead! Lyrics 12 years ago
This song always makes me laugh. It opens with the sound of a heart monitor flatlining... right before we get a big 'YEEEAAAAAHHHHH!' and a big widdly guitar solo. I'm dead! Yeah! Party time! Plus the la-la-la-la-la part. Good song.

Underoath – When The Sun Sleeps Lyrics 12 years ago
Good one?

The Smashing Pumpkins – I of the Mourning Lyrics 12 years ago

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Nobody's Baby Now Lyrics 12 years ago
Yeah, seriously. Such a great song. Cave sounds amazing.

AFI – The Despair Factor Lyrics 12 years ago
Pretty great song. The backup vocals during the second chorus should read:

For sensation,
For elation,
For the time when I ascend

Not 'redemption'.

Muse – Invincible Lyrics 12 years ago

'Cos there's no-one like you
In the universe

I don't know what it is about that line, maybe it's the music hitting the peak of its progression at that point, but I'm amazed by it.

Underoath – When The Sun Sleeps Lyrics 12 years ago
loveisfiction - I agree. The 'dig the grave' line gets me every time. God...

Brand New – Handcuffs Lyrics 12 years ago
I don't think this was quite necessary, as the original lyric interpretation was spot on, and there are a few mistakes with this one, e.g. "drive my car into a bridge".

Brand New – Jesus Lyrics 12 years ago
anarchysomething44 is correct - 'turn' is sung twice for the sake of rhythm:

"We turn, turn out hate in factories."

Love Equals Death – Truth Has Failed Lyrics 12 years ago
Beautiful song, great video.

I think the chorus is 'the truth': that this love is very real. But being truthful didn't work because it always ended in being let down - "where were you when things fell apart?"

The Get Up Kids – Holiday Lyrics 12 years ago
It's scary how aptly this song describes what I'm feeling right now. Right down to the last couple of lines.

Hundred Reasons – What Thought Did Lyrics 12 years ago
These are the wrong lyrics...

AFI – Silver And Cold Lyrics 12 years ago
Did anyone mention that it's 'throes' and not 'throws'? Well there we go. Anyway, gorgeous song. The piano and thunder at the beginning is probably my favourite part, followed by the bridge.

Cult of Luna – Marching To The Heartbeats Lyrics 12 years ago
Such a good opener for Somewhere Along The Highway. This song has a really pained, forlorn feel to it; the guitar sounds equally sad and triumphant. This is my first time seeing the words and I love it even more. Cult of Luna write great lyrics. I'm not quite sure what it could mean.

Mogwai – Friend of the Night Lyrics 12 years ago
If I could only listen to one song for the rest of my life, it would be this. It is so important to me, and there's no other song that can stir up such emotion, flood my mind with feeling or take me back to times and places. There's actually a little anxiety when I choose to play this track because I know just how much it's going to shake me up, and it frightens me. This song resonates with me personally, for reasons I won't go into, but let's just say that to me this song is equal with one thing: hope.

Mineral – Gloria Lyrics 12 years ago
I love this song. The lyrics are kinda ambiguous, but I guess that could be because they're relative to a particular situation, just the way I find my own way of interpreting them.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Into My Arms Lyrics 12 years ago
I heard this song for the first time yesterday. I aree with Dressed2Depress. One of the best love songs I've heard.
It's a 'simple' love song, about knowing that there's that someone, an angel put on this earth just for you (borrowing from Good Will Hunting right there) and wanting them to never be hurt but also yearning to be the one who does the protecting.

AFI – Fall Children Lyrics 12 years ago
Draithica, clearly you're the dumbass, as morti viventi stated in his last line that his football analogy was just a joke. And for your own good, please go ahead and educate yourself on proper usage of capitalization.

Foo Fighters – Everlong Lyrics 12 years ago
Paranoid by Black Sabbath? Were those posts serious? Don't talk to me about how groundbreaking or influential it was, but is it 'special' or 'really fucking awesome'? Obviously an agreement to that question would be an opinion of yours, just as mine is that Paranoid could never hold a candle in such a matter.

If I had a favourite song and it reached that status by being influential or ahead of its time or any such triviality alone, rather than because of its ability to touch my heart or take me back to times and places or remind me of people I've lost, it would be a sad state of affairs.

Everlong is a beautiful, striking, painful piece of music. It's essential.

Brand New – Two-Headed Boy Pt. 2 (Neutral Milk Hotel cover) Lyrics 12 years ago
You're an idiot, artless. Your first sentence in this entire, moronic episode is "okay, I've not heard it." Your opinion was null and void from that point on.

Really cool of Brand New to cover this song. Props to them for choosing this song too; it would have been much easier to do Two-headed Boy or something more consistent.

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