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Filter – Take A Picture Lyrics 19 years ago
Actually folks what happened is the lead singer is afraid of flying. To calm him down one night the band got himwasted on the flight. He started dancing around and taking off his clothes acting like an idiot. One of the band members started taking pictures so he would remember what he'd done in the morning. The part where he says "hey dad, what d'ya think about your son now" refers to the fact that the band mailed the nude photos to the lead singers parents as a joke. The song was just a tribute to a fun spirited memory. (found this out at a Filter concert)

Third Eye Blind – 10 Days Late Lyrics 19 years ago
Ever got a girl pregnant?.......Apparently Stephen has. Good song by one of my favorite bands.

Puddle of Mudd – Blurry Lyrics 19 years ago
Any single father living without his child knows exactly what this song means and represents. Although the song is written about his son, it is not solely directed at him. The chorus is directed at the mother of the child who is now with another man who is abusive in some form or another to her and the child. First time I heard this song I nearly lost it. I am a single father and am seperated from my daughter. I see her every day I can, but not having your child always with you is like living with a hole in your heart. There are some typos I noticed as well.
It is supposed to be
" you could be my someone, you could be my scene"
Thats what the lyrics even say on the inside of the album cover. Anyways, extremely heartfelt song, amazing emotional representation, and as far as I'm concerned one of the best songs about broken families that I've ever heard.

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