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Our Lady Peace – I Loved You All Along Lyrics 19 years ago
isnt 5 am?

Coldplay – The Scientist Lyrics 19 years ago
This song brings me to tears, because i relate to everything he says. im loosing the love of my life, my best friend, my life. how i wish i could change everything. this is a magical song, so beautiful, so heart wrenching. You can hear the heart break in his voice....

and may i say, my world is shattered

The Juliana Theory – August In Bethany Lyrics 20 years ago
TJT has been my favorite band for almost 3 years now...ohhh i love them so much!!! this song always brings me to tears... it reminds me of a relationship i had about 2 years...i had my heart broken... in this song when he sings "dont said you wouldnt, you said you couldnt...", tears my heart brilliant song...

Michelle Branch – Leap Of Faith Lyrics 20 years ago
This song is amazing...

Martina McBride – Where Would You Be Lyrics 20 years ago
Its amazing how such a strong voice can come from such a petite

Dashboard Confessional – Hands Down Lyrics 20 years ago
lol ok grin... i find it hilarious how you hate this song so much, yet you must of spent a while writing what you next time, dont write anything, because no one wants to hear

Khia – Lick My Neck, My Back Lyrics 20 years ago
I don't agree wuth BethOrton at all...are you telling me you dont have rolls?..even if they are tiny?...yeah the girl in the video has an ugly face, but the size of her body could be alot worse. I think its great how the bigger girls are getting more popular...

but besides that, i like this song, cause it says the things that girls think about, but are to shy to say anything about ...;-)

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