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Nonpoint – Orgullo Lyrics 16 years ago
well in spanish puñeta means stab but who knows what it might mean in puerto rican .

Nonpoint – My Own Sake Lyrics 16 years ago
This is my favorite song from nonspoint cd.

To me this is basically about making ur own choses and even if they are bad or good theill help u mature i guess.

"tripping over and over and over
our own feet when we look too hard for what's older,older
yes older"

Nonpoint – Endure Lyrics 16 years ago
well i think everybody is aware this song is about .. enduring hehe.
fave line:

"These issues arise everyday,
Though you try to turn your head and walk away,
Though it leaves you feeling insecure
You're gonna feel your life mature.
Endure. "

Great song!!

Hot Hot Heat – Bandages Lyrics 16 years ago
This song to me is about someone who broke up w/ their 'other' cuz they cheated on that person.(hence the voodoo doll) and the person is really like down and drinking and hes like i did all these stuff for u and took all this from u and yet u did this to me.. but at the end hes like.. il be alright.. ill get over it.. This guys voice rules lol . The firstime i heard this song i thought it said "benadrils' haha but no it said bandages.. heheehehe

36 Crazyfists – Turns To Ashes Lyrics 16 years ago
back to the song.. when i hear this song i think of Death.. like ok u live and the world is crap and then u die.. lol soo happy ^_^ maybe im just somewhat morbid.. eh *shrugs* :D

36 Crazyfists – Slit Wrist Theory Lyrics 16 years ago
I totally agree w/ what mourningthebestofme and most of u guys are saying but i have a slightly different meaning.. i do agree that it is about cutting .. but like its about this person who cuts himself but is thinking of commiting suicide.

"With the absence of eye, I can start to bleed again..." -- > yes when no one is looking he can do it .

"With the color of hearts it seems like you wear right thin And as it falls from your mouth, " ---> like the first taste of blood .. first time of cutting ursef.

"it seems like you needed it more , Well I can still ask for more, I will still ask for more" ---> Like once u do it once and u like it .. u want to do it again .. and this person is willing to do it more

"Get the fuck out, stay the fuck out
It makes me sick (I'm alright) ------> like this is the person saying u know i dont want u getting in my bussiness im ok i dont need any help from you

"Slit wrist theory, stains us all" --- well its a theory . he is aware that if he Does commit suicide ppl will get hurt

"Lace me up, lace me up
I'm still looking for these angels in the snow" ----> Im thinking that this is after they tried to commit suicide.. they are getting stitched up im thiking the angels might reprecent real angels snow .. heaven.. so hes looking for the piece of afterlife? ehh..

"And caved the fuck in, and bashed the fuck in, it's so old" ---> Here the person might be regreting the fact that they 'caved' in to actually trying to commit suicide...

but yeah i love the song [hence the sn] .. yep. love the voice :D

Dry Kill Logic – Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck Lyrics 16 years ago
i know what u mean Stevus85 one of my fave too .Altho to me this song is about money . "you want the good life you break your back " so if u want riches u have to work hard until u give up . "expectations of my daily bread gives me the hunger to steal" then this is about like ppl who steal stuf.. lol im just making it up here but then like the song goes into the chorus again so im thinking that that poor guy is making fun of the guy who works cuz he is just stealing and its easier?? eh.. well thats what im thinking.

Dry Kill Logic – Nightmare Lyrics 16 years ago
This song rocks. i love just listening to it in public places. i dont know why .. but i do .. i love everthing about it.. EVERYTHING.. hrm. yeah.

Dry Kill Logic – ROT Lyrics 16 years ago
Man do i love this song. This is the first song that i heard by DKL even tho i never actually was into this kind of musik i loved it and got hooked on DKL. hrm. yeah it rocks.. haha the little spice girls thing . :) got to love it ...

Dry Kill Logic – ASSFAULT Lyrics 16 years ago
when ever i hear this song i think of Revenge.. .
"now i take this
and i could care less
about your distress
i lie in the bed that i have made."

that reminds me of someone who will take revenge and doesnt care what the person says and they are ready for the consequenses... . but thats just my opinion.
DKL rules

Taproot – I Lyrics 16 years ago
know what u mean god must hate me.. i think its the story of all of our lives. ... love the song..

Vendetta Red – Caught You Like A Cold Lyrics 16 years ago
Heck yeah ..
"Save yourself because your dying slowly
say goodnight before you ever say goodbye" this just says it all. and yes tragicallytraunt the bass fucken rules in this song

Vendetta Red – All Cried Out Lyrics 16 years ago
Seattle :> haha thats where they are from.. i went to c em when they opened for SoCo. THey rock this song was the first one that i dled but it came out all looped and stuff and i got hooked w/ the chorus hehe and then i went to buy the cd !!!!
"Turn your back on your past make your mark with a crime that lasts " love that :D

Vendetta Red – Accident Sex Lyrics 16 years ago
good song .. hrm. yeah go VD !!!! hehe

Vendetta Red – Suicide Party Lyrics 16 years ago
that is very very true stupid tan kid..

"Cause everybody knows the more we nurture our perversions the more human we become "

wow .. what can i say?? once again the chorus kicks a** anybody else see the repetative mentionings of religion????? hrm.. i do .. and by that i mean in the whole cd? and if u dont have the cd go get it.. NOW!!

Vendetta Red – Ambulance Chaser Lyrics 16 years ago
pretty? hrm.. ok .. love the tittle of the song.. just for ur understanding pleasure :X death... what a thing .. *hums the song*

Vendetta Red – Seconds Away Lyrics 16 years ago
"Running like insects from god
You only want to be near him
So you join in his crimson jihad"

this says what i would say to everybody in the world :X i love the sound of the chorus ... wohooo im the first one to put stuff on here .. i own :> haha

Vendetta Red – Por Vida Lyrics 16 years ago
this song F***en rules!!! it is kinda scary lol but nevertheless good as hell haha .. get it ? hell ? ehh .. i didnt think so . FOR life baby !!!!

"Why fear the unknown the presents as painful
As being ignored"

Vendetta Red – Forgetiquette Lyrics 16 years ago
I love the sound of this song . No idea what this means.. could the 'three words' be I love you??? who knows lol the person IS calling someone..haha

Vendetta Red – Shatterday Lyrics 16 years ago
I know what u mean mestchick00 ( im not in the mood to do the caps.. hrm.) anywho after i saw em on the tour w/ TJT i went home and tried to dl as many songs by em as possible cuz they fucken rocked on stage. Shatterday is an awesome song.. i saw the video like 3 days ago .. lol has cool graphics and all but i just close my eyes and sing this song when ever i hear it. so yeah .. VD ROCKS

Vendetta Red – The Long Goodbye Lyrics 16 years ago
o0o when ever i hear this song i think of a Ghost.. lol yeah .. Great song.. all the songs on the cd rule !!

Vendetta Red – Stay Home Lyrics 16 years ago
ohh yes we all are aware what the song is about hehe

Vendetta Red – Stay Home Lyrics 16 years ago
this is one of the songs i most relate to .. it rocks!!
"Story books and happy endings bite your lip in fear
Pray the next blow kills you so you won't have to be here " <-- fave line and i love how he sings it hehe

Vendetta Red – Ribcage Menagerie Lyrics 16 years ago
hrm. yeah and yes VD RULES.. saw them life man they rock my socks hehe

Vendetta Red – Ribcage Menagerie Lyrics 16 years ago
ok i have no idea what this song means ... but everytime that i read the lyrics or hear the song i picture somethign totally different such as a baby...but then i realize thats crazy then i think of this guy who talks about all the fu**ed up things that are going on the world.. and maybe he got killed by someone close to him.. and then he dies. also the girl.. hrm. she can be his wife and u know she stuck with him all this time. i think of martin luther king jr :P lol but yeah haha hrm.... thats just my opinion

The Ataris – Lately Lyrics 16 years ago
this song reminds me of someone who wants the all attention of his gf and is kinda confused as to whether she wants to be w/ him or not. hehe and yes its what bopton said. somewhat of a 'first love' situation. ONe of my fave songs.

The Used – On My Own Lyrics 16 years ago
This is the song that insiped me to pick up the guitar and play it. but then i realized that i didnt know how to play the guitar. so yeah. lol but i did give it to other ppl who Can actually play guitar and they play it.. they like it . i like it too.. one of my fave songs of the whole cd. hrm. yeah.. love the vocals on this.

The Used – A Box Full of Sharp Objects Lyrics 16 years ago
This is the fist song i heard of The Used. When i heard it i was hooked and went to buy the cd. It has become one of my fave cd's of all time. Bert has an incredible voice and the band has an awesome sound. It just makes u wanna scream! hrm... yeah .. thats it.

Linkin Park – Faint Lyrics 16 years ago
"I am a little bit insecure, a little unconfident
'Cause you don't understand, I do what I can
But sometimes I don't make sense " <-- that is me. Plain and simple. I love the new cd its great.

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