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Sublime – Steppin' Razor Lyrics 18 years ago
Yeah, originally a Peter Tosh song.
I liked the original a lot more. Sublime took out the rock elements completely.

It means, simply put, "Don't f*ck with me."

Bob Marley and the Wailers – Forever Loving Jah Lyrics 18 years ago
Probably my favorite post-breakup Wailers tune.

Great lyrics, great sound to it.

Means what it says; trusting in God is something that transcends earthly knowledge and learning.

Peter Tosh – Stepping Razor Lyrics 18 years ago
I think this was written by Joe Higgs.

Such a cool song.
God, Tosh was amazing.
He rocks up the chorus really loud and chills out in the verses.

I really do <3 Sublime the most, but their cover could not approach the original.
The anger in this song is great.

Sublime – Doin' Time Lyrics 18 years ago
Came from Gershwin's "Summertime", one of the most covered jazz tunes ever.

Best version I've ever heard of it was Miles Davis, but that might be because I love Miles.

I like the dancehall feel they put on this. Just another example of Brad's diverse taste and great writing.

Sublime – Romantic Girl Lyrics 18 years ago
I love this song, I wish they had done it in the studio :(.

Self-explanatory lyrics.

Sublime – Pass Me The Lazerbeam Lyrics 18 years ago
This song is taken from Don Carlos' "Pass Me The Lazerbeam," awesome in it's own right. Cool special effects in the original make it a pretty unique roots reggae song.

Sublime's version is about the dangers of unprotected sex (pretty obvious).
I like the way Brad does this one. He sings/raps in a cool hybrid of the two. Eric provides yet another awesome bassline. It's reggae until a really rocking guitar solo that Brad then vamps off of until the end.

There are more lyrics at the end; "Lou makes friends."

Sublime – Cisco Kid Lyrics 18 years ago
Cisco Kid is also a reference to alcholohlism.

Sublime – The Youth Are Getting Restless Lyrics 18 years ago
Bad Brains cover.
I've got BB's live cut of this and it's incredible.
H.R. (as said in Thanx "nuff inspiration, nuff respect) was such an awesome vocalist.

Sublime – DJ's (Newer Than 40oz Edition) Lyrics 18 years ago
The first part of this newer version is called "World of Inflation"

Sublime – Smoke Two Joints Lyrics 18 years ago
Bob Marley never covered this song.
It was made by The Toyes in the '80s, sometime after Bob's death.
I promise. Any purported Marley cover is just someone else who mislabeled it.

While staleph1sh described how to play the chords correctly, they aren't "ska" chords.
Like most of Sublime's songs this is a reggae song.
You can do either an upstroke or a downstroke, but they're always played on the 2nd and 4th beats of the measure (except for the fills).

Sublime – Saw Red Lyrics 18 years ago
Cool song, taken from Barrington Levy's "She's Mine" and given a ska feel.

While Barrington's appears to be a straight love song, this sounds like an ironic way of looking at some of the difficulties in relationships.

Sublime – What I Got Lyrics 18 years ago
Sad that Brad didn't give reggae legend Half Pint credit for penning the hook ( what I got) and the basic tune of it.

Awesome song though, with an easy acoustic riff underneath some cool toasting-style lyrics.
Little reggae/pop fusion.

Sublime – I Love My Dog Lyrics 18 years ago
This is based off "I Luv I Jah" by Bad Brains.

Same basic feel to it, although BB made it really aggressive near the end.

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