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Muse – Easily Lyrics 14 years ago
"Easily the best I ever had." I always felt like he was referring to the love that has failed. Love as in emotional feelings of affection and not significant other. That way it all makes sense if the song is the same as Endlessly.

Muse – Citizen Erased Lyrics 14 years ago
Erving Goffman's book "The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life" uses the metaphor of theatre as the social interaction of people. The "front stage" is what you show people during your "act" and the "back stage" is what you hide from people.

Citizen Erased seems like it is about this symbolic interactionism ("dramaturgy" with the references to the stage). Basically, society has shaped people to what they are today. It has corrupted them and prevented them from showing the back stage, meaning their entire personality and character. They want to be open minded and free to express themselves but simply cannot due to the "impression management" that is stifling.

Society restricts freedom.
Society is corruptive.

Muse – Fury Lyrics 14 years ago
"Burning a candle at both ends" is an idiom that means someone stays up late into the night and wakes up very early in the morning. This is often used for people who work way too many hours. That is why I feel this song is being critical of corporate society.

These people who strive for the top of these capitalist nations gain great satisfaction from their successful educations/careers and love themselves for it while looking down on the people they deem below them. Along the way they have made many life sacrifices but their money "softens the blows" (unhappiness as they age).

They do not want to be punished for all of the terrible things in their lives that they have done which are common to big business. Playing the politics game and also crushing the little people to rid the competition and make more money. Also, the drugs, gambling, and promiscuity that are associated with wealth.

Finally after all of the years they are alone. They lost their real friends. They never had the time to have a successful marriage or children.

Muse – Eternally Missed Lyrics 14 years ago
well this song can be about a girl who is a habitual liar that is fond but not in love. it can also be about abusing uppers, the artificial high, and the down time after. this song is just very vague.

Muse – The Groove Lyrics 14 years ago
This song can apply to the campaigning and canvassing that politicians do. Many have served in militaries that rape and pillage villages during invasions but being an ex-soldier tends to gain more public support. The winner of the campaign takes the prize as they become President or Prime Minister or whatever and the loser grows a giant beard like Al Gore. They tell people how they will help them (she breaks my fall) but go on to lie (shifting like a chameleon) and then never follow through for the public (breaks my heart). Basically the public is (so confused) trying to sift through the b.s. the politicians feed them but (lost in the groove) is entrapped in the top form speeches of a utopia.

Muse – Crying Shame Lyrics 14 years ago
crying - abominable ; shame - disappointment or regrettable fact
basically it is an idiom that conveys that something is a great misfortune

Muse – Glorious Lyrics 14 years ago
Actually, before you even mentioned Radiohead this song reminded me of Lucky. A guy thinking about being lucky when he is really not. Just like in this song where a guy thinking about being glorious when he is really not. Plus from Lucky a line goes "It's gonna be a GLORIOUS day!"

Muse – Easily Lyrics 14 years ago
i think the missing lyrics are actually "I wanna HYPNOTIZE YOU SO you will remember me"
also the ending is "Easily the best I ever had"

maybe it is about desiring an intimate relationship with someone but you can not get them to be yours or open up emotionally yet you still love them

Muse – Shine Lyrics 15 years ago
i feel that it is about a young relationship that they once thought would never end. somewhere along the line doubt filled his head and he started to believe that love was no longer there or that it simply just would not work out in the long run.
"please don't break my ideals and say whats fake was always real"
he then realizes that she may have truly loved him and he loved her but it is too late. he lacked the hope in the future that a relationship needs but now wants her back.

Muse – Endlessly Lyrics 15 years ago
Sheepy_Pie that is totally wrong. He never even gets to be with her because he either does not have the confidence to tell her or realizes that it is unrequited.

Muse – Glorious Lyrics 15 years ago
//my interpretation

This song is negative not positive.

"Satellites that compromise the truth" refers to how the government and mass media control and filter information to the people.
Plus people are not totally in touch with all of the bad events going on in the world even when shown due to their "Rose-tinted view".

People want war without knowing the entire truth or other side of the story and "A hopeless embrace" points out how they fail to take in all info

"Faith...It fuels the lies, it feeds the curse" - people use their own ignorance and beliefs to oppress other religions, cultures, ethnicities, etc over and over throughout history. A modern example can be the battles in Africa or the Middle East. Others are the witch hunts and holocaust.

So basically the people fighting feel they are "glorious" but truly they are not deserving of glory.

It is already known that they question war/government/society and are not religious.

My Chemical Romance – Cancer Lyrics 15 years ago
the opening of this song makes me feel like i am listening to Jet - Look What You've done

AbsolutionAgent_gMs...yes muse and radiohead are much better than mcr, from all aspects

Maroon 5 – Sweetest Goodbye Lyrics 17 years ago
my first thought is that he is having an extramarital affair with a female like when he says
"And if it never ends then when do we start?"
and also
"How does it feel to know you never have to be alone when you get home"

Muse – Time Is Running Out Lyrics 17 years ago
i think it is about likeing a girl but not wanting to or feeling that she is wrong (the entire beginning and talking about friction), he is trying not to like her but cant help it (i tried to give you up but im addicted) so now decided to just go for it all (the chorus)

Electric Light Orchestra – Telephone Line Lyrics 18 years ago
this song is in Billy Madison
it's when Billy apologizes to someone for picking on them when they were younger
then the guy crosses Billy's name off of his to kill list, puts on some lipstick, and lays down

Elton John – Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word Lyrics 18 years ago
if you really love someone and you both know it do you even need to ever say that you are sorry or that you love them?

Elton John – I Want Love Lyrics 18 years ago
this song isn't that old
justin timberlake was the main person in the video
if this song is about being gay maybe justin is too?

everyone knew elton was gay before this song was even released

Cheap Trick – The Flame Lyrics 18 years ago
a classic ballad
it's about finding 'the one' but losing them
if you believe in 'the one'

A-Ha – Take On Me Lyrics 18 years ago
Corky blares it in his yellow Mazda too.

Bush – Glycerine Lyrics 18 years ago
drugs and being high

Ozzy Osbourne – Close My Eyes Forever (Feat. Lita Ford) Lyrics 18 years ago
it's an antisuicide song

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