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Hot Hot Heat – Save Us S.O.S. Lyrics 17 years ago
i love this song. so adorable.

Hot Hot Heat – This Town Lyrics 17 years ago
it's about fans and groupies. at least, i think.

but i also really see what InkKisses says.

Hot Hot Heat – Talk To Me, Dance With Me Lyrics 17 years ago
i love this song. everyone had a blast dancing to at the show.

Hot Hot Heat – Aveda Lyrics 17 years ago
it's about changing for someone who really doesn't like you. and figuring it out making all those differences won't make a difference.

by the way, they played this when i saw them on 07.01.03. i was stoked.

Hot Hot Heat – 5 Times Out of 100 Lyrics 17 years ago
does anyone think he implies that he wants to electrocute himself?

Hot Hot Heat – Touch You Touch You Lyrics 17 years ago
this song is sex.

Fifteen – Evolve Lyrics 17 years ago
by the way, a few word are missing.

Fifteen – Evolve Lyrics 17 years ago
i want to live my life by this.

Boys Night Out – Sketch Artist Composite Lyrics 17 years ago
this song is so sexy. all of their songs are, actually.

just being so interested in killing and the act of doing so is so disturbingly sexy.

it gives me chills.

Black Paper Diary – The Last Song I'll Write About You Lyrics 17 years ago
yeah, i agree with Anatriptic.

Black Paper Diary – For Every Love That Died Lyrics 17 years ago
is this not the most beautiful song EVER?

Benton Falls – All These Things Lyrics 17 years ago
i still think it's about his mom. especially with the fence and tiny hand references.

I Hate Myself – Urban Barbie Lyrics 17 years ago
this song makes me smile so much. it's so cute and so indicative of what a lot of kids are like today. but you can't help it when you fall in love with one of them.

Bright Eyes – The Calendar Hung Itself . . . Lyrics 18 years ago
i love the part about him dragging her ghost around and plotting out his death.

i think the chicago part is a reference to an experience he had in another song in chicago, where he tried to kill himself with whiskey and pills.

this is the sexiest song i've ever heard. amazing.

Pretty Girls Make Graves – Sad Girls Por Vida Lyrics 18 years ago
or, the smiths got itfrom kerouac. allusions, like whoa.

Bright Eyes – Let's Not Shit Ourselves (To Love and to Be Loved) Lyrics 18 years ago
no, this isn't the first song about failed suicide attempts.

I Hate Myself – To A Husband At War Lyrics 18 years ago
all emo should be this powerful and well-thought.

I Hate Myself – Conversation With Dr. Seussicide Lyrics 18 years ago
this song is pretty amazing.

i feel like he read my journals and wrote this song.

I Hate Myself – Caught In A Flood With The Captain Of The Cheerleading Squad Lyrics 18 years ago
ahh, a statistics reference/analogy.

i love this song.

especially the end when he says: "you don't like me, and i don't like me, and it's unlikely."

Boys Night Out – The Only Honest Love Song Lyrics 18 years ago
this band and this song are fucking genius.

i love: ". i'm slowing down into a shallow circle while my heartbeat fills the gaps between sporadic and failing gasps."

BoySetsFire – Vehicle Lyrics 18 years ago
it's about faith without questioning . . . that has no worth.

"inquiry is not blasphemy."

BoySetsFire – Vehicle Lyrics 18 years ago
this song is amazing performed live.

chad's voice is amazing on this song as well.

BoySetsFire – After The Eulogy Lyrics 18 years ago
i'm pretty sure it's "no justice, no peace" as well.

i like this song much better on the 'live for today' cd. it sounds so powerful performed live.

nathan's voice is absolutely amazing.

Boys Night Out – Victor Versus The Victim Lyrics 18 years ago
i love how boys night out songs are so violent and dark and packed with meaning, but they don't sound as dark and violent. they sound a bit lighter and cheerier.

Boys Night Out – I Got Punched in the Nose for Sticking My Face in Other People's Business Lyrics 18 years ago
yes, i love this song too.

it's rather dark, but it sounds cutesy.

Noise Ratchet – Why We Cry Lyrics 18 years ago
this song comforts me soooo much. because i feel like i mess up sooo much, but "jesus loves me, he knows my heart".

it's amazing. these guys are so organic.

BoySetsFire – In Hope Lyrics 18 years ago
this is an amazing song.

and the inspiration for my life and next tattoo.

BoySetsFire – Handful Of Redemption Lyrics 18 years ago
this song is about the small things that can make the most devastating situations a little better.

BoySetsFire – Bathory's Sainthood Lyrics 18 years ago
elizabeth bathory was the ruler who bathed in blood.

but the song is about the seperation of churches based upon class standings.

Ann Beretta – Forget Today Forget Tomorrow Lyrics 18 years ago
i think it is about growing up, finding yourself, and moving on.

Cast Aside – Racecar Theory Lyrics 18 years ago
it's really hard to follow these lyrics. and the leave the male vocals out. i will try to get lyrics for both voice parts.

Pretty Girls Make Graves – If You Hate Your Friends, You're Not Alone Lyrics 18 years ago
it's about someone who you think is your friend, but really isn't.

i hate jealous "friends."

Pretty Girls Make Graves – Speakers Push The Air Lyrics 18 years ago
gross. pgmg on mtv. oh well. they still are amazing.

a song about music changing and effecting life. it does exactly what it is about as well.

Lewis – Feet On The Ground Lyrics 18 years ago
this song is amazing, i agree.

i think it's about finding yourself after a difficult period in life.

but i'm probably so wrong.

The Appleseed Cast – December 27, 1990 Lyrics 18 years ago
i think it may be about a friend who found salvation or himself.

Cast Aside – Racecar Theory Lyrics 18 years ago
cast aside is playing here twice next month. i'm sooo stoked.

the lyrics and both of their voices are amazing.

The Appleseed Cast – On Sidewalks Lyrics 18 years ago
the appleseed cast defines a certain post-hardcore glory. as always a stunning display of powerful emotion that is a moving story that is about loss and the steps taken to overcome the sorrow that lingers on.

the appleseed cast helps me realize that the only way to feel alive is to embrace closely the pain that makes me who i am.

my heart soars.

The Appleseed Cast – Forever Longing The Golden Sunsets Lyrics 18 years ago
this song makes me so happy. i can imagine running in the sand with the breeze in my hair.

it reminds me of the situation i'm in right now, long golden sunsets. i want to get out of the city really soon so i can be more at peace with myself.

Dieradiodie – New England Sunrise Lyrics 18 years ago
this song is amazing. dieradiodie is by far one of my favorite bands. the boys are not only amazing musicians, but they are extremely humble and god loving. it amazes me and brings me to tears.

i live on the east coast so i have yet to experience a dieradiodie show. hopefully, i will get out to california this summer and will get to see them.

Recover – Dialogue From A Film Lyrics 18 years ago
we mosh hard to this song when recover plays.

it's about "friends" who screw you over. revenge.

Recover – A Match Like Memory Lyrics 18 years ago
or everyone should buy the cd, eh?

it's an amazing song. i think a couple of the words are wrong up there.

buy rodeo&picasso and see them live.

Common Rider – Small Pebble Lyrics 18 years ago
common rider is amazing. tip top, baby.

Bright Eyes – No Lies, Just Love Lyrics 18 years ago
oh my god. this song is the song about my life right now and i didn't realize it. i've been listening to this song for a year now. and i shiver every time i hear it still.

but, right now, i'm going through some of the hardest times of my life. and i'm seventeen, and it is the month of march. sometimes i don't know how i make it. but i know things will be so much better in the spring.

god, he's amazing.

Bright Eyes – It's Cool, We Can Still Be Friends Lyrics 18 years ago
i get so torn up toward the end of the song. when he talks about getting drunk. it made me want to drink my memories of him away.

and i love how he says she acts like a saint. "voice like a prayer". and how he's only there so she won't have to be alone sometimes.

The White Octave – Call the Kiss Lyrics 18 years ago
it's about drinking away someone who is gone.

maybe by suicide.

"if i could split my heart in two, i'd give the beating half to you. if these words never rise above us, i swear i'd slit my wrists for you. if life becomes so cold and dim that to breathe is to live, then i'll breathe for you."

this song makes me ache.

Saetia – Venus And Bacchus Lyrics 18 years ago
wow. i hope someone, somewhere is having sex to this song.

it's amazing.

check out after school knife party.

Benton Falls – Swimming With You Lyrics 18 years ago
at first i thought this song was about leaving someone. "and i won't hold my breath when i'm with you"

but now, maybe, i think it is about expressing how he feels to someone and not holding back.

Benton Falls – Sad Like Winter Leaves Lyrics 18 years ago
heartbreak made beautiful.

Benton Falls – Fighting Starlight Lyrics 18 years ago
"you swing and you miss and i miss the way things used to be."

that's so amazing.

Benton Falls – All These Things Lyrics 18 years ago
i can't breathe while listening to benton falls. amazing.

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