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Muse – Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Frankie Valli cover) Lyrics 16 years ago
An outstanding cover. They also do a great one of The Animals - House of the Rising Sun

Tool – Stinkfist Lyrics 16 years ago
"Consider this: the song is about the relationship between artist and audience, and is open to interpretation from both view points, ie artist to audience/audience to artist. Wacky? Let me continue...
(part 1).
This relates to the struggle to maintain creativity. For the writer to entertain and for us to be entertained, for "boredom's not a burden anyone should bear."
(part 2)
Continues this idea in that this was Tool's third album and depicts the strain of expectation for the band "and i wouldn't have you any other way."
(part 3)
The need for "more" in that each new creation has to evoke and inspire greater than previous works.
(part 4)
Fisting is the metaphor of the song. The notion of delving deeper into the creative self. Conversely, from the audience standpoint, the deeper exploration into our own psyche. Each journey needing to touch further inside.
(part 5)
Hey surely your getting it by now?

Then again interpretation is personal, and i'm just a sacred cow. "

Nail on the fucking head. I always considered this song to be a parallel to my listening relationship with this band.

"Constant over stimulation numbs me
But I would not want you any other way

It's not enough
I need more
Nothing seems to satisfy
I don't want it
I just need it
To breathe, to feel, to know I'm alive"

Tool – Opiate Lyrics 16 years ago
While I know this song was made way back in the early 90s. Just pretend that George W. Bush is reading these lyrics. Seems kinda fitting.

A Perfect Circle – Imagine Lyrics 16 years ago
"so many naive fingers are pointed at Bush and his administration. The president doesn't have as much power as most people think. But Kerry's grip is far to weak, i'd much rather have a strong God fearing man in office.....
But other than that i love this song, good job Maynard, good cover.......

and i wished people would stop flowing along in the stream... "

You have GOT to be fucking kidding me. The president doesnt have much power? If it wasnt for that stupid faggot we wouldnt have over 1000 dead American soldiers and countless dead Iraqis. Go back to watching Fox News you dipshit.

A Perfect Circle – Imagine Lyrics 17 years ago
First single off the new CD eMOTIVe

This song is very beautiful and chilling. The backing guitar sorta sounds like Kashmir, but its still cool. The new album is going to be very powerful, it's good to see people not afraid of the Bush administration and willing to speak their minds. I just wish it was coming out sooner than Nov. 2nd so more people get a chance to hear it.

Don't forget to vote this year people, it may just be the most important thing you ever do.

COG – Stretch Lyrics 17 years ago
Cog is one of the best bands playing today, and this after just releasing two EP's.

They have started work on their first LP and are about halfway through it. Check out their stuff over at

COG – 1010011010 Lyrics 18 years ago
If you convert the name of this song from binary into decimal form, you will notice that this song title is in fact "666" :)

Tool – L.A. Municipal Court Lyrics 19 years ago
This song is about Danny Carey being taken to court and I think jailed for unpaid parking tickets. This song sorta explains why he didnt pay them.

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