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Modest Mouse – Of Course We Know Lyrics 1 year ago
@[matteso80:19887] Thanks for the thoughts, man. Matt? Mat here also (one t though…). I definitely understand the instinct to believe we are worse off today than we were 2,0000 years ago. There is so much injustice, pain, and suffering in the world that it’s hard to imagine a worse time than this. You are correct in that we are divided and that this division leads to many of the problems we see in the world. And we are the smartest and most capable beings on the planet and in the history of civilization. Yet, as you note, we cannot seem to right the ship on our own. I think more than anything this points to our need for God’s hand in our predicament. As a Christian I would point to Christ’s first coming as God’s hand in this endeavor. His work to reconcile the world back to him – people, creatures, and creation – as each currently experiences the pangs of death and decay. Orthodox Christian belief teaches that Christ will eventually come to this earth again, to finally reconcile and redeem all of creation and to defeat death and its effects. It is this hope that we are called to hang on to. Much of what Christ did while he was on earth was to provide a foretaste of this redeemed creation, namely his miracles (raising people from the dead, curing sickness and disease, etc. – notice a common theme among what he was eradicating?). The world is not what it should be. This is something most – if not all – of us can agree on. The answers are what we struggle with. Although I have faith and hope, it is often a struggle for me as well. Belief is not meant to be easy. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that. However, believing there is no God is just that – a belief as well. Both take faith, if we’re being honest. That’s why I won’t ever cast aside the cares and concerns of anyone, especially an atheist. In my view, you have identified the problem and need for a solution. That is not something everyone can say. Keep searching, asking questions, and most importantly, keep an open mind. Cheers and rock on.

Modest Mouse – Of Course We Know Lyrics 3 years ago
What do you do with this line?

Lord lay down, Lord lay down, Lord lay down your only son

Modest Mouse – Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset Lyrics 3 years ago
@[bright:5208] eyes burn me Agree, Night On The Sun (Everywhere and His Nasty Parlor Tricks) really strikes a chord with me as well

John Mark McMillan – Philadelphia Lyrics 5 years ago
Is he switching back and forth between talking in first person towards God and then God towards him? I love this song so much but can't totally pin down the lyrics. Help!

Twenty One Pilots – Car Radio Lyrics 5 years ago
This song is about God. Basically every single one of their songs is. The lyrics are just not very overt. For instance, from "Ode To Sleep":

I'm not free, I asked forgiveness three times
Same amount that I denied, I three-time MVP'd this crime
I'm afraid to tell you who I adore
Won't tell you who I'm singing towards
Metaphorically, I'm a whore, and that's denial number four

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