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Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions – Blue Bird Lyrics 6 years ago
This song is meaningful to me as it describes what I am currently going through.
About 7-8 months ago, one of my coworkers began talking with me a lot more than usual. I thought it was strange, being that he never spoke to anyone at work. Well, it turned out that his wife had recently left him, and for whatever reason, he felt that he could trust me. We talked a lot for the next couple of months. He would sit with me at work for hours, making me laugh so hard. I found myself developing a major crush on him. He is very good looking, and I found myself extremely attracted to him. Not only is he incredible good looking from a physical stand point, he is 'gifted' intellectually, hilarious & great story-teller, plays instruments, has great taste in music, great taste in books, genuinely kind, giving, and caring... etc, etc. I have never met anyone with so many positive traits. I could go on forever. Anyway, he finally invited me over to his house to drink wine and play cards. I went over at about 3:00 PM, and spent probably the next 6 hours laughing uncontrollably, having great conversation, and playing cards. We ended up having sex that night, and ever since, a day hasn't passed without any communication. About 3 1/2-4 months have passed with us having regular sex (~5 days of the week, at least). Over the last month or two, he has also been doing a lot more "relationshippy" things. However, I often feel used, like a "transition girl" guiding him into his next relationship with someone else. I feel so strongly for him that I am too weak to discontinue whatever relationship we might have.

"Is that the devil in your skies
Is that what's glowing in your eyes
Is it me that wants to leave
Is it me that you should deceive"

Rationally, I know that he is probably using me for his own selfish needs. He may be a genuinely kind and caring person, but he is still human. He doesn't want to deceive me, but he does so anyway.

"Is that the devil in your eyes
Is that the way I surprised
Should I be fooled by you
Or should I quit"

I am in denial here. I ask myself if I should be surprised when he tells me that he isn't ready for a relationship, or that this is "just sex", and nothing more. "should I be fooled by you, or should I quit" -- I know that the right thing to do would be to walk away because I will only get more hurt in the long run, but I let myself be fooled into thinking that maybe he will catch feelings.

Is that the devil in your veins
Or just some kind of symphony
Should I just laugh
and pretend you were never clear

--Should I continue the denial, and pretend he never told me that he doesn't want to hurt me, and that it is probably not going to turn into something more?

I'll come around your place
And sympathize till your days...gone
Till your days...gone

-So I continue to come to his place, listen to him while he cries about his wife, and uses me like a therapist. I care for him so much that I genuinely feel bad, but I'm hurting myself at the same time.

Is that the devil in your face
Or just a blue bird that's left his place
In your smile that always sets the sun
In your tears that never...let me go
Let me go
Never...let me go
Never...let me go

Is he being honest with me? Or am I just his temporary crutch?

Daughter – Still Lyrics 6 years ago
I am in the EXACT, and I mean EXACT situtation currently. I can truly relate.

Tool – Undertow Lyrics 6 years ago
I interpret this song as being about bipolar disorder as well.

Tool – Cold and Ugly Lyrics 6 years ago
I like this.

Damien Rice – 9 Crimes Lyrics 6 years ago
This is exactly how I interpret this. I am going through this in my life right now. It is one of the worst and most confusing feelings I have ever experienced aside from losing a former boyfriend to death.

Damien Rice – Elephant Lyrics 6 years ago
I am going to interpret this song as it is meaningful to myself, as it is quite relevant to my life at the present moment.

"Well, this has got to die
I said, this has got to stop
This has got to lie down
With someone else on top"

The narrator is in a committed relationship with someone, but he has been cheating on her with someone else. He tells himself this is wrong. He knows that he can't keep doing this.

"You can keep me pinned
'Cause it's easier to tease
But you can't paint an elephant
Quite as good as she"

For me, "you" is not the other woman, but the girlfriend. (I do think he switches around who he is referring to when using "you" & "she" throughout the song). The narrator is in denial because his feelings are clouded by his overwhelming draw to the other woman. The other woman capitivates him; she is this elusive creature who brings out these intense emotions that have been buried under the "time" spent in the other relationship. When you're in a relationship for such a long period of time, eventually the strong feelings of infatuation and romance fade off, and all that is left is just enough. When you give into your weakness and stray with another, if that other person resurfaces these rare emotions, it can often cast a shadow over your current relationship; causing you to feel nostalgic, confused, yet so alive all at the same time. "You can keep my pinned" -- the girlfriend can keep him with her because "it's easier to tease" himself by continuing his affair with other woman than it is to actually leave his long term partner. He loves his girlfriend of many years, and does not want to leave her, but he can't help that she no longer brings out the powerful emotions he had once experienced in the beginning. " But you can't paint an elephant quite as good as she" -- painting an elephant is a metaphor for capturing his heart & igniting a euphoric high within him as a result. He doesn't want this to be the case, but he can't help how he feels.

"And she may cry like a baby
And she may drive me crazy
'Cause I am lately
Now I feel like he is referring to his girlfriend and not the other woman. Because he is so infatuated with this other woman, everything the girlfriend does irks him. The reason she drives him crazy has nothing to do with her per se, but himself. It is his loneliness within the relationship and the shadow casted by the other woman that drives him crazy.

"So why'd you have to lie?
I take it I'm your crutch
The pillow in your pillow case
Is easier to touch
When you think you've sinned
Do you fall upon your knees?
Or just sit within your picture
You still forget the breeze"

Here, he is talking to himself. He is questioning why he has to lie to himself. He is talking to the other woman in his thoughts. He is not sure if he actually means anything to her. He is unsure if the other woman is actually in love with him, or if she is only in love with the "idea" of him, being that she is aware of his other relationship, and that people generally want what they cannot have at the time.

"And she may rise
If I sing you down
And she may wisely
Cling to the ground"

She is the other woman. Her spirits will be lifted, and she will become hopeful when he speaks of his girlfriend in a negative light. She then realizes that he is being irrational and cannot rely on his words. She wisely clings to the ground because she knows he is drawn to her sexually & that the emotional draw may or may not be genuine; hence the following lines below...

'Cause I am lately
So why would she take me horny?

"What's the point of this song?
Or even singing?
You've already gone
Why am I clinging?
Well I could throw it out
And I could live without
And I could do it all for you
I could be strong"

Again, I think he is talking to himself and referring to his relationship. "What is the point of this song, you're already gone..." "you" is the relationship. The relationship is gone but he is still hanging on in hope that the romance will spark again. "Well I could throw it out, and I could live without. I could do it all for you..." -- he could stop seeing this other woman to save his current relationship. He recognizes that he could be strong, but he doesn't want to.

"Tell me, do you want me to lie? "
-- He's asking himself if he should continue this denial. Should he continue lying to himself and pretending that this will have some sort of positive ending? He knows that he would be lying to himself by discontinuing his relationship with the other woman and/or saying that he wants it to end in order to stop any potential hurt that could come to his girlfriend as a result.

" Because this has got to die
'Cause this has got to stop
This has got to lie down, down
With someone else on top"
--Again, he recognizes this is wrong. He knows the right thing, but he is lying to himself because he doesn't want it to stop.

You can both keep me pinned
'Cause it's easier to tease
But you can't make me happy
Quite as good as me...
(you know that's a lie)

He is driving himself insane over these two woman. He knows that he can't keep juggling them forever. Something's got to give, and he knows it can't end well. He tells himself he is better off alone, but he is in denial. He knows it is the other woman that he truly wants.

Stateless – Bloodstream Lyrics 6 years ago
For me, this emotive song describes those intense, sublime feelings that evoke inside us when we are infatuated with another person. We are literally addicted to this person as if we have "inhaled them" like some sort of drug.

I have been in a relationship with the same man for the past 5 years, but I have been really struggling with it. I love him more than words could ever describe, but sometimes I feel lonely in my relationship. Lonely and nostalgic. I crave that feeling described in this song because I have not felt that in years. It seems like I feel nothing anymore. I just wanted to feel something.

There is someone who has recently sparked those emotions and it is killing me inside. I have never felt so alive, and yet so dead at the same time. These feelings are indescribable and are eating away at me. I wish I could write out everything.

"The spaces in between two minds and all the places they have been. I try to put my finger on it..."

We are separated by a significantly large age gap. I don't understand why I feel so strongly for this person when I know what I am doing is entirely wrong, and that it is utterly unrealistic. I tell myself, "This can't be. You can't keep sleeping with him. The more you continue this, the more damage you are doing to your relationship. The more you are going to want him when you know you can never actually have him, and that you shouldn't want him to begin with. You need to stop this so things can go back to normal. You can't change what happened, but you need to fix your mistake." AND then, I can't help myself. The feeling is so alluring that you are compelled to continue. Your rational mind tells you to stop, but some other part of you is beckoned by what could possibly be.

Radiohead – Weird Fishes/Arpeggi Lyrics 6 years ago
I think it is "Turn me onto phantoms". I could be wrong, though.

Daughter – Human Lyrics 6 years ago
I heard this song a few days ago and could not believe how much it spoke to me. It is so relevant for what is currently going on in my life. For the past 6-7 months, there has been a lot of sexual tension between my roommate and I. We became extremely close friends, spending quite a lot of time together while conversing into the wee hours of the night. To make a long story short, the inevitable took place: we finally had sex. Very hot, passionate sex. I haven't felt that alive in several years. I've felt unappreciated, undesired and alone despite being in a serious relationship for the past 5 years. Anyway, my roommate and I often spoke about sex (which obviously stemmed from the sexual tension between us), sharing intimate details of our sexual encounters, discussing what we would and/or wouldn't do, etc. Well, I digress. Let me get to the point. Him and I talked a lot about how we can separate sex from "other" emotions. But for some reason, I am having a hard time doing that in this situation. And I don't think he knows this. I obviously can't tell him. He continues to tell me about these other females that he is sleeping with, thinking that I have no care in the world but to listen. I think it bothers me most because our friendship has changed. We no longer talk for hours through the night, and he hasn't been showing me much interest outside of when we have sex ever since he has met this new girl. I am significantly younger than both of them, so he probably does not want to give up our amazing sex, but I feel worthless now. And I don't know why because I have no place to be bothered by this. This song speaks to me, it is so beautiful. Below I interpret the lyrics as they are meaningful to myself:

"Woken up like an animal
Teeth ready for sinking
My mind's lost in bleak vision
I tried to escape but keep sinking"

This is a metaphor for the animalistic desires that bring me great struggle; particularly my insatiable craving for physical, and perhaps subconsciously, emotional connection. These intense feelings mimic a high, waking me up out of a sleep with my heart racing, I'm reading to "sink my teeth" into the forbidden fruit: the person I want not only sexually, but emotionally, but cannot realistically have. My rational mind understands this can never be in reality, but I am clouded by the overwhelming "high", stupid emotions flooding my brain. I tell myself I have to stop or it will always get worse, but whenever the opportunity arises, I give in. I sink.

"Underneath the skin there's a human
Buried deep within there's a human
And despite everything I'm still human
But I think I'm dying here..."

He thinks that I am "different", that I am some emotionless, sexual human being. Little does he know that "underneath the skin there's a human." I may pretend that everything is okay, put on a smile, laugh and listen, but "buried deep within there's a human". "Despite everything, I'm still human..." The longer this goes on, the more emotionally drained I will become. Once the manic high wears off, I will fall into a dark, depressive state. "but I think I'm dying here..."

Daughter – Candles Lyrics 6 years ago
I can really relate to this song in a lot of ways. It reminds me of my teenage years, when I had just started sleeping around, and was emotionally affected by almost every guy I had been with. As I got older, I found myself able to separate the emotions from sex. Eventually, sex was just sex. I could sleep with someone and literally never talk to them again without feeling any remorse. Sex is meaningless to me; even to this day. There is, however, always that person that comes along every now and then that makes you feel alone afterwards; after the high subsides. He makes you question, is it the sex that I crave, or am I subconsciously craving some other sort of connection? Something that I'm not even fully aware of? Anyway, this song reminds me of that feeling. When you start sleeping with someone, and eventually you catch some deep feelings for them. The dark, melancholy tone of the song takes me to that place again. When the high wears off, and I realize that I am nothing but a "space filling his sheets".

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