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Bruce Springsteen – Mansion On the Hill Lyrics 8 years ago
In the live version of "Mansion on the Hill" from Shoreline Amphitheatre 86, Springsteen mention that the song is about when he was a kid and his father used to drive them out to this old house on the outside of town that felt really distant to Bruce.

In the book "Bruce" from 2012 by Carlin, it says that Bruce around 1970 took his girlfriend out to a family-meeting at Bruce´s grandfather Zerelli´s house, which they referred to as "the house on the hill". The lyrics also includes a sister which suggests it is Bruce´s sister. Later in the book there is a confirmation of this: "Recollections of a summertime party in “Mansion on the Hill” (the name clearly reminiscent of Anthony Zerilli’s House on the Hill) filter through the stalks of corn where the uninvited young narrator hides with his sister to take in the music and lights."

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