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Tool – Third Eye Lyrics 7 years ago
This is refreshing. My eyes have been opened over the past year or so.... Nice to see another person who isn't brainwashed like the rest of them. Couldn't agree with you more. We are not told the truth and as a matter of fact we live in a massive set of lies in which the governments of our world keep us in!

Tool – Forty Six & 2 Lyrics 7 years ago
Okay, we have 44 and 2 chromosomes currently and 46 and 2 is said to be our next step in our "evolution". I'm not religious, but Jesus Christ was thought to have 46 and 2 chromosomes, which made him what an amazing person in which he was claimed to be lol. It's kind of a more spiritual thing dealing with mind, body and soul. Even involving different dimensions like a 4th dimensional being,but w/e idk. This song talks about all of our problems as who we are currently and that we must live through them in order to get to our next step (46 and 2)....if we make it. Something interesting could be in our near-future.

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