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Smash Mouth – Better Do It Right Lyrics 8 years ago
First of all, there is a mistake in the lyric. "When all he ever wanted . . . Santa Claus heaven become"
Should be "Santa Claus never did come" Half of the sites are useing the formar one, but it doesn't really make any sense.

The song was a little bit confusing at the begining: who exactly was the guy driving the boy around? The Devil? Or the Santa Claus?
Once I got it that it was most likely the devil appeared to be like the Santa I would make the interpretation that the song is about making

choices. That athough at one glance the tour the devil's taking the boy into is a gay and surreal, the undercurrent is ink-dark of settling

the debt and consequences of trading with the devil.

At one hand, the following can be interpreted as the suggestion to treasure and enjoy the moment "now". At the other hand, if someday one

must face the justice and the outcomes of his own deeds will it still be fun?
When you're done
You're really done
Will you look back and say; "hey that was fun?"

That's what I think the song is about. I do notice that the song seems to leave the judgement open, that it's not very sure according the

devil's answer "you are betting on a darker shade of red," whether the boy got what he wanted - the thing "in the sled." That either betting

on the black or red make no difference on a roulette table. But I believe that the suspension is made deliberately and the actual message is

shown in the conotation of the word "Instead" and "Darker tone" and ultimately it is obvious that the song is actually making a warning.

Probably, the boy never did go back . . .
By the way, citing the lyric from (, a more accurate one, in the very last sentense "you better do it right," the

word "right" is all capitalised as "RIGHT" making the suggestion of making the right choice at the start or at least, do not make a deal with the devil.

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