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Blind Guardian – Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns) Lyrics 9 years ago
I read the Silmarillion and the Book of unfinished tales before encountering "Nightfall in Middle Earth", but since I also like connecting songs to my own characters from RPG I put "Noldor" in the playlist for my Nightelf. Yes, yes, I know - those WoW-gamers are all kinda weird :P Noldor is - for me - a song that fits perfectly to any group of people who "gladly" sacrifice even more people for "their higher goal", and suffer from regrets or punishment later.

Saving Jane – Girl Next Door Lyrics 9 years ago
To paraphrase a werewolf-girl: "What use does it have to be a Cheerleader who jumps around in front of the boys when you can be in the stands flirting with them?"

Blackmore's Night – Cartouche Lyrics 9 years ago
Cartouche was the name of a french bandit from the 18th century. Together with his gang he roamed the area around Paris and got famous - and popular - by his clever way of stealing: Whenever he robbed somebody he made sure he amused this person by jokes and pranks because Cartouche knew he'd be likely forgiven if he was the "amusing" thief and not the "scary" one. Thus noblemen and citizens liked him a lot and eagerly listened to the descriptions of his robberies.

Unfortunately the magistrates didn't like him at all, so Cartouche was sentenced to death 1721.

I think this song is about the spirit of "Cartouche" still roaming the forests around Paris, celebrating the last clever run on a noble's townhouse, counting the money, fooling around with other stuff he stole, while the campfire sends smokey trails through the summernight.

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