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Aerosmith – Seasons Of Wither Lyrics 10 years ago
Well, I love this song...(one of my faves) and unfortunately it seemed to affect me the most when i was strung out on dope. If you have ever sat around dope-sick with no help on the way...and pondering the way things are in your really hits me like a knife in the heart. But i think there is so so much guilt and pain involved in trying to just cop every day....not to mention keeping a rock band alive that artists like Steve have at least one release that most "regular" folks do not. They can write songs about their pain. And i think the part of the song may be guilt from all the ugly things involved in that kind of life. My personal meaning is that one time i turned a girl on for her first time....and years later..i was "clean"...but she was my cross to bare and never recovered and deid. It hurts to feel responsible for such a messed-up thing. And it hurts....a lot. But thats MY OWN meaning

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