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Adam Green – Her Father And Her Lyrics 9 years ago
Im going to break it down to my opinion on what it means in "{}". You may think differently but I really think its about a man being caught by the cops when he had sex with a undercover cop posing as a prostitute.
Father owned the dating bar so mother ran the store [Father cheating and a drunk while the mother took care of everything]
We all lived there together with the army at the door { there was a constant war going on , probably with the mother and father fighting]
No one to do my laundry or to tell me that they're sure [No one to help him, alone ]
But there really is no me and there's no army at the door [Denying existent - trying to get by ]

I hustle my way to your bedside
I ride on your body like a cab ride [He paid for sex]
carry refreshments to the good guys { he is a waiter/cook at a restaurant. I feel like he doesn't feel like a decent person cause he is comparing himself to these men, they are the "good guys".]
I made the good guys some home fries

We're all in this together and the police are at the the door [ Wants to runaway - feeling like he will get caught. ]
Someone do my laundry or smash me through the floor
To the tropical vacation buried underneath the store

And I was your favorite bullfighter {bullfighter are very showy and graceful. and if they when they kill the bull ]
Whose looks were new to your eyes [caught her eye - she actually liked him ]
And i fell apart in that bullfight
Where the dress was the sky to your thighs

She said that she had an hour [sex duh]
Her father he was in the shower
And she took me to her little tower
And she showed me her little flower

And just when i thought it was safe to put down my pen [writing a check]
She said maybe i will let you fall in love with me again [She had feelings for him, even though she had to do her job]
Maybe i will let you fall for loving me again
Then she showed me her badge and i think she said then [ actually a cop]

That i don't have the heart to tell you not to come
And everyone has hands just to use someone [justifying having sex with him]
And it makes me feel just like old gum [ He feels like shit and was tricked ]
To ride a fake horse into town
To ride a lame horse into town
To ride a dead horse into town
To ride your big f*cking fake f*cking lame f*cking dead horse into town

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