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Atlas Genius – Trojans Lyrics 4 years ago
I have seen many people argue its about the trojan horse and others about a trojan virus. Remember that trojan virus was named from the trojan horse, its the same idea. After watching the music video its clear to me that he is talking about a woman whose memory is invading all of his memories, she keeps showing up even with his memories of his childhood (like when he looks through the fishbowl and sees her face).

Vampire Weekend – Jonathan Low Lyrics 8 years ago
I believe this song is about a veteran of war or something of the like. Jonathan Low, the veteran, lost all of his friends in battle and the terribleness of the war destroyed him or what he did in the war killed him thereby in a way killing himself. Now he has nightmares about it ("words cried at night") and he goes to the families of his friends to tell them how they died. Perhaps he felt responsible for it and blamed himself to the point of emotionally killing himself...

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