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Born Of Osiris – Two Worlds Of Design Lyrics 10 years ago
I feel that it says "Never feel connected, I put myself inside the wires". Is this right?

Born Of Osiris – Recreate Lyrics 10 years ago
Also, it's "we are home". Not "we are wrong". "We are wrong" doesn't even make sense if you try to interperet it into the song. Correction please?

Born Of Osiris – Regenerate Lyrics 10 years ago
I think that the breakage in these lyrics should be added because it adds different meaning and emphasis on certain parts.

Born Of Osiris – Follow The Signs Lyrics 10 years ago
Global warming... Really? The entire album from its album art, to its lyrics is based on religion and finding your place in the universe. This song is about breaking away from religion that is founded by men, and finding your place in the universe. The part talking about hiding in the temples relates to those that go and try and be holy and are in fact just false. The aim of the song and the CD is that there's something else or "more" than religion.

Being a religious person myself I agree and disagree with the messages in the CD. I'm a christian and believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost. But I also believe that a lot of religion is false. I sort of just believe that there's a lot more out there than we know about, and that I can only be the best person that I can try to be, and that eventually everything will click into place.

Definitely not global warming though smh

Born Of Osiris – Recreate Lyrics 10 years ago
Good theories. I know that when they were writing this album, BoO was reading a lot of literature that had to do with a higher state of being type stuff. They probably have some sorts of tie ins to that stuff, especially looking at the cover with the giant being that has the earth in his hand.

Looking at it from a human point of view though also has similar concepts. Not as drastic as that, but essentially making your life the way you want it to be, and remodeling your life they way you think it should be. You're in control of your own life so take control and recreate.

Two ways to look at it I think.

Veil of Maya – Namaste Lyrics 10 years ago
Dude, that was a brilliant explination. And there can be no more debate, because that's completely correct, and they even say those things themselves.

At the Drive-In – Rolodex Propaganda Lyrics 10 years ago
You all need to use a dictionary. Simple use of one somewhat clears up the meaning. From what I gather (and it shares a common theme with so many of their other songs), it shares another tale of espionage. Just use a dictionary and put together the puzzle pieces. It fits espionage and secret operations very well.

The Human Abstract – Vela, Together We Await the Storm Lyrics 10 years ago
I don't think it's about war. Just lying politicians in general.

Freaking sick though. I must learn this song! lol. Tapping, and sweeping is insane.

August Burns Red – Chasing the Dragon Lyrics 11 years ago
Jake Luhrs said in an interview (you can see it on youtube) that in his teens he was addicted to heroine and was suicidal. This song is from his story.

At the Drive-In – Enfilade Lyrics 11 years ago
I always thought it said "at leisure in our alibis" which to me sounds better and makes more sense IMO "/

At the Drive-In – Incetardis Lyrics 11 years ago
Btw, this was typed on my iPod so there are typos and whatnot. And I didn't touch on everything as much as I could have.

At the Drive-In – Incetardis Lyrics 11 years ago
I think this song is pretty much just talkin about the KGB and communism in general. Just look at 300mhz, The One Armed Scissor, ad other songs, and they talk about communism. They didn't approve of Bush, but like I said this came out before he was really even elected. I don't think this song is directed towards our government. It's either about Jaurez's local governent (check out invalid litter dept) or commy government in general.

The part where it talks about the snitch inaugurated. Think about it, you snitch on your neighbor and you get blessed by the party.

The part about the trick or treat overture. Overture often refers to music, but it also refers to an agreement of sorts. "knock knock knockin at your door, this trick or treat overture". KGB knockin at your door making you agree with them. Simple as that.

In with the herd. Promiscuous live stock. That's how your looked at in a communist society. Just and animal.

The whole second section: This breed bring against it so coy, In this levitated incubation. Basically, it's talking about how from the moment they're born, they're put into a guarded situation, and they're shy towards the government. The imprinted cryptic code, and hit return dash dash part, just means that they're force fed and "programmed" how the government wants them to.

Basically, all these things point to communism IMO. Lots of other songs by them relate to it.

At the Drive-In – Incetardis Lyrics 11 years ago
Just want to say, the re-electing of bush happened in 2004, and at this point ATDI had already split up. ROC came out in 2001, and this song came out before that album. Also you're theory about the "republican ideologies" is flawed. ATDI often sing about communism and issues relating to that. And Liberals and Democrats are generally the ones associated with approving Communism. Republicans do not try to beat down people, considering they're the ones who believe in freedom, life, and liberty. The total opposite of communism.

Anyway, not quite sure what this song means, but I just wanted to point out that some of your theories are wrong. I'm typing this on an iPod and don't want to go into anymore detail.

Iwrestledabearonce – Tastes Like Kevin Bacon Lyrics 11 years ago
Guys, this is an Avante Garde metal group. Everything they do is experimental. Like in the video having a retarded workout session while soloing on balloon guitars lol. Like wtf? And the weird car horn in the background before they get back into the song. Point is, they aren't trying to be serious. If they were, they would probably not name their band iwrestledabearonce. And that song probably wouldn't be called Tastes Like Kevin Bacon. They sound pretty crappy when they wail because that's what they do. They're having fun. And I want to point out that what they do is experimental. Go onto YouTube and find the interview with them. They specifically ask if she was on drugs when writing her music. She said she never did, but she tries psychadelic an spiritual experiments. Like flipping the lights on and off over and over again while she was writing. She also took a bunch of different baths, cold and warm. Anyway, they're just being weird. You wanna listen to a weirder band, listen to the mars volta. And tell me if they're attention whores.

Emery – Curbside Goodbye Lyrics 11 years ago
I can seriously relate to everything in this song. So amazing. One of the most brilliant bands ever. All of their songs are so relateable.

At the Drive-In – Grand Mox Turkin Lyrics 11 years ago
I think it's about how we all came to this earth knowing the price of it. And how we don't know whether or not it's true because "Everything is wiped out twice to make sure, nothing's on our mind" And I mean, it says we're born to destruction on birth row, and we're such sorry mistakes. My 2c.

At the Drive-In – Transatlantic Foe Lyrics 12 years ago
Either way, any of the meanings could apply to the song. And actually tie in witheachother metaphorically. Amazing band. I think the relationship thing works, but so does the cold war thing. And they can also explain eachother. Very deep and well thought out. I just wish that ATDI had a bit more relationship oriented songs to help give me advice lol. Because, they get deep.

At the Drive-In – Paid Vacation Time Lyrics 12 years ago
The haters obviously have no lives, and therefor come on here to bash good music. You guys are probably the type that this song is warning us of. Fake!

But yeah, good song.

At the Drive-In – Untitled Lyrics 12 years ago
If I turned evil, this would be my theme song... lol.

Beast of an untitled 52 second song. It rocks. lol.

And if we're going to get metaphorical about the whole thing. I think it's about vampires, or crazies, or something like that. lol.

At the Drive-In – Heliotrope Lyrics 12 years ago
I think he does say sneaking instead of taking...

At the Drive-In – Cosmonaut Lyrics 12 years ago
I think it's about communism in general.

If you look back to Vaya, they had the song 300mhz. To me, and I think it was discussed there, it was about the downfall of communism. And this song seems to go along with that. I think ATDI is anti communist.

The part about
"tore a page out of this chapter
deface the essays in the book that you're reading"

The government is taking info away from the people.

Also, the black box could refer to the TV (which is controlled in communist societies) lying to the people. The psyche (if you know something that you shouldn't know, they could brainwash you). Or, a plane's black box, in which case, the government might lie about that as well.

"Brass knuckles for a hissy fit"

The people start to rebel, and the government comes down on them.

"soundproof costume" could mean that the soviet union won't let space into their "suit". And also, it's a costume, it's fake.

Finally "Am I supposed to die alone?". That could be the perspective of a citizen who's uncovering the truth. He'll probably be executed, in which case, no one he knows would be there. And, he's the only one that knows the truth. So, he's "alone" in his mind.

Sorry, that was really long... lol just my 2c.

P.S. Soviet Union was the first to send someone into space.

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