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Heart – Little Queen Lyrics 12 years ago
I am the "Little Queen". My dad bought this cassette for me long (I'm not saying how long) after he gave me my nickname at birth. This was one of the first cassettes I ever owned. I had CSNY and I had Neil Young, too. Does anyone even know what a cassette tape is anymore? Am I the only dinosaur on Song Meanings?

It is so much fun to be able to share music with my dad. My first concert was "The Bay City Rollers", then "The Charlie Daniels Band", then "Beach Boys". All with my dad. And many, many more. So priceless!

Coldplay – Viva la Vida Lyrics 12 years ago
I am new here. This morning I am sitting at my computer and I ventured onto this site. I am a huge lover of music and am excited to contribute a general idea about this song.

It sounds a lot like Chris Martin is singing about humility and how life humbles us, in general. When I was born, my father gave me the nickname "Little Queen". It morphed from that to simply "Queen", "The Queen" or the "LQ", depending upon how he was feeling. I was (and still am) the apple of his eye. To him, I could do no wrong. And I felt that way! I felt that I "ruled the world" when I was a kid. Then you grow up and start taking some hits. I am not going to get into any major personal learning experiences, because they are too private to share. I am going to keep it light.

When I was 5 my leg was run over by a snowmobile. I had to lie in the snow for 5 hours while the emergency squad ripped apart my friend's snowmobile. I have a scar on my ankle still. If I would not have had a tall winter boot on, my foot would have been torn off. This all because I thought I "ruled the world" and stood on the back of the snowmobile and tried to jump off! Stupid Queen!

When I was 10 my parents PAID ME to streak through their cocktail party. (Hey, it was 20 dollars!) I was psyched for the opportunity. I put on a panda bear mask (thinking then no one would know who I was) and started "hauling ass' through their friends. Something caught my foot in the middle of the living room and I went flailing onto the floor. This was one of those growing experiences. As you can imagine, I was humiliated. Klutzy Queen!

In 7th grade I put the drill press through my finger when I was making my gumball machine. In jewelry design several years later, I put my saw blade through the same finger. I have realized I should not be within a few feet of heavy machinery or tools of any sort. Queen Idiot!

In college, a girlfriend and I were arrested for stealing pumpkins. They were sitting on the sidewalk and we thought (for a split second) they were free. We took the biggest ones we could find and then started running. Then came the flashing lights and the sirens. We were frisked and everything. Queen Retard!

Through the years and many, many other (and larger) humbling experiences, my dad has always loved me. I have learned that I do not in fact "rule the world". But, I am so happy that I will ALWAYS be "THE QUEEN".

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