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Metallica – Until It Sleeps Lyrics 13 years ago
I was thinking what HijoDelMetallica wrote. Clearly it's about the struggle to overcome an addiction (more generally, it could also refer to compulsive, destructive behavior).

There's nothing in this song to suggest anything regarding cancer, so I'm not quite sure where others are getting that from (other than some mysterious quote from James than no one seems to have a link to).

Metallica – Harvester Of Sorrow Lyrics 13 years ago
Just wanted to add that this basically describes the evolution of an abusive person, in this case to the extreme where that individual kills their children. It is NOT about abortion, or the personification of addiction, and definitely not about slaver. It's very straightforward and not very abstract.

Metallica – Harvester Of Sorrow Lyrics 13 years ago
This song is definitely about a parent who tries to escape their misery through drugs and alcohol and eventually takes it out on his family by beating and killing them. Here is my interpretation of the lyrics for each of the 3 verses in the song:

Verse 1:
My Life Suffocates
Planting Seeds of Hate
I've Loved, Turned to Hate
Trapped Far Beyond My Fate

I Give
You Take
This Life That I Forsake
Been Cheated of My Youth
You Turned this Lie to Truth

-- This is giving a historical view of the Harvester of Sorrows' life. It explains how he became the Harvester of Sorrow. It's pretty straight forward, no need to go into detail here.

2nd Verse:
Pure Black Looking Clear
My Work Is Done Soon Here
Try Getting Back to Me
Get Back Which Used to Be

Drink up
Shoot in
Let the Beatings Begin
Distributor of Pain
Your Loss Becomes My Gain

-- This verse explains how he thinks about himself and how the Harvester of Sorrow deals with it. He attempts to "get back which used to be" by abusing drugs and alcohol. Which results in him becoming violent. At this point it does not indicate that he is violent towards his family. The Harvester of Sorrow could just be getting in fights at bars or places he gets drunk and high at (like when people get drunk at bars and start fights ... get it?). Essentially, he gets drunk/high and takes his anger out on others.

3rd Verse:
All Have Said Their Prayers
Invade Their Nightmares
See into My Eyes
You'll Find Where Murder Lies


-- This is the verse that indicates that the Harvester of Sorrow has finally snapped and beats and murders his children (indicated by infanticide ... which has nothing to do with abortion BTW). He has finally become the Harvester of Sorrow.

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