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Bring Me the Horizon – True Friends Lyrics 6 years ago
"True friends stab you in the front"
Is this a Thrice reference or more of a general reference to the common saying?

Letlive – The Priest and Used Cars Lyrics 6 years ago
Strong references from Richard Dawkins here, although I can never get a solid interpretation when Jason talks about religion or God.

Letlive – Le Prologue Lyrics 7 years ago
It's awesome indeed.

Letlive – The Sick, Sick, 6.8 Billion Lyrics 7 years ago
Does the title have any correlation with Queens of the Stone Age's Sick, Sick, Sick?

Letlive – Day 54 Lyrics 8 years ago
Jason's already spoken about this song many times, and it's meaning is pretty straightforward. Yet does anybody know what "that bullshit with ben" is?

Thrice – Anthology Lyrics 10 years ago
I was very skeptical about that but now I assume it can be true. It's not just the song Anthology; the whole album seems to have references to the past as well.

As I listened carefully to the songs' lyrics, I strongly recalled past song's names/lyrics.

- Promises reminds me of Of Dust and Nations;
- Blinded reminds me of Stare at the Sun;
- Cataracts reminds me of Between the End and Where we Lie;
- Blur reminds me of Opaque and All Eyes;
- Treading Paper reminds me of As the Crow Flies and Child of Dust;
- Words in The Water reminds me of Digging My Own Grave;
- Call It in the Air reminds me of Stand and Feel Your Worth;

and there may be others.

Chiodos – Those Who Slay Together, Stay Together Lyrics 10 years ago
I don't take this so straight, seems like a metaphore to some deeper meaning. Not sure though. Anyway, great song, Illuminaudio is a state of the art.

Chiodos – Let Us Burn One Lyrics 11 years ago
Incredible song, I love the heavy intro/outro. Brandon's voice is amazing as well.

Thrice – Answered Lyrics 11 years ago
Of what I see, this song is an answer to Stare at the Sun.

"And I'll stare straight, into the sun
And I won't close my eyes
Until I understand or go blind"

Rise Against – Whereabouts Unknown Lyrics 12 years ago
It is definitely morse code.

Thrice – Eclipse Lyrics 12 years ago
not sure*

Thrice – Eclipse Lyrics 12 years ago
This song generally talks about the Tower of Babel. Most of the interpretations here are right, just connect them with this tale and you'll get the point. I'm not but but this may also have references to Lewis' That Hideous Strength.

Thrice – A Song For Milly Michaelson Lyrics 12 years ago
Also, "There's a way where there's a will"is a clear reference to Bob Marley's Zion Train.

Silverstein – A Shipwreck In The Sand Lyrics 12 years ago
You're wrong, this has nothing to do with the band.

"This union, a battle fought and lost" - so you're saying they "lost"? No, they didn't.

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