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Yes – Heart of the Sunrise Lyrics 2 years ago
"Straight light searching all the meanings of the song" We all are straight lights searching for all the meanings of all the songs while we're here.

So it's about people searching in


Peter Gabriel – The Power of the Heart (Lou Reed cover) Lyrics 4 years ago
I appreciate that from both of you, and yes it's sad that "you look for sun i look for rain. to show how they aren't looking for the same thing" part that you explained.

Talking Heads – This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) Lyrics 6 years ago
do you really want to be a lamp?..., nice comment agree is the part that it reminds you of something particularly for you, and one of my favorite parts is:

"Sing into my mouth"

Seems like a different use for the mouth or a sensual thing to ask somebody to do so instead of singing to his ears.

Sorry if i don't make myself clear: english is not my first language.

Talking Heads – Sax & Violins Lyrics 6 years ago
what are the chorus at the end?
"shut them daddy up"... i'm not sure...

Café Tacuba – Las Batallas Lyrics 7 years ago
Esta canción hace referencia a la novela "Batallas en el Desierto" de José Emilio Pacheco.
Donde un estudiante de primaria(Carlos) se enamora de la mamá de su amigo.
El bolero "obsesión" de Pedro Flores es parte del libro y de la canción en su parte:

"por alto que está el cielo en el mundo
por hondo que sea el mar profundo,
no habrá una barrera en el mundo
que mi amor profunda no rompa por ti"

Peter Gabriel – The Book of Love (Magnetic Fields cover) Lyrics 8 years ago
as this song is a cover would be fine that "songmeanings" would give more info of all songs, like composer, original played by, covers by... year of release, well just my opinion. Nice choirs by the way, is that sinead o'connor?

Peter Gabriel – The Power of the Heart (Lou Reed cover) Lyrics 8 years ago
what exactly means "I look at treetops, you look for caps" english is not my first language and i think it might be a problem of dictionary but it also can be a metaphor

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