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Strike Anywhere – Infrared Lyrics 9 years ago
This song is about media consolidation as said by Mr Barnett himself the last 2 nights

Chuck Ragan – Symmetry Lyrics 9 years ago
As said by chuck on his session about this song

:: This is for my wife Jill. My foundation and my love that keeps my chin up and keeps me looking forward to everyday I have left on this rock. Life is too damn short and we never know what we'll be dealt. Or who will stay and who will pass. I do believe in true love but I also believe in choice and will, just as much as chance and fate. If you're reading this and you're a person who believes there is no one out there for you, you may be right. Or you may just be lazy and drab. Life is what you make of it and sometimes we have the choice to reach and go for what we desire or grab what we feel may fulfill us. And sometimes it reaches out and smacks you in the head and drags you up a mountain to slide down sideways through the clouds right before bringing you to Mexico to be humbled by seahabilitation and what I like to call "the real world." If you don't believe in true love, you may as well not believe in the stars. If there's someone you believe in, a love you feel is true and real. Saturate yourself with it. Give freely and fairly and wear no regret.

Polar Bear Club – Chasing Hamburg Lyrics 9 years ago
Jimmy said they wrote this about a night they had in hamburg doing a gig with frank turner and the gaslight anthem

Polar Bear Club – One Hit Back Lyrics 9 years ago
Bout people who write shit on the net about the band

Paint It Black – We Will Not Lyrics 9 years ago
Such a great song , Think it;s about dont let people in life get you down and walk all over you

Paint It Black – SALEM Lyrics 9 years ago
It's a tirade about the increasing influence of the christian right in american politics and cultural discourse.

Have Heart – No Roses, No Skies Lyrics 9 years ago
Was at a Gig by Have heart last night , Flynner said he wrote this song for his Sister

The Gaslight Anthem – I Coulda Been a Contender Lyrics 9 years ago
I have to Agree totally with RavenSan

Very catchy song , How come these guys arent massive , they should be

Defeater – Blessed Burden Lyrics 9 years ago
Frist song of the story that sis the album , start of his life , wasent a pleasent one , Brillent song , I like the way that first word of the album is the same as the last

Lemuria – Lipstick Lyrics 9 years ago
Simple lyrics , catchy music ,Good song

Polar Bear Club – The Bug Parade Lyrics 9 years ago
Basiclly about a girl, He lives withen veiwing distnace hence the minutes away but there not on the same wavelenght as each other

Polar Bear Club – His Devotee Lyrics 9 years ago
Brillent song, the whole Ep is just amazing, i'm not entirely sure whats the song is about though , Anyone have any idea ?

Neverstore – L.Y.D Lyrics 10 years ago
No-one has seem to commenyed on many Neverstore songs .... Must not be that well known
L.Y.D stands for Live Your Dreams .... song in my opinion is about a person and Two people that he knows
The first is a girl and the second is a Boy Who both are having bad times
Then it's kinda saying to them Live ur dreams Becasue life is out there just waiting for you to do anything you want to

Thats kinda bad explanation to the song but meh
All and all such a Brillent song

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