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Emiliana Torrini – Sea People Lyrics 13 years ago
Maybe Sea People are people in love.

For me she's speaking from the outside, the end, of a relationship; perhaps about someone she still loves and would like to be with again ('can you ever see me as you did before?').

She drowns without that person. She's on the outside of love, no longer a sea person.

Snow Patrol – You Could Be Happy Lyrics 13 years ago
If you like this you may also like Ryan Adam's 'Call Me On Your Way Back Home' ...

Similar kind of sentiments and just as able to provoke a rather tearful reaction!

The Enemy – We'll Live And Die In These Towns Lyrics 13 years ago
Whilst I can't directly relate to much of the imagery of this song, I can relate to its message, which for me seems to be that, whilst you may be caught in adverse circumstances don't despair and don't renounce hope. I like the line, 'Well nothing ever happened on its own'.

Whilst we may live and die in these towns, we also make these towns what they are, and can define what they can become. There is a hint of hope amongst all the bleak imagery, and I think this is reflected in the music itself, which I find really invigorating (currently using it to get me all pumped up before heading to work!).

Each generation needs its own voices, even if they do sound remarkably like those that have gone before .. !

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