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Kanye West – Heartless Lyrics 9 years ago
I would like to add onto all the thoughts before this... Also his mother just recently died. So keep that in mind. Kanye was really going through it. At first I though it was just another Hip-Hop artist gone commercial until I actually listened to the album. Its an album you really have to go through to appreciate. I'm dealing with my break-up now and I personally cried to every single track. And I can really relate. I recommend the album to anyone dealing with a rough break-up. It covers all perspectives of break-up and love. Whether you still love them, you hate them, or you're unsure. It really helps.

Kanye West – Say You Will Lyrics 9 years ago
I believe it's definetely about marriage and agreeing to be with the other person period. "Don't say you will (You do)" As in "I Do" when you agree to marry someone else. Its a beautiful song. notice how painful his voice sounds as the song progresses. Its almost as if he cant bare to finish the song. Thats why I think the song stops and the beat rides for an extra 3 min. I believe it's to emphasize the pain and kind of wallowing in your sorrows type of feel. i love the beeps. it gives the feeling of making a choice like between "yes" and "no." Or also a kind of "she loves me" "she loves me not" feel to it. Its brilliant. It Is a great way to start the album off.

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