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Fugazi – Two Beats Off Lyrics 10 years ago
It's about someone high up in a company or a charity who gets caught embezzling funds. Thus the lines about getting caught red-handed at the till. Since 23 Beats Off was about Magic Johnson, this one might be about someone specific too, but I don't know my early-90s financial history too well, so I don't know who it could be.

Heatmiser – Antonio Carlos Jobim Lyrics 10 years ago
I don't quite get why solo Elliott Smith songs have mountains of comments but Heatmiser songs, even the ones by him, barely have any except for some of the ones he played again later solo. What? Oh, right, the actual song.

I think it might be about disagreeing with the other members in a band, one of whom the song is directly addressed to ("but don't say you mean it/when you know you don't") and the other who doesn't seem to be there, but also doesn't agree. (and he couldn't complain/just looked at your lyric/etc.) If someone looked at lyrics and then proceeded to play instrumentals, that could mean they didn't like the lyrics.

Dinosaur Jr. – Lightning Bulb Lyrics 10 years ago
opened like your mind (both times.)
well I don't look the part,
so I don't play the role
and wave the savior's net
complain about my soul
I've seen the wall of death
with poison on my breath

But other than that, seems correct.

Hüsker Dü – Sorry Somehow Lyrics 10 years ago
It's about a messy divorce. The third verse (take me to the cleaners, send me a subpoena) makes it pretty clear, as does the part about cutting the other person out of his life.

Karate – Gasoline Lyrics 10 years ago
Begging a girlfriend who just walked out the door to come back, just for a moment, although that doesn't take into account the last two lines. Also, I think this relates to the urban legend about pouring sugar into gas tanks to screw up cars.

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