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LMFAO – Shots Lyrics 10 years ago
one of the worst songs of the year
yes its fun to dance,drink, and commit all sorts of forms of debauchery to
i am guilty of all of the above 'activities?"
but as a representative of todays music
lyrically it is shit
emotionally it is shit
conceptually it is shit
maybe one day there will be some quality dance music
....maybe on a Wednesday

The Arrogant Sons of Bitches – Have Fun Rotting by Yourself Lyrics 11 years ago
coming from a person who cant make a decision....ever, and can't pick favorite..
this is one of my favorite songs

the way the dynamic, aggressive, bass is used is just breathtaking when used with the synth and keybord accents and ughghghgh i could go on and on and on and on and on

The Arrogant Sons of Bitches – Rocketrocketrocketship Lyrics 11 years ago
a surprisingly radio friendly song

Bomb the Music Industry! – Never Trust a Man Without a Horribly Embarrassing Secret Lyrics 11 years ago
one of my favorite BTMi! songs!

The Aquabats – stuck in a movie Lyrics 11 years ago
this is one of the few Aquabat's songs that may overtaly have a meaning!

i think it is about a guy who is trying to start a meaningful realation ship with hisgirlfriend yet he keeps being reminded of his past relationships (whether the same or previous girl) that he thinks that his relationships will go arwy jsut like the last ones he's had
*so please keep quiet don't spoil the ending*- i think this line supports my pint; that he thinks that he knows how is relationship is going to end...badly, just as all his others and he is tired of being *"stuck"* in this web of failing relationships each one negatively impacting the other...can't help but relate...

PS on a lighter note, I love the Jerry McGuire reference!

Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution – They Provide The Paint... Lyrics 11 years ago
cant wait for 99 songs of revolution !!!

Streetlight Manifesto – The Big Sleep Lyrics 11 years ago
ive always had a bit of a 1234 1234 feeling for this song just that feeling of the song exploding into the vocal chanting i dunno...just a feeling

great song, love the ?cello?need to check those liner notes...

Bomb the Music Industry! – Get Warmer Lyrics 11 years ago
whoa, this is one epic song. i love the folk elements and its just great; definitely the "masterpice" of BTMI but hopefully not there Magnum Opus!...not yet at least! :p


Streetlight Manifesto – The Blonde Lead the Blind Lyrics 11 years ago
i love the "don't you know that christmas time is here" lick

The Aquabats – Lobster Bucket Lyrics 11 years ago
i love this song

i used it as an example to one of my friends when she had gotten in a fight with her best friend and thats what i think its about.

that you should never forget who your friends are and you should try to help them anyway you can. when you get in fights and all you can do is talk about how angry you are it'll never get better.

The Aquabats – Cold Raw Gold Lyrics 11 years ago
ok first im gonna say The Aquabats are my favorite band that being said i think this is one of their best compositions

on the Myths Mini site it says this song is about trying to make a living while being in a band. it is about how through the disappointment and the frustration your brain tries to escape.

i love the " somebody's gotta be alive somewhere" for a song that never got cleaned or even released the chord structure is very well made. minor! minor chords in an Aquabats song!! it sounds so epic!

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