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Sia – Breathe Me Lyrics 9 years ago
This song is amazing! I wanted to comment on the cracking of her voice. I can see how it would bother some people, but for me it is an indicator of her desperation. I write music, and there are times when I write a song so personal for me; especially during tough times, when I cry as I write. It may seem strange, but writing, performing or even listening to music that portrays such strong emotions is similar to a spiritual experience. It allows for the breakdown of the self; to lose control, or to be soothed.

You can see the self-loathing/desperation/emotional breakdown of her through her melody, lyrics and voice. Think about when you are in tears, or near the end of the cry when your voice is rough and you have nothing else to give. She's tired and needs someone to grab her and hold tight. Anyone. Anyone to see where she is coming from (breathe her in) and to give her hope (breathe life into her).

Breathe me; think of the image of breathing needed a mermaid underwater to breathe. Without the support of that other being, you would cease to be. She's drowning in despair.

Ryan Adams – The Sun Also Sets Lyrics 12 years ago
I was hoping to get more information about the reference's to Hemmingway's "The Sun also Rises."

From what I got RA's lyrics:
"When you get the time
Sit down and write me a letter
When you're feeling better
Drop me a line
I wanna know how it all works out
I had a feeling we were fading out
I didn't know that people faded out"

expresses the idea of supressed emotions. Those in the relationship are tired and wish for everything to be out in the surface, bc these surpressed emotions are what ultimately destroyed the relationship and all belief in anything good.
From reviews that I have read about the book, the expriatriates represent a group of people who have lost hope and innocence. Just like in the song, the war and the relationships throughout have taken a toll of the individuals.
THe end of the book leaves some idea that once all of society falls apart, then there is hope for it to restart for the better. Ryan adams seems to be answering that while there is achance that things may work out later, it will again fall apart.

Calexico – All Systems Red Lyrics 12 years ago
First, I want to apologize for the long thread.

At first I would have to agree with CcPunk with just frustration. It too is one of my all-time favorites. I travel a lot for work and it's one that stays in my cd player.
But today I realized while listening that it may have a lot to do with 9/11 and its aftermath. Of course it is just an opinion, but here are quotes broken down:

"Felt a tremor stir beneath my breath
That forecasts storms on the gallup poll
Waking up from the nightmare news
Hoping to read a sign in the morning air"

I remember waking up to the same news and the utter despair i felt. It was disbelief. The polls months after that morning were high. People were scared and it is a common idea in this country that if people are afraid or something is wrong with a country the polls jump (ie gallup) and more people participate (suchs as the recent presidential voting for 2008 and the high support for the war on terror ( I will go on record as not having supported the war in Iraq)).

"All say my friends who just want out
And leave these troubles behind
Scatter like paper in the eye of the storm
Documented with a silenced note
That's only heard from far away"

This one is tough, but after a while nothing changed in america for the better. It appeared in some way that we became more at risk and fearful. People were tired. There have been quite a few people who stopped believing in america. They either left the country (ex-patriates) or in mind stop caring and become complacent with the times. They realized they have no power at the outcome and it is as if they are far away.

"More cards in play, following suit
Everywhere you look, you only see red
Wonder when to call off the race
Watching a horse running down its last legs
When you think it couldn't get much worse
The numbers rise on the death toll
And the chimes of freedom flash and fade
Only heard from far, far away"

You only see red line reminds me of the US alert system that was constantly red.Wonder when they will call of the race, find a solution, give us hope again. You wonder when it will end. Our security is at gamble. The rise of the death toll is perhaps the Iraq war and the deeper we go into the war, the less we feel this country represents true freedom and that our image elsewhere in the world is only looking worse. Only heard from far away is that we hear the words of freedom that our country tries to persuade us but our hearts have stopped believing those words. They have become faint echoes from our past, our childhood.

"I hear you can't trust in your own
Now the grey is broken in the early morn
And the words forming barely have a voice
It's just your heart that's breaking without choice"

This quote shows his frustration and lack of ability to do anything about it. What he might say or think has no place anymore. He is losing hope.

"Everything you learned is distorted in your head
Bouncing off the walls, unraveling the thread
Staying up with the blue screen glow
Forgetting everything you ever dreamed years ago"

This quote reminds me that after 9/11, people started to not care so much about what was going on and wanted to forget, hence the high ratings in reality tv (blue screen glow), excess greed (wanted to be celebrities and high numbers of plastic surgery). Your true self and dreams are gone. Just drown yourself into nothing to forget.

"When the dread is flowing down my veins
I want to tear it all down and build it up again
Hear your heart that's breaking without choice
I want to hear those chimes ring again
Ring again"

Just want to start again. Fix it. That's all. Which I feel is now why the 2008 elections are so heated as never before. People have been tired and frustration. They want to feel real again. They feel they finally can be heard.

Sorry for such a long thread. This song just inspired me.

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