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Elefant – Now That I Miss Her Lyrics 14 years ago
Oh the suspense! what is her answer?? Bet she didnt take him back. Not even if she heard this great song.

Kashmir – In The Sand Lyrics 14 years ago
This song has been played 94 times on my itunes. "She is lovesick And ever so strong Then it´s over Like none of it ever was real". This feels horrible, when your ex is so over you that its like you never were together, like you never even existed. There is nothing more unbecoming.

Coldplay – Sparks Lyrics 14 years ago
Of all the songs I have ever heard in my life, this is my favorite. I think it perfectly describes a relation. I mean, In every relation one of the two gets something more out of the relation, the other one is the pretty or popular or smart one. Its a sweet and sour type of thing.

When she says "sing one we know" she is intentionally admitting she was driven away and thats because he fell for her too hard.

Guillemots – madeup love song #43 Lyrics 14 years ago
I wish I could experience this in person some day.

Guillemots – Annie, Let's Not Wait Lyrics 14 years ago
I love this song. Actually, the lyrics are great. I think the artist is trying to get laid. Seriously, I cant avoid thinking he is proposing to Annie. Only one thing: where he says "staring at our fears" he should be saying "staring at our feet".

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