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The Game – Westside Story Lyrics 14 years ago
A pretty hot song overall

Keep jibberin jabberin i'll pull a .38 magnum,
And get the clickin and clackin,
You'll homies will wanna kno what happened, until right here:
Come to Compton and see thriller like Mike Jackson
Just dumb.

downset. – Take 'em Out Lyrics 14 years ago
Wow...I always thought the line: "Central banking system" was: "Systematic deception"
I think I actually like my version better although theirs makes better sense contextually.
I love Downset...not always the most eloquent...but sometimes the lyrics are more intelligent than you would expect.

Propagandhi – Resisting Tyrannical Government Lyrics 14 years ago
This song rocks so hard...super fast and energetic.
It's hard not to love politically charged lyrics fused with hockey references.

Idle Hands – Support Lyrics 14 years ago
If you grew up in the age of multi-day hardcore fests, tabling shows, driving 16 hours in a van full of kids with next to no money to go to some huge fest in the midwest and trying to decide if you should spend your last few dollars on 7 inches instead of food this song will probably really speak to you.

Idle Hands – Bitter Melody Lyrics 14 years ago
Meaghan absolutely kills it on this track. Perfect vocals...

I think I might even like her here more than in copper!!!

Idle Hands – Behind My Back Lyrics 14 years ago
a totally awesome "WHY?" hardcore anthem expressed poppy, catchy and with brilliant female vocals

Texas Is The Reason – Back and to the Left Lyrics 14 years ago
An awesome song by an awesome band...their entire body of work is pretty perfect.

Split Lip – Sleep Lyrics 14 years ago
the very short double bass really makes this song and shows their metal roots.

Split Lip – Crestfallen Lyrics 14 years ago
If this is bravery, I don't like the taste.


The wrenching agony of a relationship...wondering if the pain will ever end.

Chamberlain – Hey, Louise Lyrics 14 years ago
A pretty perfect song. I love the way the lyric from World Don't Want Us is reiterated.

It should be: "I miss the weight of your eyes"

Chamberlain – World Don't Want Us Lyrics 14 years ago
Absolutely beautiful.

Chamberlain – Try For Thunder Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is about coming to terms with fate...accepting that you are where you need to be regardless of how awful it seems.

Chamberlain – Last To Know Lyrics 14 years ago
This is a terrific song...elegantly executed. David's vocals are flawless. I think the song the song has a broader scope than just Christianity. It speaks to any person trying to understand their spirituality.

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