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Peter Gabriel – I Grieve Lyrics 2 years ago
"..the way we are tied in".\n\nHe uses that line twice.\n\nIt\'s a beautiful, lyrical expression of what philosophers call the hard problem of consciousness -- the problem of explaining why and how we have qualia, or phenomenal experiences (wikipedia).

Jackson C. Frank – (Tumble) In the Wind Lyrics 4 years ago
Correct lyrics for the Jackson C. Frank song, NOT the Kerry Livgren song:

I seem to tumble in the wind
I wait for it to begin
When I look at you
I ain't too proud to say
I once loved a girl this way

I bring trouble on my lonesome self
I see danger in each offered help
Times are hard
The money just won't come through
I would be alone if not for you

They brought me in on a flatcar
Down from old Hong Kong
Tried to tell me what I was doing
Was absolutely wrong
Tried to make me over
Into a man of steel
But I knew I would have to kneel

From the plains of Alberta
With its wheat so wild and strong
I rolled over the Northlands
Till I came to Saskatchewan
From a hardback in my satchel
I read the words quite clear
Hurry home to your loved ones now
Wintertime is near

I seem to tumble in the wind
I wait for it to begin
When I look at you
I ain't too proud to say
I once loved a girl this way

Jackson C. Frank – (Tumble) In the Wind Lyrics 4 years ago
WRONG SONG. These are not the lyrics for the Jackson C. Frank song.

Annie Lennox – Why Lyrics 10 years ago
It's about the deep need to understand why.
It's about the futility of ever really understanding why.

Why are we breaking up? Why didn't it work out? Why did you do what you've done? Why didn't we have enough love?


"How many times do I have to try to tell you"
"...And we can cast away those doubts"
"Tell me, Why, Tell me, Why"
"But I can still read what you're thinking"


"That's why it hurts so bad to hear the words"
"Some things are better left unsaid, But they still turn me inside out"
"These are the words I never said"
"Do you know how I feel? 'Cause I don't think you know how I feel"

Say Hi – Maurine Lyrics 13 years ago
Well said, TheWrongGirl, about interpreting lyrics through the lens of one's own life. I wonder if obscure meaning only CAN be interpreted correctly from the vantage of being immersed in a similar experience. When many words resonate, the recognition of the author's state-of-mind is deep. Otherwise, only vague impressions.

So it's fair to speculate ElBoricanoBlanco had just initiated a breakup with someone.

I get the vague impression from this song that SHE initiated the breakup, and he can't be post-romantically "just friends" (go to her party) because her presence exhumes his hopes, which he would rather keep buried (dead).

Or, drawing from experience of the opposite, he can't bear to be near her when she's still in love with him (go to her party) because he doesn't feel love for her (he thinks he's dead).

Kate Micucci – Dear Deer Lyrics 13 years ago
Even cuter video: Yet still fresh and edgy as only The Gooch can do.

Fleetwood Mac – Songbird Lyrics 14 years ago
I agree with Josie713sg, this is a goodbye, letting-go song. The final line "I wish you all the love in the world, but most of all I wish it from myself" implying he will *not* be getting love only from her.

It's a very sad, a very loving, and the most *generous* goodbye song I know of.

Robert Plant – Big Log Lyrics 15 years ago
This song speaks to the long, dark, desolate stretches between loves. Beyond the bleakness is acceptance, where the resolutness of leaving (on the run, fueled by secrets and hurts and thousands of unanswerable questions) merges with, and is indistinguishable from, the wide, open-ended quest(longing that does not rest) for new love.

I like to think some details call out to people the author has loved in ways only they would recognize.

The National – 90-Mile Water Wall Lyrics 16 years ago
This may be the literary reference in the song, from John Hersey's My Petition for More Space: "It was not just my hurt look, it was not really a hurt look at all, it was the look of a steep fall: and she was seeing what was already, to her, at nineteen, an old, old sign, enabling her to make yet one more claim..." ISBN 0241891787. Thanks to

The National – 90-Mile Water Wall Lyrics 16 years ago
Shame or sorrow may be here. He wants to disappear (trap door, "take me out of your view"). Her attention on him is unbearable either because of her disapproval, or his vulnerability ("hurt look", "steep fall"). He may be told-off or confronted by his love. Or she broke up with him and it's unbearable to him. The "90-mile water wall" is imagined relief, bordering on suicidal in its intensity. He also sought relief in humor, as told indirectly by "Yes I'm listening, I can tell you're serious," underscoring her impression that he is not.

I can't place "target of this hand," possibly violence. Harsh to speculate on that, but also because it's a harsh idea, it could understandably be worded vague and obscure.

Infidelity may be impled by "you're the only thing that I can stand" where he professes his ultimate loyalty to her.

There's a breakdown of communication ("I know that you know" as part of a circular argument going nowhhere).

And he's painfully (maybe ambivalently?) attracted to her, positively worshiping her hair, twice. I wonder if there's more than poetic significance to the inward and outward directions of her attractiveness: both her hair and the air are blamed.

(Point of order, we all agree that dissection of a song and profaning poetry by interpretation can be consistent with deep admiration and deeper appreciation, right? That to distract one from a song's fierce effects, one might seek relief in clinical analysis. Especially when no tidal wave is handy.)

Laura Veirs – Cast A Hook In Me Lyrics 16 years ago
Very nice version on (the only song on there of Laura Veirs to date, in some compilation album). Better than the versions on youtube. There's a moment (at the end of the chorus, on the title line, at about 0:46.5 for the first time) when electric guitar or something with vibrato or reverb plays and it seals the beauty of the song. Less is more. The light touch is exquisite.

Oh yea, meaning. Lots of sea analogies complexly interwoven.

Best line: "pierced right through the thick of me".

I like how the 3rd version of the chorus is completely different. Refreshing change from each rendition of the chorus always being a carbon copy of all the others. Jackson Browne used to do that a lot. This makes it seem as if the writer has much more to say and much more skill saying it.

I think I read on her site that " herds of the sea rushing by" is about whales, and a phrase from Herman Melville's Moby Dick.

Good call, Technophobia, the time running backwards theme is about loss and recovery.

Bruce Springsteen – Lift Me Up Lyrics 16 years ago
Played at the end of the movie Limbo, this song ads a beautiful melancholy depth to an already potent moment. I see no connection between song and movie meanings however.

To me the song calls for love in the immediate and the short term (fate the daylight brings, fingers on skin, this heartbeat, this breath), as opposed to tradition and the long term (rings of gold, sacred vow, secrets, chains).

Is the line in the chorus "I'll fall with you" or "I'll follow you"?

The Shins – New Slang Lyrics 16 years ago
(smacks head) I just realized: "New Slang" means an expletive. Well what do *you* say when you find dirt in your fries? Why even the first two lines talk about a "curse" escaping the mouth involuntarily.

I sense regret too, a call to the past when he knew less and loved more.

I agree with abacus767, Scrubs took a while to appreciate, now I can't get enough. Garden State and this song I loved immediately. (Also, I lived in Vienna too. You're just not looking hard enough; huge minds are everywhere if they're anywhere.)

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