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Dance Hall Crashers – He Wants Me Back Lyrics 6 years ago
love it!

Authority Zero – One More Minute Lyrics 6 years ago
this always puts me in a beach-y mood haha...good vibes...

Modest Mouse – Float On Lyrics 6 years ago
i love the song, it's catchy and i love the meaning..

The Drowners – Is There Something On Your Mind? Lyrics 9 years ago
darn....i love this song

Popsicle – Not Forever Lyrics 9 years ago
great song of the 90s

Superdrag – Sucked Out Lyrics 9 years ago
i love rocking out to this song

Moonpools And Caterpillars – Hear Lyrics 9 years ago
yeah pinoys really rock! this is a great band. i love them.

Moonpools And Caterpillars – Polyester Lyrics 9 years ago
rooock on! i love this pinoy band

Moonpools And Caterpillars – Colossal Youth Lyrics 9 years ago
go go pinoy hehehe love it

Death Cab for Cutie – I Will Follow You Into the Dark Lyrics 9 years ago
i first heard it on the movie the invisible and immediately searched it on the web cos i love it already....probably id suggest it as one of the song to be played on my funeral.

Tsunami Bomb – Take The Reins Lyrics 11 years ago
when will we get our freedom???

Less Than Jake – The Science of Selling Yourself Short Lyrics 11 years ago
this is one of the songs that got e hooked to LTJ...its actualy my favorite...damn...ive been to that stage before...especially last two years..i can so relate to s like the song is made for me hahaha! always getting drunk..., and im startin to get used to the feelin of being depressed, screwed up, pissed off..its like i dont care anymore, its like well, okay this is the normal me... damn great song!

Weezer – O Girlfriend Lyrics 11 years ago
the lyrics sound like the letter my ex had made for me..... its kinda sad...our love you know...but well, its too late already.... =(

Coheed and Cambria – A Favor House Atlantic Lyrics 11 years ago
this song rocks hard.....i really dont know the real meaning of the lyrics but anyways...i still love it...i listen to it every freakin' day

The Used – On My Own Lyrics 12 years ago
gusto kaau nako ni paminawon nga kanta......
mura kag madala sa emotions nga na feel
sa nagkanta....ayos ang THE USED bai....tapatan...

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