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Linkin Park – No More Sorrow Lyrics 14 years ago
definately an anti-gov song, like the way LP changed their sound in this song, the guitars and drums sound awesome in the intro. I hear "thieves and hypocrites" when I listen to it tho.

Linkin Park – Given Up Lyrics 14 years ago
I like a few of LP's new songs, alot of them are a step in the right direction for the band, but others just sound like LP is trying to force the whole new sound. I do miss all of Mike's rapping but he wrote alot of the songs on this album and he also is playing guitar now so I guess its all good.

this song is about someone who doesnt like who they are and want to change but feel like they are stuck inside of their fake self and theyve given up trying to find out what is wrong with themself

Linkin Park – The Little Things Give You Away Lyrics 14 years ago
bane2, Linkin park had an international broadcast a several radio stations played may 7th with 6 new songs off the album, and who cares anyways if a handful of people heard this song on you tube or sumthing ahead of time, it will barely affect album sales.

anyways, sounds like its about katrina and new orleans, this is the only soft song off LP's new album that I think is ne good.

Linkin Park – Bleed It Out Lyrics 14 years ago
this is my favorite song off the new album, sounds a lot like their older stuff rather than all this new soft crap like "shadow of the day" theyre putting out on this album. Thank God Mike actually gets to rap in this song tho.

Ill make you faceless
should be
Ill make you face this

Demon Hunter – The Awakening Lyrics 14 years ago
this song sounds like it is talking about how really this world isnt imprtant because everyone eventually dies so everyone should be more concerned about how God will view them rather than living for the world
"fall into the flood of your awakening" is talking about realizing that God is what is important and "give me the pain of something real" sound like someone wanting to know something that will always be a reality

"This simple gossip is your definition of life"- talking about how this life is pointless when you think about it because if there is no afterlife everything will always end the same

and finally-
"And what a vacant purpose taking it to your grave
There is no threat of loss in
Hearing the slant you cry
Oh what a fool to think you fell
On the mass you crave"
is singing to someone who does not believe in any kind of after life that without anything that is permanent there is no purpose to waht you do

Demon Hunter – Coffin Builder (feat. Trevor McNevan) Lyrics 14 years ago
This song sounds like it is saying that you cant let the guilt of your sin grow inside of you because it will take you away from God and that you have to turn your sins over to Him

Linkin Park – What I've Done Lyrics 14 years ago
wow, LP has changed alot since thier first album, great song about changing from what youve already done. awesome song, just wish mike was in it

Chevelle – Straight Jacket Fashion Lyrics 14 years ago
I think its talking bout not following what others do but to do things for yourself, "we last because were colorful" guess that means that people will remember you if ur different

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