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Franz Ferdinand – Michael Lyrics 10 years ago
The OFFICIAL word:

Heavens – Watching You Lyrics 10 years ago
@alomaxrawwx, it probably reminds you of Depeche Mode because of the **fantatastic baseline!** You think?

@skiba_junkie, @no_one_really - I really like this song & probably bobble my head to it, too ;)

@skywalker8716 - If you watch the video:
It becomes pretty clear, except for the knives. "I've been watching you" & the rest of the first 4 lines - he's stalking a girl
"And when everything that you do loses beauty
When everything's taboo and unkind"
He realizes she's no angel and just another person?
Then moves on to another?

"And the only thing you ever dream of is sharpening knives
Sharpening knives"
I really don't know. Either she's freaked out and thinking of self defense, or "you" refers to himself and he's doing satanic stuff (see last minute of video) or cutting himself.
Either that or it's a figurative way of saying the girl is hurting him (by not accepting his love, which he might not have even ever offered); he sees her as doing it intentionally (but she's probably just not interested)

Barenaked Ladies – Who Needs Sleep? Lyrics 11 years ago
It's known that BNL enjoy the X-Files. In Season 2, Episode 4, "Sleepless," there is a man who hasn't slept for many years, since a military project made it so he never had to sleep.

It's quite possible that that episode inspired this song.


The Killers – All the Pretty Faces Lyrics 11 years ago
Two letters: ED.

This song is about a chronic failure to perform in the bed. [Lyrics/theory correspond to Sawdust version.]

"Help me out I need it"
>> He needs help & understanding for his problem. He can't fix it on his own (see "trials" below)

"I don't feel like loving you no more
I don't feel like loving you no more"
>> Repeated because it's all he can think about, and because sometimes, when you can't or don't want to say the truth directly, you just repeat something close to the truth. We can read "loving" here as a euphemism for sex (the Killers aren't quite that blunt). He doesn't feel like "loving" because he is ashamed and embarrassed and he knows it won't be good for them anyway.

"Help me out, I need it
I don't feel like touchin' her no more
Help me out, I need it
I said I don't feel like touching her no more"
>> Same thing with the repetition. Again, touching is sex (or acts leading up to it). (In the live version the f-word was used in some places.) Notice "you" has been replaced with "her". Is he speaking to a therapist?

"Well, how did it happen?"
>> When men are struck with such problems, they don't really know how it "happens"; the drive is there, the physical ability is there, and the will is there, but it's just not working.

"I spent two long years in a strange, strange land"
>> I'm not sure about this one. "Strange, strange land" could be going on tour; being married; or even the vagina. In context of coming after "Well, how did it happen?" the vaginal interpretation makes a lot of sense: "I've been able to make love to you for two years; what's the problem now?" (Remember these meanings are buried! Just because it's not obvious doesn't mean it's not true, especially with this band!)

"Well, how did it happen?
I'd do anything just to be your man"
>> "Your man," "a man" – this part is fairly obvious right? He wants to be successful in this department, and would go to any length to keep his gf/wife of two years, including visiting the aforementioned therapist.

"You're not going anywhere without me"
>> This line makes me question the interpretation that some people subscribe to, that he's been on tour and wants to love the pretty faces in the crowd, not his wife: *She* wants to leave *him* in this line, and he doesn't want her to. He's afraid, which explains the tense music at this point. "Don't leave me," he says. Instead, "help me out, I need it."

"These trials don't prepare the error, no"
>> I think it sounds kind of like "don't prepare me ever, no". Either way, it works: "trials" is the euphemism for masturbation. He's got it together physically, but the dynamic isn't there, or he's got a psychological block. (Remember I said to watch for this? "Help me out, I need it"!)

"You're not telling anyone about me"
>> Naturally, if you are having troubles in the sack, you don't want people talking about it! I assumed this was to his partner but it could just as well be to his therapist, but the next line isn't:

"And you shake and you plead while I sing my song"
>> "Shake" to me suggests: sex, anger, frustration, tears, disappointment. She is "plead[ing]" for him to do it properly while he sings his song, or tries to explain or give an excuse. (Song can be a synonym for story.)

"I don't feel like I don't feel like
I don't feel like loving you
I don't feel like I don't feel like
I don't feel like loving you"
Again, repetition of his sentiment while avoiding directly saying it. Is this him singing his song while she shakes and pleads?

"All the different places
Ringing out like a shotgun in my head"
>> All the places they've been together, because he's worried about losing her ("you're not going anywhere"). Alternatively, all the places they have tried to have sex.

"All the pretty faces
Ringing out and I just can't go to bed"
>> He sees lots of attractive girls, but he knows they're no good because he can't keep it up. "I just can't go to bed" is a pretty clear euphemism for being unable to have proper sex.

The rest of the song is repeated lines from earlier.

I think that's a pretty solid interpretation. What do you think?

The Killers – All the Pretty Faces Lyrics 11 years ago
Sawdust version (only one I've heard) does sound like "you shake and you BLEED" to me (which suggests a menstration theme: is that why he doesn't feel like touching/f––ing her?)

I think the gay and two-years-on-the-road interpretations are pretty strong.

Matchbox Twenty – You're So Real Lyrics 11 years ago
"Hope I Can Sleep for one night" -> Bed of Lies (earlier album)

Matchbox Twenty – You're So Real Lyrics 11 years ago
More than anything, I view this song as a summary of the whole album.

These words in this song's refrain are titles of others:
The first verse says "Talking crazy," which makes me think of "Disease".
"Beautiful" could, as a stretch, refer to the earlier song (diff album) "Last Beautiful Girl".
"What's on the inside" -> the theme of "Hand Me Down"

Soulja Boy – Crank That (Soulja Boy) Lyrics 11 years ago
As mentioned earlier, this song is about cumming on a woman's back when she's sleeping, and then she wakes up with her sheets stuck to her back like Superman's cape. Pretty sick (the bad sick not the good sick)

Maroon 5 – Sweetest Goodbye Lyrics 11 years ago
Major props to Doofer19 for the Daft Punk reference, and yes, I'd say they are similar.

Anyway I was definitely convinced he was talking about sex at the end (still am - do you hear how he sings "feeeel" at the end?) but thanks to everyone's comments, I can see there is much more meaning here too, more general declaration of love and a story of loss/leaving

The Strokes – Between Love And Hate Lyrics 11 years ago
Don't you like how you want to sing along, but he says,

"Am I wrong?
Don't sing along with me."

BTW I don't really understand that part, but maybe he's telling the girl? or us? that if we disagree with what he's saying, then don't complain, but simply don't listen to his song? :-/ Yeah I'm grabbing straws there.

Awesome song tho. I get the feeling he might not really believe he "never needed nobody" but rather is just telling himself that.

The Wallflowers – Hand Me Down Lyrics 11 years ago
Wow I had no idea it was about that... so it's from the POV of Bob Dylan? I was just amused by the pretty intense burns, such as "Look at you... living proof that evolution's throught"

Five For Fighting – California Justice Lyrics 12 years ago
Five for Fighting is Canadian, right? I've been trying to understand this song... it comes it bits and pieces...

Relient K – The Truth Lyrics 12 years ago
Yep pretty clearly about struggling with doubt!

Jars of Clay – Mirrors & Smoke Lyrics 12 years ago
I love this song. Leigh Nash is a pleasant suprise as the duet vocalist.

I imagine "You always make me sad, but that's what true love is all about" will be a source of confusion. I think it's trying to say not that true love *is* sadness, but rather inevitably *involves* it, and true love will bear that part: "Love's a constant mission [struggle]"

Eve 6 – Inside Out Lyrics 12 years ago
Ok, Penguin, that makes sense, but it's still a stretch, don't you think?
As for what I have against the song -- it was stuck in my head for days, and I consider it rather annoying, what with the seemingly pointless, grade-school rhyming, short lines.

Eve 6 – Inside Out Lyrics 12 years ago
Ok, let me defend that before everyone hates me -- what's this about choking on rhines? Are they serious? What would that even possibly mean, metaphorically, if the aren't even really there ("the lack thereof")? And that is in the refrain! How can one even "swallow doubt"? that doesn't make sense. And if you could swallow, or eliminate doubt, you would not have "faith in nothing," you would have faith in whatever you were doubting. Come on. This is stupid.

Eve 6 – Inside Out Lyrics 12 years ago
It makes most sense to me when I consider it that Eve 6 does not understand the concept of "Lyrics."
These lyrics aren't so much a *riddle* as much as *nonsensical, rhyming phrases*

Is that harsh? I stand by it.

Jars of Clay – The Eleventh Hour Lyrics 12 years ago
The song is about rejecting salvation until the last possible moment (the eleventh hour).
"Rescue me ..
Let the eleventh hour quickly pass me by
I'll find you when I think I'm out of time"

The singer wants to draw close to Him earlier, as is right, as opposed to later, as is human.

Cake – Jesus Wrote A Blank Check Lyrics 12 years ago
Seems you guys have it down pat.

See also: Jars of Clay's "The Eleventh Hour"
Different approach, less distant from God, but similar message.

Cake – Shadow Stabbing Lyrics 12 years ago
"I'm so nervous
I'm so tense
My heart can't forget about this self defense
The air is so hot
and my breath comes fast
I thumb the cool blade but I know this can't last"
-- SINCE IT IS NOW IN FIRST PERSON perhaps this is the POV of a newspaper reader spurred to revolt by our hero's article?

Cake – Shadow Stabbing Lyrics 12 years ago
This may not be the best interpretation, but I see it as a song about a journalist.

"Adjectives on the typewriter
He moves his words like a prize fighter
The frenzied pace of the mind inside [the cell]"
--The journalist frantically and (he believes) masterfully manipulates the language, his prize work. The cell could just be the newspaper office, or his cubicle or den. Whatever. "to sell" also works -- gotta sell the paper.

"The man on the street might just as well be
The man on the street might just as well
The man on the street might just as well be"
--He believes he is so much more informed than John Doe. Whether this is true or not is up for grabs; perhaps he is not special and might as well be a man on the street!

"Outside, outside the world
Out there you don't hear the echos and calls"
--The world is ignorant, but our hero knows what's going on!

"But the steel eye,
Tight jaw"
--He's a real hero, really determined to tell the world, to:
"Say it all
Say it all"

"But the white paint,
Plastic saints
Say it all..."
--Not really sure yet... Plastic saints = his personality? "Say it all" is repeated; that's the journalist's creed, to say it all, to tell the whole story.

"Say it all,
Say somebody,
Has got to say it all"
--and that somebody is our hero, the journalist.

"I'm so nervous
I'm so tense
My heart can't forget about this self defense
The air is so hot
and my breath comes fast
I thumb the cool blade but I know this can't last"
--Not really sure -- but, if he is "saying it all" about a corrupt government, as has been speculated, he may have to fight the oppressive "ministries" of information or censors... he is getting high off his rebellion (the high is suggested by "can't last" and the thumbing of a "cool blade" -- very sensory-oriented details)

Anyway, no doubt a fantastic song.

Cake – It's Coming Down Lyrics 12 years ago
"It's coming down" refers not only to the relationship, but to the rain outside:
"it's coming down.
it's raining outside.
... you think it's funny."
The double meaning is funny.

Cake – Friend Is A Four Letter Word Lyrics 12 years ago
Yes, he wants to be more than friends. "End" refers to the death of his hopes for a relationship. He takes her saying that she just wants to be friends as an insult, almost; something harsh he never wanted to hear (four letter word is a euphemism for cuss words). There's nothing wrong with being friends, but in this context it's the last thing he wants.

What a great song. Do you know of any other that captures the "just be friends" ending as well? Or at all?

Third Eye Blind – Faster Lyrics 12 years ago
You people are famous now ;)

Cake – I Bombed Korea Lyrics 12 years ago
Is anyone else strongly reminded of Joseph Heller's Catch-22? The pilots bomb villages and are forced to ignore the morality of the war to a certain extent. It's not that they don't care -- well maybe it is -- but they don't have a choice. "We didn't know if it was wrong or right / I bombed Korea every night."

Cake – I Bombed Korea Lyrics 12 years ago
Is any

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