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Brand New – Daisy Lyrics 9 years ago
To me it sounds like the little kid says 'Why would he be'

Our Lady Peace – Thief Lyrics 12 years ago
When I first heard this song it didn't mean much to me I mean it was a good song but I didn't pay to much attention to it. It wasn't until a couple of mounths later in October when I got the news that my 12-year-old cousin had a brain tumor after that when I heard the song again thats when I really heard this song.

Three Days Grace – Over and Over Lyrics 12 years ago
Beautiful song from the first time I heard it I fell in love with it. What I get from this song is that when you're in a position where you're heart is involved it's hard to control the situation because you tell you're mind one thing but you're heart makes you belive another and you keep going back and forth trying to make a reasonable decison.
I have no idea if that makes sence but thats what I get out of the song
and this is defentally a diffrent side of TDG but I like it.

Three Days Grace – Gone Forever Lyrics 12 years ago
I agree with platniumstatus I think it's about a guy who is trying to convenice himself that his better off without this girl while in reality he's missing her like crazy.
But either way it's a great song it reminds me of this guys I knew last who left brokenhearted and then he just disappeared so yeah I can really relate to this song

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