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Tupac Shakur – Hail Mary Lyrics 15 years ago
Great song!!! The way he says it, shit, ya cant beat it!!! no way, i mean "I ain't a killer but don't push me
Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to gettin pussy", thats so perfect. Any other rapper would say, "Ima bust yo ass" or somthing. Best rapper of all time!

T.I. – What You Know Lyrics 16 years ago
Just herd this song for the first time two days ago, and it's definatly one of my favs!!!
Tiz damn sweet!!!

Tupac Shakur – Runnin' (Dying to Live) Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is fucking, 2pac was a fuckn gangsta, he was never pick your shit up and find someone else to harass coz my man 'pac is a legend!!!

Tupac Shakur – California Love Lyrics 16 years ago
Shit, this song is fucking awesome... Yo 'pac, your a Legend. You live in your lyrics.

Eminem – Rain Man Lyrics 16 years ago
this song has a fuckn awesome beat 2 it

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