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Sigur Rós – Hoppípolla Lyrics 15 years ago
It's funny because I don't understand a word he's saying, but i feel like i know the meaning of the song. The way the song is built. It's in the movie Children of Men which I can wait to see. It's probably a little bit because of the song...

Malajube – Ton Plat Favori Lyrics 15 years ago
The song is awesome!.I love the end. I believe that the song is about a guy whose in love with a girl that is mean with him.

Sloan – Coax Me Lyrics 16 years ago
could be. It seems that it's a song about a famous couple. Any how this song is awesome!!

Arcade Fire – Une Annee Sans Lumiere Lyrics 16 years ago
Maybe it's because I'm french canadian but I really wanted to check that one song out when I got the Cd. I thought it was good but when it got to the end I was happilly surprised. it's like the tale was perfectly tied... no lose ends.

Arcade Fire – Crown of Love Lyrics 16 years ago
This song about love. It's as simple as that... if you're overanalysing it you're ruining it! " You gotta be the one,
you gotta be the way,
your name is the only word,
the only word that I can say!" that's so true. Being in love hurts like that, feels like that...

Feist – Secret Heart Lyrics 16 years ago
THis song is a tresure! The let it die album is amazing and has those great pieces like, Let it Die, Mushaboom and Now at last but for some reason this song grew on me. when she says let 'em in on your secret heart and go tell 'em how you feel I felt as if this song was written for me and about me... that an amazing feeling, I'm sure you know

Coldplay – Til Kingdom Come Lyrics 16 years ago
I don't know why but it took me a while to catch that last song. But when it finally popped in my headphones it blew me away. Coldplay as this unbelievable way of saying complicated thing through images and this is a perfect example

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