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NOFX – Codependence Day Lyrics 7 years ago
These are the correct lyrics:

I haven�t got anymore excuses
We�ve gone way past alcohol abuses
It�s too late
We gotta celebrate co dependence day

Self-caused affliction
Magnified with chemical addiction
We got a date
We gotta celebrate co dependence day

Veteran role-player
You�re the addict I'll be the enabler
You wanna play?
Let�s make every day co dependence

See symptoms It gets clearer
Kinda just like looking in a mirror
Celebrate our disarray on co dependence day

With fireworks and power lines
Attempt to meld resolute minds
January first through New Year�s Eve
We seem to spend

NOFX – Fan Mail (The Dickies cover) Lyrics 12 years ago
Here's a lyric correction:
What's this I find to my surprise
Those "bands" that I idolized

NOFX – Benny Got Blowed Up Lyrics 12 years ago
the lyrics for the first verse are wrong on the 4th line. It should go like this: "no more retreat, give it the all"

Guttermouth – Do The Hustle Lyrics 13 years ago
this song is not about queers exactly or the 1970s either. the song is about how all the "stupid" rollerbladers are always getting in the way and trying to imitate the skateboarders by "stealing tricks" from them. They are making fun of how the rollerbladers wear protective equipment like helmets and wristguards that of course the skateboarders wouldn't be caught dead wearing.

The Lawrence Arms – Beyond The Embarrassing Style Lyrics 13 years ago
they are singing about someone being on drugs (probably cocaine). the line that says "the powder glowing in your smile" is obviously referring to cocaine. "is it hard to sleep at night?" refers to someone being all drugged up and not being able to sleep at night. There are many more obvious clues as to what this real meaning of this song is, I'm sure you will all figure it out on your own.

NOFX – The Man I Killed Lyrics 13 years ago
The man he killed was George W. Bush

Green Day – Wake Me Up When September Ends Lyrics 13 years ago
if anyone has ever hear the song "it's only time" by Mark Curry, you would realize that Green Day ripped off the intro guitar part from that song

The Dead Milkmen – Punk Rock Girl Lyrics 13 years ago
the beach boys do a cover of California Dreaming, that is what they are referring to in this song

NOFX – Golden Boys Lyrics 13 years ago
this song was written about 30 years ago by Darby Crash and Pat Smear of the Germs.....this was NOT written by NOFX

NOFX – The Marxist Brothers Lyrics 13 years ago
the last line in this song is supposed to say "its going on the wall next to Tubthumper and The Battle Of Los Angeles"

Tubthumper is and album by Chumbawamba

NOFX – Seeing Double at the Triple Rock Lyrics 13 years ago
a lot of these lyrics are wrong so I will paste the correct ones here:

It's 3 o'clock at the Triple Rock, another round of watching Paddy talk
It's where you wanna get snowed in when you get
Snowed in, outside it's 10 below, is it day or night, we don't care or know
What we know is that we don't wanna be
Anywhere but here, please don't make us leave
When in Minnesota and you got a drinking quota

I'm seeing double at the Triple Rock, we're still here watching Paddy talk
Then undress, then get out the duct tape
The one question still remains, how much more art can we take?
I'll let you know when the medication wears off

I'm a religious drunk and this is where I pray
The church of alcoholics can't break up the congregation
Give us air to breathe, through carbonation
We are at liquor church, genuflecting on barstools
We're praying that the taps will keep the holy water flowing
Key kicks of communion, then a long night of confessions
Coming home after noon seems to raise a lot of questions
When in Minnesota and you got a drinking quota

NOFX – The Plan Lyrics 13 years ago
correction: don't need fear or force or farce to know morality
morals aren't substance you can shove in someone's ear
They're basically a by-product of a mind thinking clear

The blueprints of a better world
disguised and revealed as fortunes
Ten thousand chinese restaurant
customers prefer not to read it
when they're taught don't think, just eat it

NOFX – Please Play This Song On The Radio Lyrics 13 years ago
i believe that he is saying END PART, not ENDING

NOFX – Medio-Core Lyrics 13 years ago
Medio-core = mediocre

Teen Idols – Monsters Walk The Earth Lyrics 13 years ago
this song is about how they see parents as evil-monsters always telling you what to do and watching over you "controlling us from birth". by the way, Teen Idols are not kids and they weren't when they wrote this song

Screeching Weasel – Lose The Dink Lyrics 13 years ago
lyric correction: it seems i'm just PAINTING by numbers all the time

last chorus goes: i'll take you up to SUDBURY (which is "up" in canada)

NOFX – Love Story Lyrics 13 years ago
it's TUDOR not two door! Tudor is a style of house so that is obviously what it is. The mother does not "blow his brains all over the wall". if you actually read the lyrics it says that the Father "stares" at a wall stained thicker than water so its obviously saying that when the father gets home he sees that the mother shot herself or whatever.

NOFX – Jaundiced Eye Lyrics 13 years ago
correction: "black is SO beautiful", "stop feeding the fire help put out the flames"

NOFX – Fan Mail (The Dickies cover) Lyrics 13 years ago
this song is a cover, originally by the Dickies. This version is way better than the original recording by the Dickies though....not to say that the original is bad because it is not

NOFX – Buggley Eyes Lyrics 13 years ago
this is a cover. NOFX did not write this song. I've heard another version of this song that is a lot like NOFX's version but it definitely wasn't them.

NOFX – Perfect Government Lyrics 13 years ago
El Hefe does the singing at the beginning of the song

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