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Mötley Crüe – Babykills Lyrics 13 years ago
"Now sit down, shut up and play the drums!"
"No, then we're not having fun!"
"We're not supposed to have fun, we're musicians."

Mötley Crüe – Misunderstood Lyrics 13 years ago
The Crue was batshit insane to let Corabi go after this.

Crue fans, enjoy your washed up singer who runs out of breath and has to sing every other word in order to try and keep up with the rest of the band.

Gary Jules – Mad World (Tears for Fears cover) Lyrics 15 years ago
They actually put this song in a Gears of War trailer, and I thought it came out pretty well:

Can't say I was a Donnie Darko fan, though. :P

Oasis – I Am the Walrus (The Beatles cover) Lyrics 15 years ago
The Beatles' version sucked, even if it was the original. Oasis just added some much-needed energy to the song.

Soundgarden – Big Dumb Sex Lyrics 15 years ago
"Hiro, our bass player at the time, hated that song. He thought it was obnoxious butt rock, a total rock'n'roll cliche. We tried to explain to him that the song was making fun of butt rock. We were fed up with bands beating about the bush, just using euphemisms and metaphors for the sex act. We thought we'll ditch all the euphemisms and say what all the disco dance bands had been trying to say for a decade. We were simply trying to kick all the lame-ass rock'n'roll and dance music of the '80s and late '70s in the butt. It's a parody of the whole genre of stupid rock." --Kim Thayil

Jimmy Buffett – Peanut Butter Conspiracy Lyrics 15 years ago
How come nobody has commented on this yet? It's such a catchy tune.

Anyways, I think the meaning is pretty obvious; stealing food to live. Though the last part I found pretty funny:
"So every now and then when I'm in a grocery
I'll take a little but not much
'Cause you never know when the hard times will hit ya
And I don't want to lose my touch."

Soundgarden – Jesus Christ Pose Lyrics 15 years ago
Black Holeson wins internets.

Soundgarden – Searching with My Good Eye Closed Lyrics 15 years ago
'disjointed and vague' only begin to describe it.

Nonetheless, the best song on BMF, definitely.

Soundgarden – Flutter Girl Lyrics 16 years ago
There's two versions of this song.

The first version, the one everyone knows and loves, was on Cornell's solo album. And it was awesome.

The second version is an acoustic one, which appeared on the BOOTLEG Soundgarden CD, "Digging the Garden of Sound." I'm pretty sure is what happened, is the guy putting together all the 'lost tracks' on DtGoS thought FG was a SG song.

Audioslave – Getaway Car Lyrics 16 years ago
The "incredibly hot guy" from Audioslave looked so much cooler when he had long hair.

Mad Season – November Hotel Lyrics 16 years ago
I second that.

Blake Shelton – Some Beach Lyrics 16 years ago
Just what no one 2000 said. When I heard it on the radio, I though that's actually how that verse went.

Regardless, it's still a good song. Something near the top of my playlist when I'm not listening to grunge rock.

Brad Paisley – Alcohol Lyrics 16 years ago
I think the meaning is pretty obvious, heh.

Awesome song, though.

U2 – Crumbs From Your Table Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is about how America and its wealthiest people don't do enough to help solve world hunger. The title suggests that crumbs from our table could help starving people in Africa. Bono indicts America for being hypocritical with these lines:

Would you deny for others
What you demand for yourself?

Bono could not be reached for comment as he was stepping off his private jet and into his limousine.

Soundgarden – Like Suicide Lyrics 16 years ago
The kickass guitar solo really adds to the "getting to you" feeling of it all. Would've loved it if it was just a bit longer, though.

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