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Gorillaz – Revolving Doors Lyrics 10 years ago
I think BlackShadowZombieNinja said it pretty much spot on. The only thing I can add in is, I think there might be some symbolism in the title. A revolving door, think about it. It circles around and you can go into one, but you can't go back out the same way you came. I think it might parallel 2D's situation as a musical artist. He got into it, he got famous, but now he can't go back to how life was before, even if he wants to. It's played up more in those last lines, "It seems I was born for this." I.E., he feels like he was born to record and perform, like that's his only purpose now, and from the melancholy vibe of the whole song, he seems kind of hallow to the notion.

Frontier Ruckus – The Latter Days Lyrics 12 years ago
I don't usually like songs of this style -- the manner in which the vocalist sings grates on my nerves. However, the lyrics to it drew me in. It's beautifully written in my opinion, a good mellow tune, and the banjo in it is nice.

Emilie Autumn – Thank God I'm Pretty Lyrics 12 years ago
Emolollis --

"Which only means that when I sing you're jerking off, and when I'm gone you won't remember, thank God I'm pretty."

I interpret these lines as her basically stating that because of her appearance she’s overlooked as a musical performer and focused on as more of an idolized object of sexual fantasy instead, the 'thank god I'm pretty' part said in irony. Maybe I'm wrong.

Voltaire – Cantina Lyrics 12 years ago
I think it's pretty obvious what this song is about.

I can't believe it doesn't have any comments yet. It's hilarious. I fecking love Voltaire.

And One – Traumfrau Lyrics 13 years ago
I have no idea what the hell this song means, because I don't know German, but regardless, it's still very catchy.

If someone could post a translation, I'd love them forever. Please.

Missy Elliott – The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) Lyrics 13 years ago
I can't believe this song hasn't gotten more comments. Come on, people. It's a awesome.

Voltaire – God Thinks Lyrics 13 years ago
Way back in 8th grade, I lost a lifelong friend because of this song. Word of caution: If you're going to befriend a Christian, be weary of what music you listen to around them. They take their God srsly, yo.

Regardless, it’s still a very good song.

Voltaire – Zombie Prostitute Lyrics 13 years ago
Who doesn't love a song about necrophilia?

Voltaire – Caught A Lite Sneeze Lyrics 13 years ago
Not a bad cover. I prefer Tori's version, but I enjoy the instrumental in this remake, and Voltaire does have a rather pleasant voice.

Emilie Autumn – Thank God I'm Pretty Lyrics 13 years ago
This song is hilarious because of how sarcastic it is. Emilie Autumn's voice irks on my nerves, but she sure knows how to compose a song.

Dave Navarro – Venus In Furs Lyrics 13 years ago
I like the instrumental, and I like Navarro's voice, but I hate how he changed a lot of the notes. I think this cover would have been a lot better if he'd sang it in the same tune as the original.

Wumpscut – Our Fatal Longing Lyrics 14 years ago
The part with the little girl chanting in German throughout the song is a cut from the movie M, by Fritz Lang, and translates loosely to "Just you wait, it won't be long, the man in black will soon be here, with his cleaver's blade so true, he'll make mincemeat out of you."

Stephen Lynch – Taxi Driver Lyrics 14 years ago
This is a parody on Harry Chapin's song Taxi. Friggen' hilarious.

Tori Amos – Happy Phantom Lyrics 15 years ago
Just a thought: I think by saying 'They say Confucius does his crossword with a pen', she might be making a nod at the afterlife not having any cultural or period boundaries -- that after death, tradition is easily be replaced by convenience, even among those who came long before. It kind of plays in with the happy, carefree theme of the song. I don’t know, I could be wrong, but that is how I see it, anyway.

Rasputina – Torniquet (Marilyn Manson cover) Lyrics 15 years ago
Opps, sorry. My bad. x_o; I was told it was a cover by someone who’s musical inquiry I trust. You're right, though, most likely.

Rasputina – Torniquet (Marilyn Manson cover) Lyrics 16 years ago
Moloy, isn’t that a little hypocritical? I mean, Manson has covered quite a few songs himself -- GOOD songs, some that in my opinion, he completely maimed. Sweet Dreams, Coma White, Suicide is Painless, I Put A Spell On You, Highway to Hell, Personal Jesus, Tainted Love, maybe more…? I’ve not heard this remake yet, so I wouldn’t know if it is any good, but come on, man. Manson isn’t god. So what if someone made a remake of one of his songs. Boo-bloody-hoo. Loosen up a bit. You’d think that would be more of a compliment then an insult. It is said that imitation is the best form of flattery.

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