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Disturbed – The Light Lyrics 4 years ago
@[danieliko:20556] I can find no link between this and the jewish religion from the band members. It does speak about having to go through the dark times in order to have an appreciation for the good times, but that is fairly generalized and as such can't be exclusively for any one religion or even anything.

All the song represents is simply about the value of the dark times to see why the good times in life are so important.

Disturbed – The Sound of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel cover) Lyrics 5 years ago
@[TofuBug2:10152] Have to say that I am of a very different opinion. I hated Land of Confusion even though I do love much of what Disturbed has released. This song on the other hand is very different. Simon and Garfunkel made a decent song when they first made it back in the 60's and it had a pretty strong message back then, but I do feel that Disturbed's cover of the song not just revives the meaning behind the song, but also very strongly empowers it.
The emotional level is there for someone who is desperate for the rest to give a damn about what is happening around them or as mentioned in the comments of the original song by S&G, an attempt at getting people to stop looking at shadows dancing on the cave wall.

Nightwish – Élan Lyrics 6 years ago
@[sophiexzg:6460] I agree that it does open up to many interpretations.

Mine is rather simple enough though. The song itself is rather cheerful and powerful to listen to. It feeds a feeling of hope and strength, something I feel that even the text enforces.

The meaning of the song itself is very similar but slightly different (basically it's in the ballpark but not in the goal). I would say it is a song that is meant to inspire you to go out and seize life and live it as you want to live it. Tuomas never struck me as the religious person (although I could be wrong) so considering this it is a song also about how we only have the one life and we may as well just live it not just as best we can, but more to the point how we want to live it, never letting a single opportunity slip us by.

Beyoncé – Halo Lyrics 6 years ago
@[songburdie:4385] Personally being a reformed atheist I would hate it being about "god" or anything religious, but the reference about halo as she describes it here isn't a halo in the way religious people think. It's in no way a reference to a golden ring hovering above anyone's head, its a reference to the nature of a person or to describe it in a different way, about the type of energy a person has.

I generally don't listen to beyonce at all as she has to much "girly" (in the lack of a better word) music for my taste. I prefer metal and that genre and more upbeat songs. However I will say that this song does represent what I hope to be to someone someday. I thought I was recently and got both spirit and heart utterly crushed to the point that I had to seek help.
That was some weeks ago now, and these days I am of a different opinion. She gave up on me, and while I will give her a second chance if she wants it, I won't even think about her otherwise for the very reason that I know what I want and if she just wants to be friends, well then that isn't going to work for me. I know that I will always want more if we have that so she has to make up her mind what she wants.

Linkin Park – Numb Lyrics 6 years ago
Since I am going to a rather tough time as it is (getting better though) with both losing the girl of my dreams followed by a mental breakdown and that right before my bachelor degree finals I can really relate to this.
But rather than looking at everyone's expectations of me, i buckled under my own expectations of becoming someone for everyone else.

But I am starting to take care of myself, learning to be a bit more egocentric putting my own needs first before others. It's not healthy to just be all good either. In the end you will just break down because nothing will go as you want it to.

Poets Of The Fall – Jealous Gods Lyrics 6 years ago
I'm not quite sure, but I get the feeling that the song is about loss and regret.
More importantly it is about wanting to surpass that and to mend bonds.
It is also about the hope of something more and by the mood of the song, about never wanting to quit before that happens.

I find this song to be incredibly sad, but beautiful. At the same time it appeals to the romantic in me that never knows when to quit if it has found something good.

Pearl Jam – Future Days Lyrics 6 years ago
@[STP1992:3359] I don't disagree with it, but like many songs it can be seen as more than one thing.

For me this song is about two lovers who are there for one another through thick and thin, never giving up when the going gets tough. The lovers that never quarrel, never really love, and the ones that always quarrel, never really love. Battle the demons, both the ones outside and the ones inside oneself.

Five for Fighting – Chances Lyrics 6 years ago
Hmmm, the way I read the song is different from what many here have written it.
The obvious thing for me is that the song is about two things; life and love.

It sounds odd perhaps, but I read a duality in the song in the way he writes, and considering the song is about chances, which is like flipping a coin (something with two sides) it makes sense. This also makes sense as he mentions two destinations.

Life takes us many destinations, loving someone can take us down two: Good long stable relationship until the end of our times, or breakup, in which case the chances are on again to find someone new to flip the coin for and see if they are a match.

Anything in the relationship to this end can be about the chances we get, and the end result is with the hopeful voice he uses to sing the song: It is about winning happiness.

U2 – All I Want Is You Lyrics 6 years ago
@[ballzofsno:3344] I would actually disagree a bit with this a bit and at the same time I would also look a bit at what JKP writes which is not entirely how I see it either (but he is closer).

I tend to take a step back from things and look at the pictures rather than the details. JKP hits the nail when he talks about the way Bono performs the song, sentimental, loving and filled with desire. In fairness, the melody doesn't actually bring that voice justice in this case.

But back to my point, you mentioned that you think about the song as a way to taking a step down from seeking the perfect love which is unobtainable, but how about flipping the coin on that?
How about that rather than giving up on perfect love and settling for something less, it is about never quitting. Im thinking more along the lines that it is a question about realization. The person knows what you suggest, but at the same time, we can all relate to the notion that love is anything but rational, but rather a mess most of us happily jump into because it brings something new to us that we want above anything else.
My point here is that the person knows that this perfect love can't happen, but he is so madly in love that he will keep going because to settle would be like quitting.

A Fine Frenzy – Lifesize Lyrics 6 years ago
@[Heathling:3191] As one who unexpectedly found someone that can see me through rosy glasses when I wasn't even looking, I have to tend to agree with you on this one.
It's a euphoric feeling that makes one sharper, at the same feeling like you are as high as you can get (not speaking from experience, just imagining) not having control of anything. Feeling like superman, able to pull of feats of impossibility while feeling like there is a grand purpose to the universe. And as an atheist, that notion comes from something much more meaningful than any religion can go and is another impossible paradox to feel.

If everyone could feel this way then maybe peace in the world could be possible, but two people feeling this way is does make their world seem amazing and wondrous.

Queensrÿche – Silent Lucidity Lyrics 7 years ago
@[KresentPhresh:35] Essentially that is true, but not always. I have experienced lucid dreaming in several forms and in most you can control it, but in others you can't.

To further explain what I mean I will share the one case that I have experienced where I had no control over it and what a hell the experience was.
I do not remember much more than the events themselves but they are the important bits too.
To put it short, in my dream I was fighting someone (don't remember who) overlooking some the sea in some ruins. I was actually losing in the beginning before I entered the state of lucid dreaming and realized that I was dreaming.
As you would expect, I did take control at first and right before I woke I actually held that person down with a knife to their throat. Seeing the situation for what it was, I was actually about to end it, but I couldn't. I am in no way programmed to kill, even in self defense, so I dropped the knife, began to cry (in my dream) just watching as this other person picked up the knife and came at me.
Knowing it was a dream didn't matter much at this point, that the person I was fighting wasn't real didn't matter either.
In the end I was killed and woke up in what has so far been the worst nightmare in my life. I was traumatized by my own self and was crying for a long time after that. Even to this day, thinking about it, I still end up feeling just as I did then and do not understand just what happened.

But it is true that lucid dreaming do (I believe) in most cases just bring about the chance to create a sort of personal paradise or a chance to live a life as you want to. It's the times that your own personality, throughts, morals and ethics fail you that you end up in the nightmares.

Staind – Believe Lyrics 7 years ago
I can relate to that, but at a different angle.
I have a girl that I am effectively head over heels in love with. It even seemed like we where going to make it for a long time as we just kept getting closer and closer, but I moved away for one semester and things where different for her when I came back.
She hadn't been ready to commit to me when we where near one another, and I had hoped she was when I got back, and she was, but not to me.

I have however not given up on her and she knows this. She knows that I really care for her still, and that I never stopped caring for her while I was away. While I won't interrupt her present relationship, I won't stop being the guy she said she got feelings for, the guy that showed his true self for the first time in a long long time and she didn't run away from me like so many has, she embraced me.

She is going to get to know that guy again, and thus, I want her to believe in me. I want my chance because I believe that we can't just be good for one another, we can be great for one another.

Jon Mclaughlin – We All Need Saving Lyrics 7 years ago
I think its a bit deeper than that though. You are half right however I think that the person in question in this context is closer to a lover than anything else. But that may be just me seeing it that way simply because I am having trouble with someone I love now, simply being unable to be as near them as I wish to be with all my heart. And I can't really talk to them about it either since she is with someone else. Its rather complicated as said.

My Darkest Days – Can't Forget You Lyrics 8 years ago
To me this song is about someone who is still in love with someone who has left their life and is missing them and feeling that it's unbearable to be without them. They don't want to regret being with this person because she (seeing it from my perspective) brought so much into his life.

Won't disagree that this interpretation could be colored with my current situation where I am torn between a journey that I have been preparing for over a year now and then this wonderful new person comes into my life and I really don't want to leave her despite there not being anything special between us. Its also a fear of loosing her that adds to that feeling.

Avantasia – Runaway Train Lyrics 8 years ago
No disrespect, but I can't relate to that at all. I'll admit that a couple of lines could be used to reference heroine easily (use of words like white and snow generally) but thats just a small part of the song as a whole.

I see the song more of as someone who has to make a choice and wondering which one to take, the paths being living in a world of illusions or accepting that reality isn't just sweet but also a bitter fact of life.

Radical Face – Ghost Towns Lyrics 8 years ago
The song seems to reflect on a lot of subjects. On his (the artists) site he says its about family (the album as a whole) but its a bit about his own, as well as some fiction in there.

But as some have pointed out, it also seems to reflect on past relationships and how someone is trying to move on but still think of that special person. For me this is the feeling i got from the song and can relate the most to, but i can also see it as just being about a journey and about experiences in general and how the person reflects on those and wished they had done some things different.

Poets Of The Fall – Carnival of Rust Lyrics 8 years ago
While i will admit to the possibility, i still doubt it. The fact that the rest of the song speaks in such riddles, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense for that one line to be so literal.

For that reason i am more inclined to believe that its about a relationship gone wrong, but at the same time i will also concede to the possibility that i am also just a subjective when it comes to what the actual meaning is behind this song as i can really relate to how the fortune teller feels.

Ryan Star – Brand New Day Lyrics 9 years ago
I think its a great song. What its about, well i choose to think that its mostly about moving on and keep going strong, not looking back and letting past events drag you down.
The twist for my part is that i managed to upset someone i cared greatly for not long ago and since then we have against my wishes just drifted apart despite my great efforts at actually try to reconcile us.
I will always miss her as one of the more important pieces of the puzzle to my heart, but i will move on.

The twist i was mentioning was that the show was something she introduced me to and thus found the song.

Rihanna – Diamonds Lyrics 9 years ago
Surprised that none have commented on the content of the song itself. Its a pretty obvious interpretation of course about love and how someone felt when they met someone they felt an attraction too.

Personally i have felt exactly as what the song tells. I met that special someone that really does shine like like a star. She even shone so bright that i initially was a bit blinded, but over that first night i adjusted and i had one of the best nights ever.

Right now i am in a rather dark place with myself because things over time got out of hand and its pretty messed up between us and i don't know how to fix things between us or even if they can be fixed but listening to this song cheers me up because it reminds me of the happy times we had together before this mess started and the passion and the fun we shared.

Shinedown – Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom) Lyrics 9 years ago
could also be that he sees everything as in how the diamond refracts light and also splits angles

Five for Fighting – I Just Love You Lyrics 9 years ago
My thoughts go in similar patterns. But what makes me think the most is how that line when he mentions that its his 4 year old daughter he is speaking to.

Until that point it could be a romantic song between two lovers who are just apart.
But i fail to see where its a song about him trying to leave. He leaves yes, but he leaves his heart with her which tells us that he hates leaving because he loves her, not that he is trying to get away but doesn't follow through when realizing his mistake.

Poets Of The Fall – Carnival of Rust Lyrics 9 years ago
Just heard this song yesterday and i have to say that this song is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Its simply awesome!

Nightwish – The Crow, The Owl And The Dove Lyrics 10 years ago
My favorite song from their new album i think. :D

Placebo – Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush cover) Lyrics 10 years ago
Dunno how it is in the OC, but in Warehouse 13 it fits beautifully

Placebo – Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush cover) Lyrics 10 years ago
From how i read it, its not the singer whos dying, but the lover. Swapping places to steal the spotlight so that they won't die, but as we all know, under normal circumstances, the dying always get the spotlight due to their situation.
In this case being the star is the bad end of the deal, but the best side to be if you don't want the one most precious to you to die.

Gary Moore – Over The Hills And Far Away Lyrics 10 years ago
i like it too, but after hearing the original i gotta say that its 10x better, and i consider myself quite the nightwish fan

Red – Pieces Lyrics 10 years ago
Oh come on, how can it NOT be about good old Severus :p

Red – Pieces Lyrics 10 years ago
Last i checked, my sister married a guy and they have been mending each others lives pretty well only becoming more close and more complete every time i see them.
But i expect nothing other from a christian, and just to make it clear why i brand things just like that, its because all modern religions can be traced back through norse, greek, egyptian, a bunch of middle-eastern religions and eastern religions to what chistians branded as witchcraft back in the days, paganism which is the first religion that worshiped nature as it was. Anything past that is just a another twist in a long tall tale.

In Flames – Liberation Lyrics 10 years ago
I also have to say i think there is an error in the text

The 4th line: "Doesn't mean the world will fall into place"

i think its supposed to be: "Doesn't mean the world will evolve into place"

In Flames – Liberation Lyrics 10 years ago
Since i heard Only for the weak which was the first time i heard In Flames at all i knew i had found a group where i could expect great music from. since then i have only found more and more and the album Sounds of a playground fading sort of becomes the pinnacle of their music so far in my eyes. The three songs i like the best is the song with the same name as the album, where the dead ships dwell and lastly Liberation.

As far as what i think this song is about, i'm not really sure, but it sounds as if its someone who has been through a rough time with someone they loved. Their loved one has caused them alot of pain and he has had to take the brunt of that pain, but now he has found out how to break them down and take them away from that pain. Its a song of hope basically.

In Flames – Jester's Door Lyrics 10 years ago
While i would contest the "permanent" bit, i'd agree with everything else you say. It does sum up how it has been to be in a successful band going from "nothing" to everything and now having to leave it (at least for a while) to deal with his problems.

I don't think he is gone for good as he himself said that he could never be done with music, and while he left the band, nothing suggest he wouldn't one day return to them as he is the founder of it after all.

Nelly – Just a Dream Lyrics 11 years ago
Best way to make him aware of this is to tell him. I dunno what your husband isn't doing, but often a marriage is a mixture of two people trying to communicate in two different ways and can't see that the other person is actually trying. If this is the case then talking together is the only thing that will work. Its important to think that even in love, us men are a bit materialistic and tend to show it. We are basically about what is there, not about spoken words so much and putting our feelings into words. Its this difference that is the background for the saying women are from venus and men are from mars, its such a different way of thinking that we mind as well be on separate planets.

However if this isn't the case with you (as you are married you managed to communicate right at some point after all) might wanna let him know how you feel and tell him how you feel your marriage is heading. Unless he actually feel its heading the same way and doesn't feel to do anything about it (which i hope it isn't) then he will simply ask you to tell him what you want him to do. This isn't the idea either, but its a start, it will show you atleast that he doesn't want it to end.

Metallica – Low Man's Lyric Lyrics 11 years ago
All i know is that i am not a metallica fan, far from it, but there is a handful of songs i like and i can safely say this is the best of them, it simply strikes a tone with me and i can relate to alot of what sort of feelings are being expressed, but also to parts of the text.

Pendulum – Encoder Lyrics 11 years ago
i actually liked the beginning better :p

But in any case AWESOME song ^^

Takida – Curly Sue Lyrics 11 years ago
Well if i am to be honest, the text actually reflects me.

I have been depressed and all kinds of shit but its strange how meeting that one special love in ones life can just overturn all of the sadness one is facing.
They simply become the guiding light to a path where one can reclaim ones happiness and build a better future for oneself.

Metallica – The Unforgiven II Lyrics 11 years ago
pretty easy to get why actually. Girls love intimacy and the song's got that in the buckets. Also its the sticking through thick and thin aspect which appeals to them.

Semisonic – I Wish Lyrics 11 years ago
not my favorite but its a good song. For me its the lines:

"I wish I could be more like someone you wish that I could be"
"If I could only be somebody else I wouldn't be myself"

that really gives points. Its the part i can relate the most to as its something i have felt pretty much since i was a kid and up to present day.

Red – Already Over Lyrics 11 years ago
On a personal level i can relate to the song but for the opposite reasons of what many speak of here. To me it was running towards the thing many call "God" that caused me to lose everything. Once i learned to stand alone on my two feet surrounded by a wall of friends without any divine intervention, thats when it was over for me. Running to my friends is when i found it was already over.

Julian Plenti – Only If You Run Lyrics 11 years ago
Well to make a comparison.

When my sister gave birth to her first child she went into a birth depression. The first doctor she met (a female i might add) wanted to put her on pills right away. My sister being the type she is flat out refused of course and wanted a second opinion. The second doctor she went to (a dude i might add) told her that it was pretty normal, and while she may have been a little depressed (which is pretty common in my family, but never anything serious really, just taking to much to bloody serious all the time) all he recommended was that she came in to have a few talks with him over a small period and take it from there. That was about 2 months or so ago and she had her last session not long ago. All she has left is the checkup appointment a few months from now, but she manages just fine.

Basically, we all have our daily issues that we need to cope with. Just because some prove to hard to deal with on the spot doesn't mean we have to start hopping drugs to keep us sane, personally i think most people take to many as it is.

HammerFall – Last Man Standing Lyrics 11 years ago
Third verse isn't quite right though.

Glorious, noble in my mind
Everything you fight to win
Taking all and giving whatever my pride will let me
Not backing down, no giving in
I wouldn't lose, I couldn't

On the third line its:
Taking all and giving whatever my pride WOULD let me

Blind Guardian – Theatre Of Pain Lyrics 11 years ago
thats the only interpretation that actually make sense of the ones mentioned. From what i have heard blind guardian are quite fond of using fantasy books as reference material.

Lenka – Trouble Is a Friend Lyrics 12 years ago
couldn't agree more. the radio remix they play when i'm driving my routes (i'm a bus driver) is just awesome.

Crash Test Dummies – Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Lyrics 12 years ago
actually, that idea does seem valid. I mean when we are talking about traumatic incidents and how kids are affected, then one being in a car accident and the other having been through a beating would actually relate to each other as traumatic incidents.

But what gets me thinking is that the first and second kid does at least get some attention of some sorts from their parents and their parents are relatively normal other than that, but the last kid doesn't get that because his parents are giving it to something else (or something like that, i haven't made perfect sense of that yet)

Moby – Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? Lyrics 12 years ago
I think he has done something pretty amazing here. The words while captivating in themselves, aren't the focal point. its the melody which propels the song forward and at the same time say what the words cannot.

In an odd way it reminds me of Crash Test Dummies - Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm. They have sort of a complete reverse take on the song itself having the lyrics change but the melody remain the same.

Nightwish – Planet Hell Lyrics 12 years ago
Not entirely correct.

The pennies was for one placed on the eyes.
Secondly, anyone seeking passage to the underworld would get it, those without coins however would find that they had to wait a full year before their passage was granted.

Nickelback – If Today Was Your Last Day? Lyrics 12 years ago
I didn't think it until you mentioned it. But yes it does sound a LOT like that.

Blind Guardian – Harvest Of Sorrow Lyrics 12 years ago
One of my favorite songs and while it is made for The silmarilion, i still think it can have several meanings beyond that.

Blind Guardian – Carry The Blessed Home Lyrics 12 years ago
Great song (odd that no one has mentioned that yet)

HammerFall – Dreams Come True Lyrics 12 years ago
Can't believe no one hasn't commented on this song yet, it is just among their best songs.

Its about love and overcoming everything that stands in the way of two lovers.

Semisonic – Act Naturally Lyrics 12 years ago
My idea is that this is about two lovers who are at that uncertain area of a relationship. They are not quite committed to each other yet but they aren't just friends anymore either.

This is about one part wanting to sort out his confusion about her before they make it public knowledge.
He asks her to accept this until he can get his head straight even though its pretty obvious that he isn't confused about his feelings about her, he just expected it to be more complicated than it has to be.

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