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Bruce Springsteen – Meeting Across the River Lyrics 16 years ago
simlest lyrics in the world, and yet this song still manages to be incredibly haunting. I think it's about standing at the edge of the ocean, metaphorically speaking, and having one last "last resort" to try and save your sorry neck before your whole life just slips away into oblivion. Something about the muted trumpet in this just sounds like someone's last threads of hope stretching thin and snapping, one by one...

Bruce Springsteen – Thunder Road Lyrics 16 years ago
"You can hide `neath your covers and study your pain
Make crosses from your lovers, throw roses in the rain
Waste your summer praying in vain
For a saviour to rise from these streets..."

That is some kind of scary-good songwriting. perfect soundtrack for those summer nights when you cant sleep and theres nothing else to do but get in the car and waste some gasoline... If listening to it doesnt make you feel a little haunted at times like that, must not have grown up in America. Or grown up anywhere at all!

Bruce Springsteen – Streets of Fire Lyrics 16 years ago
i bought this album completely on a whim when i was an exchange student. i was wandering around in Vienna and feeling pissed off and lonely, so to pass the time i opened the case, read the lyrics of this song and thought "huh, look at that- it's that last 6 months of my life recorded in detail on an album that came out 5 years before i was born. funky." i've adored it ever since, for the melody as well as the words.

Joan Osborne – St. Teresa Lyrics 16 years ago
Love this song. Does anyone have any idea who St Teresa is and what she has to do with anything??

Queen – Another One Bites The Dust Lyrics 17 years ago
i concur with arcadian. if he doesnt yell "im adopted" then what the heck IS that line!!? the pot argument back there is the most hilarious thing ive heard since that monty python skit about "how to avoid being seen", so keep it up, yall!

T. Rex – 20th Century Boy Lyrics 17 years ago
dunno. i always thought they said "walk like a cat, talk like a rat, sting like a bee..." and "every body says its just like robin hood" at some point, but then again i too have been known for having, um, very original song lyric interpretations.

Iggy Pop – The Passenger Lyrics 17 years ago
i end up humming this song to myself whenever im on a train or subway at some horrible hour of the morning and dead tired but enjoying the trip anyway. love it.

Iggy Pop – Lust For Life Lyrics 17 years ago
yeah, i heard that Jet song, and was just about to thank god that someone had written something GOOD during my lifetime, but then i realized, ummm no, that would be an iggy pop bassline and everything BUT the siiiighhhh.

David Bowie – The Jean Genie Lyrics 17 years ago
hmm can sorta see how this would fit iggy pop, then again it could just be the product of some really fascinating drugs. love it anyway, killer suggestive bassline!

Queen – Somebody To Love Lyrics 17 years ago
this is my ANTHEM! i am sweet sixteen and have never so much as been kissed. if things go on like this for much longer, i think i'll end up standing in the middle of a downtown intersection at rush hour and howling this song at the top of my lungs...

Queen – Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy Lyrics 17 years ago
three cheers and amen to what everyone else said! this has gotta be one of the only songs in the world that manages to be adorable and WICKED SEXY at the same time. Brilliant!

Queen – Fat Bottomed Girls Lyrics 17 years ago
in 8th grade my friends and i wanted to form a biker-chick gang and have the title of this song emblazoned on black leather jackets for our uniform. still waiting on that one, but you never know... kickass song!

Roxy Music – Virginia Plain Lyrics 17 years ago
well put, that bit about the guitar solo. i dont care, i love this song unconditionally.

Sweet – Ballroom Blitz Lyrics 17 years ago
this song is excellent. good for summer days with open roads and really junky cars whose speakers you are free to demolish...

Falco – Rock Me Amadeus Lyrics 17 years ago
i agree that herr komissar is better, but this song is still great! helden von heute and brilliantin' und brutal are also awesome.

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