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Dinosaur Jr. – The Wagon Lyrics 10 years ago
i interpret this like you`re in love and you want someone, but she wont, and then you ask yourself, what is it that she wanna find?, like, why are you hesitating im right here yo!

this song is pretty straight forward to me, but i dont what mascis thought of when he wrote this of course. anyway, this is such a great song with a great tempo, dynamic and riff, makes me wanna rock out all my sad feelings

Hüsker Dü – These Important Years Lyrics 12 years ago
your life is NOW, and it can be as good as you want it to be with a little effort.

Pixies – Levitate Me Lyrics 13 years ago
i`ve read or heard somewhere that frank black once went to a christian summer-camp or something like that and one of the "teachers" told him; come on pilgrim, you know he loves you.

I saw the pixies at roskilde2004, it was,,,,, aweSomE. ill never forget it, they rock sooo hard..

river euphrates and the holiday song is my favs:)
keep it real pixies fans

Sonic Youth – Schizophrenia Lyrics 13 years ago
well, im not good at this but i know this song`s about schizophrenia. "she was laughing like crazy at the troubles im in", thats a wellknown sign of schizophrenia, that the person with this disease cant control themelves in a serious situation and starts laughing. the section with my future is static is the schizos thoughts.

had a dream and it split the scene can also mean that she was talking about something and then suddenly changed cause she had another strong thought (or voice) inside her head that made her totally change the conversation.

i think it`s a really great song,and i love the guitar riffs at the end sounds really insane or freaky...

people with this disease can also be very paranoid, they may think other people are here to hunt them, or often also they belive they are jesus or something weird other poeples dont understand. they belive in it so strong they start to act different.
often with voices inside their head kinda "telling them what to do"

i`ve read alot about this cause i thought i was insane, but i found out i just smoked too much hasjis and went too paranoid. l8r skater

Pixies – Letter To Memphis Lyrics 14 years ago
Here are some thoughts;
You feel lucky when you try to reach something, because your are convinced that you`re gonna get it, but when you get there it`s not what you`ve thought, at least it`s not so good you thought it was gonna be. i saw the pixies live! yes yes yes yes

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