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Matt Pond – Starlet Lyrics 4 years ago
Sounds like he's leaving a relationship because the two don't work as a couple. She doesn't understand him, and they're just going through the motions.

Young Love – Don't Fight It Lyrics 9 years ago

Fleetwood Mac – World Turning Lyrics 10 years ago
Maybe you're listening to a different song...

Vampire Weekend – Ottoman Lyrics 10 years ago
I know a lot of this is off, but any corrections I'd be happy to hear! Thnaks

Steve Poltz – Tied Down Lyrics 10 years ago
Dating a girl who is cheating on him, so he murders her.

In a concert Steve said this song, oddly is a favorite of women...

Jimmy Eat World – Be Sensible Lyrics 11 years ago
thank ya muchly
great song.
is it not going to be on the album? unless it's under another name, i don't see it on any track listings

Motion City Soundtrack – Antonia Lyrics 11 years ago
schneeber, i thought of that, but it didn't sound it to me. i could be wrong though.

Motion City Soundtrack – Hello Helicopter Lyrics 11 years ago
i had it listed as damn/fuck before. was just taking a wild guess from the lousy censored mtv rip.
good song though.

Motion City Soundtrack – Last Night Lyrics 11 years ago

this is a great song, and stands out a lot to me on the album. addicting song; sad lyrics

OK Go – The House Wins Lyrics 12 years ago
sorry it took me awhile to get back to this, but thank you very much Misseverus for helping me out with the spots i missed

this is a very nice song to end the album with.

Jack Johnson – We're Going to Be Friends (White Stripes cover) Lyrics 12 years ago
The White Stripes' version is a slower, peaceful tune also...

but I can understand your not liking of Jack White's voice, even though I am a fan :)
this is a very nice cover though, and a cute song

No Doubt – Love to Love You Baby Lyrics 12 years ago
Donna Summer cover on the Zoolander soundtrack.

Snow Patrol – Make This Go On Forever Lyrics 13 years ago
thanks much for the corrections! i appreciate it

and i think currently, this song is my favorite off the new album. just has a very neat sound

Angels and Airwaves – The Adventure Lyrics 13 years ago
the version in the video is the same version of the song that's already been posted..
this version is a little more correct, but i don't see why it was submitted again...

Lemon Demon – The Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny Lyrics 13 years ago
damn catchy song!

(+44) – No It Isn't Lyrics 13 years ago
How did Tom and Travis not tell Mark about BCR when Mark sang a song on it?

oh yeah, and instead of:
And four indressing moves

i believe it's:
And for interesting moods

(+44) – No It Isn't Lyrics 13 years ago
of course its going to seem like it's Tom's fault, if you're only hearing Mark's "side of the story" (that is, if you think this song is directed at Tom). Both guys are going to have their own interpretations of it!
Read through Tom's most recent interview (from about a month ago, i believe) with and you can read his side of this whole thing.
I don't think Tom thinks that Blink's music is meaningless or wasted or anything, I do think he feels betrayed though. Kind of like how Mark felt betrayed with BCR...except now mark seems like he's being a dickweed about the whole situation. from what i've read, Mark and Travis didn't even tell tom about Plus44, he had to hear about it from the press. that's kind of a lame thing to do to someone you consider to be your [best] friend.

(+44) – No It Isn't Lyrics 13 years ago
_IF_ mark's song is about tom, that's very harsh. i wouldn't even say that to anyone! especially someone who used to be a best friend, no matter what happened between us (and i do have experience in that)
"this isn't just goodbye; this is "i can't stand you"". very ouch.

and i think it was a little mean (and immature) to release the plus 44 song the same day tom had been planning to release his stuff for over a month. i mean, its an awesome song, but they coulda released it a different time
someone is being shitty and they could at least be mature and not make it into this huge thing and cause a bigger rift between the two (or three). i hope they're better than that

I love blink, and the guys, and what they do, but someone needs to grow the fuck up!
I'm sorry, I'm just venting.

(+44) – No It Isn't Lyrics 13 years ago
This is called "No It Isn't", I believe.
and as for meaning, I don't think its about Tom. and i don't really want to think it is either.
I think everyone is going to interpret their [mark and tom's] new songs to be about each other, and maybe some of them will be, but this one is just so cold. i just want them to be friends again!
truly awesome song though

The White Stripes – The Denial Twist Lyrics 13 years ago
White Stripes did an awesome performance of this song on Daily Show last week :-p

Refill – "Falling" Lyrics 13 years ago
This is the only song I've heard from this band. Reminded me alot of Gin Blossoms

OK Go – The House Wins Lyrics 13 years ago
if anyone can help with the few parts i couldn't get quite right, it would be appreciated :)

OK Go – A Million Ways Lyrics 13 years ago
thanks foldsbaldwin! i learned something new

The All-American Rejects – Dance Inside Lyrics 13 years ago
the "ooh ooh, ahh" part sounds like singing to me
i like the acoustic guitar in this song. very nice

Mandy Moore – Adelaide's Lament Lyrics 13 years ago
song from 'Guys and Dolls' that Mandy performed on some show for Bravo some years ago.
the girl has a powerful voice

Coldplay – Til Kingdom Come Lyrics 13 years ago
the lyrics look pretty right to me...
though this song is already posted

Coldplay – Square One Lyrics 13 years ago
underneath the surface, trying to break through
deciphering the codes in you
i need a compass, draw me a map
i'm on the top, i can't get back

Foo Fighters – Best Of You Lyrics 13 years ago
damn, the video for this song is awesome!
dave grohl kicks ass and he's so frickin' talented.
i love it

Weezer – Souvenirs, Novelties, and Party Tricks Lyrics 13 years ago
wow. weird song. very weird.
it got me laughing though
it sounds like rivers to me, just with a funky accent.

Weezer – Purification of Water Lyrics 13 years ago
i like this song, i just wish it had better quality

Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Girl Lyrics 13 years ago she got in a writer's block while making this album.
and by reading lyrics like this, it sounds like she never got out of that writer's block...
come on, "this shit is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s"?? what the fuck is that?!
i'm sorry, i used to love gwen, but she has gotten too "TRL" and thats sad. i agree, what happen to the "i'm just a girl" girl?
she used to write such meaningful songs. now its just "this shit is bananas" and "do me fast in your car".
sure, some songs are catchy, but gwen didn't used to write songs just to be catchy...she wrote heartfelt and meaningful songs.
you'd expect shit like this from someone like britney spears, but not gwen stefani. she was above that.
and sorry if all you TRL-ers don't agree with me, but i am entitled to my opinion just as much as you.
have a nice day

Weezer – This Is Such A Pity Lyrics 13 years ago
this song sounds very 80s to me
i am liking the new album, though there are a couple songs on there i don't really like. but this isn't one of those songs

Blink-182 – What's My Age Again? Lyrics 14 years ago
okay, you know what? you go listen to your metallica and van halen, and those of us who like blink will listen to blink.
personally, i think metallica sucks...but i\'m not going to go over to their message boards to trash them. some people need lives..

Jimmy Eat World – The Concept Lyrics 14 years ago
where do you find this song?

Garbage – Bleed Like Me Lyrics 14 years ago
i thought that too..but lyric book says "chrissie", so i went with that

Nerf Herder – Hotel California Lyrics 14 years ago
ha, i did too.
but i'm liking this song

Garbage – Run Baby Run Lyrics 14 years ago
i just got hooked on this song.
i think i might have to go get their cd when it comes out tomorrow, if only for this song.

Blink-182 – When You Fucked Grandpa Lyrics 14 years ago
i remember when i was playing this album for my brother, and this song started out with the quiet guitar. my brother goes, "oh, this is really sweet"
and then he heard the first line....."what the fuck?"

Blink-182 – A Letter to Elise (The Cure cover) Lyrics 14 years ago
i love that they took this song and they didn't make it sound exactly like the cure's version...they sang it in their own style, but still kept true to the original.
awesome version and awesome song

Blink-182 – Hope (Descendents cover) Lyrics 14 years ago
yeah, YOCOXY has it right
but does anyone know if this was officially released anywhere? i have a studio version, as far as i know. it sounds too good to be a radio version

Beck – E-Pro Lyrics 14 years ago

i googled it and it brought up some weird forum, but at least i found the video in full! about 13MB

Box Car Racer – Mandy Lyrics 14 years ago
i'm not a fan of Barry Manilow, and when i heard BCR did a live cover of this song i thought it would suck
but i downloaded it anyway and it was very nifty! but i still don't like Barry Manilow

Blink-182 – What's My Age Again? Lyrics 14 years ago
people, it says "please stay with me"
he's not talking about any chick named Wendy...he never dated her, so why would she have to stay? i don't know if that makes sense.
but yeah, good song, even though it got played WAY too much
mahna mahna

Philmore – In My Boat Lyrics 14 years ago
i don't think there's any deeper meaning than that of...he likes his boat..

Steve Burns – What I Do On a Saturday Lyrics 14 years ago
"I'm just a boring example of everybody else"

i like that describes me well, i think

The Impossibles – Frances Lyrics 14 years ago
i like the line "i just can't *bear* to give you my heart"...its just so cheesy, but cute

nobody comments on the impossibles anymore :(

The Impossibles – So Much Lyrics 14 years ago
it'd be awesome if they got back together...but i don't see that happening :(

Good Charlotte – Story Of My Life Lyrics 14 years ago
this song reminds me of All the Small Things (Blink 182)...the verses have the same tune

Blink-182 – When You Fucked Grandpa Lyrics 14 years ago
such a sweet song

just kidding. but its still funny. i love blink

Beck – E-Pro Lyrics 14 years ago
i heard this song when i saw the music video yesterday. nifty song, and awesomee video-very weird
no idea what the song means though
i haven't llstened to Beck in awhile, but this song takes me back

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