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Blue October – Hate Me Lyrics 12 years ago
I'm 18 & pregnant. I heard this song for the first time just a few minutes ago, & the first thing I thought about was my baby's father. There were times we had a wonderful relationship. He had a bad coke addiction & actually did thank me when he cleaned up because he said I had helped him a lot. However, he left me shortly after I became pregnant. We now live far apart (him in Texas, me in Georgia). I've realized he has too many personal demons & no matter how hard I try to help him, I can't change him. I've had to train myself not to love him anymore.

This song sounds exactly like a letter I can picture him writing to me. The song breaks my heart, but it's wonderful.

Wolf Parade – Dinner Bells Lyrics 13 years ago
This is the song that got me hooked on Wolf Parade.

Despite whatever it's supposed to be about, I've always related it to my estranged relationship with my mom. Something about it just really makes me think of her & everything we've been through.

Anyway, it's a beautiful song.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – BBF3 Lyrics 14 years ago
if you like them, listen to the burning paris.

Death Cab for Cutie – Steadier Footing Lyrics 14 years ago
i have a friend name tyler & we were very close for 2yrs & always talked of being something more. we ended up having a falling out. the other night, we hung out for the first time in so long. you could feel the tension & the wanting to be together, but instead we just went outside to smoke & talk about trivial things. i spent the night & when he took me home the next morning, he played this song.

it's definitely pulls at the heart strings.

mewithoutYou – Leaf Lyrics 14 years ago
i agree with darkershade.
i absolutely love the second verse.

i've been impressed with mwy's new album.

Snow Patrol – Run Lyrics 14 years ago
personally, this makes me think of a long distance relationship. whether it's intended to or not.

i live in georgia, but i spend a lot of time in texas. i met this amazing boy, & he introduced me to snow patrol by playing this song. so now, when i hear it, i just relate all the words to the situation.

either way, this is an amazing song.

Arab on Radar – My Mind Is A Muffler Lyrics 14 years ago
"my lymph nodes are swollen laughter."
one of my favorite lines, ever.

Patrick Wolf – Paris Lyrics 14 years ago
"it's all in the palm of your hands."
when he performs, he throws his palm up while he sings this part. it's great, really.

this is one of my favorite songs by him.

Patrick Wolf – A Boy Like Me Lyrics 14 years ago
"Alienation and teen misery are not rare commodities in music, but Wolf throws up such provocative contrasts ('I want total chaos/ And a holiday home in the east') that his naivete often seems acknowledged-- possibly even a put-on-- just another undercurrent in the clever, serpentine narratives that guide us through this densely self-aware work."

yeah, he is simply amazing.

Patrick Wolf – Bloodbeat Lyrics 14 years ago
the first song i ever heard by patrick wolf.
i've been insanely in love with him ever since.

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