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Interpol – No I in Threesome Lyrics 11 years ago
I actually think it's "Through the storms and the light...".

It would make more sense, basically a more poetic version of saying "Through the bad times and good..."

Modest Mouse – All Night Diner Lyrics 13 years ago
omfg, i used to think he said "A guy sits down next to me, he's licking hairy apeballs.."

not trying to be funny either i started crackin up when i first heard the song.

MM forever (im not emo, but i aint musicist)

Musicist: rascist against music

Modest Mouse – Grey Ice Water Lyrics 13 years ago
Yeah i pretty much it was about the lover's background. But at the end i thought he repeated, "On the Artic Glass" (ice)...

maybe its just me???

btw, what is Brock's obsession with ice, antaractica and alaska? (moon and antarctica: Cold Part| Building nothing: Artic Sounds, Grey Ice Water)

Snow Patrol – Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking Lyrics 13 years ago
I never thought about blood dripping from fingertips, i took it literally. But think about this, it could be from God's perspective and some lines from Gary's perspective. "I could do most anything to you", is almost like God stating he could end your life then and there. The lines Gary sings 1, 4, 6, 10 on the lyrics are from his perspective. He's stating how life is so fast, and that time is so fast that if you blink you could miss a death, a marriage, or birth. "You Can't Leave, You Can't Leave," brought me back to Modest Mouse's "Exit does not exist," relating to how you can only leave when you die (unless you commit suicide) and how even when you die you are stuck in heaven/hell/purgatory/promiseland/canaan or wtf ever you believe in. "Doors Slam Shut" might be talking about how once you make a decision in life there is no turning back or maybe he is talking about when he is dead and the gates of heaven/hell slam behind him. "Every Second Dripping of My Fingertips," talking about that no matter what you are doing you are wasting time.

You should read lyrics for Modest Mouse's "Think Long" it states that:

If you waste life you are wasting life and you are gonna die,
But if you think, and do your best, your still gonna die anyways.

Kinda makes you think, eh?

Creepy how that no matter what you do your still gonna fucking die.

Snow Patrol – Spitting Games Lyrics 13 years ago
"i thought the floodgates meaning was that he gave up on that girl, but then any girl who talked to him he fell in love with

but yeh your meaning makes a lot more sense"

posted by some kid, but this describes my situation, im in love with this girl, and shes going out with my best friend, so i hang out with her friends and i just gave up with her, but it seems every single one of her friends that i talk to i am in love with.

Also this reminds me completely about obsession, and holdng back emotions.

"But after that the floodgates opened up
And i fell in love with everyone i saw
Please take your time im not in any rush
And its in everything i ever write"

Reminds me of me, I write poems/songs about her, and she isn't in any rush to break up with her boyfriend, also, the floodgates thing reminds me of falling in love with everyone you talk to (as typed before)

Spittings games i think means like kissing, think about making out... makes a lot of sense doesn't it???

Dragon1629 OUT, BIATCH!

Modest Mouse – Novocain Stain Lyrics 13 years ago
It's about how humans are ruining shit, (I.E.: nature, animals, cities, towns, countryside).

Isaac is from Washington, which, i am not sure (never been there) but i know there is a BIG shitload of a difference between Isaaquah and Seattle, Isaaquah = countryside, forests, wild animals.
Seattle = City, christmas trees and mascots.
So i think Isaac is basically stating that the whole world is being turned to shit due to corporate america or government, or just plain people.

Isaac hates assholes like Cowboy Dan (he describes him in the song).

This has been a public announcement by (CENSORED).

Modest Mouse – She Ionizes and Atomizes Lyrics 13 years ago
I think it means, the guy loves the girl very much, she is like sunlight, like the others stated. And like another person who's name i forgot said, is that She was sunlight and the new girl he is going out with is just not sunlight, she is artificial. So as he is in the relationship he realizes all he wants is sunshine (the real girl).

"Flourescent Lightbulbs will make an absence of dark, but the light just aint there still..." means that the fake girl will take away the feeling of loneliness and sadness.

"I'm feeling empty,
The real lights can make you heavy but,
Never ever really empty...
Flourescent lights will always equal empty" means that the girl who he really liks is empty and she realizes his position, that she made his heart heavy (filled with love and care), and that she could never make him mad or sad and that fake girls like the one he is with is fake.

basically the metaphor is

Flourscent lights:: fake girl
Sunlight/real lights:: real girl

the comparison to light is very beautiful in my opinion cause when you stay inside on a gloomy day with no lights you can't help but feel sad and lonely, no matter how many people are there...

Modest Mouse – Jesus Christ Was an Only Child Lyrics 14 years ago
Just to let you know, If he knew nothing about what was going to happen before it happened, and he knows now what he knew then, he knows nothing...

hope thats not confusing...

Modest Mouse – Teeth Like God's Shoeshine Lyrics 14 years ago
I found out what this song means on the way to my dad's friends house, it is all about money and how people think of it and use it. At the beginning its talking about how much money there is in the world (the top of the ocean bottom of the sky part) and when he is talking about "And he said, I am not allowed much danger" it is probably talking about gambling, because his wife and his mom or something doesn't want him putting his life down the drain. and also in that entire stanza he is talking about the downfall and how he loses all his money.

The "Oh! if you could compact your conscience!" is about selling off anything just for a few extra bucks, cause think, if you didn't have any money and you were an excessive gambler, the first thing you'd need is some money.

Then in the next line with the television's gone and the grocery store part it is talking about losing everything and only buying off friends, not really making them.

When it starts up in the chorus: "Here's the man with teeth like god's shoeshine..." he is either talking in third person about the himself or about a salesman or the dealer at the card table. "Let's all have another orange julius" --- I don't know what an orange julius is but i am 99% sure its a drink ;-).
"Thick syrup standing in lines" --- They are melting apart.

Then when it gets faster it starts talking about going around town. He is talking about stealing money or asking people for money. And then Isaac starts talking about money as himself. "Or you can add it up and give a shit give a shit!" he is talking about adding up your money and caring about how much you have, I mean if it's enough to get by then it's worth something.

(Also: "You should be ashamed to be so proud of what you done" --- About wasting all the money and being proud of it because you won some on the way down,)

"I wouldn't call that the best of it! Best of it!" --- Meaning that you shouldn't think that money is the best life has to offer.

"All along... and it's all gone!" --- Talking about thinking that all along money was what life's about and then realizing it's all gone, basically putting you in a fucked situation.

"And the telephone goes off......" when this part kicks in i think it is either talking about a telemarketer or maybe a friend/girlfriend.

"But not no one,
Not now,
Not ever
------ is definitely talking about how no one will ever help him, how he fucked his life up and how he must unfuck it.

Hope that wasn't confusing, but basically this song is just about Money and it's use by certain people, (Gamblers, druggies, alcholics)

Modest Mouse – Beach Side Property Lyrics 14 years ago
Anyone ever think of "A message on the forehead of god, sent sealed and signed by the saints who sang this song..." is a way of showing us that even the angels and saints are greedy son's of bitchs? "We'll buy the congregation then one day you'll see us sittin' in your chair with big ideas of stocks and share," I think it could represent the saints and angels joining Lucifer in hell, scoffing at god's attempts to help us.

Either that or its symbology to us, God being the government/corporation and we are the saints and angels, trying to over throw the business

Modest Mouse – Teeth Like God's Shoeshine Lyrics 14 years ago
I think this song is about this song is about greedy power hungry american corporates. Don't get me wrong, I am american, but we are fucking GREEDY! From the bottom of the sky to the top of the ocean meaning the whole world, so they want to market the whole world. They are probably old friends who are corporate rivals, and they attack a man in Buffalo, Montana... or something to get more money. When people go to pay the rent they see that it costs to much, and prices are rising. BTW, burning people in effigy means embarassing them or a likeness or clone of them. When they get to the calming part where it slows down he says "The televisions gone," meaning they probably had to sell every single thing to pay the rent or to buy Necessitys. It is probably about the depression, cause the words match it and so does the meaning. When they say "Do you need a lot of what you got to survive?" meaning most people have money so do you need a lot of money to survive? Yes. The malls are the soon to be ghost towns meaning that prices are so high or many people lack money so they cant afford the shit they want and need, when it speeds up it means rebelling against the system and money and blah blah... My guess... Could be wrong...

Prolly no one will ever get this song.

Not no one, not now, not ever, anyone.

so So-long, farewell, goodbye!

lol, i love quoting the song

U2 – Vertigo Lyrics 14 years ago
Wow, i've never seen a more flaming topic,
1. Yes, U2 is a little cocky about their music when they said it felt sacred, nothing is sacred about a 50 or 40 year old old dad guy dancing and yelling in a music video.
2. I do like this song but It is the only U2 song i have come to life, but i am prepared to suffer the jabs because you people think i am a U2 loving noob
I only like this song
3. To settle the debate, he says "Unos, Dos, Trece, Catorce. Catorce is spanish for fourteen and Trece and thirteen.
4. Stop the fucking arguments, so what if you only like one song by a band, just because you dont like them doesnt mean you have to cuss them out and fucking obliterate their reputations into oblivion... christ

Guns N' Roses – Welcome To The Jungle Lyrics 14 years ago
Easy, this song is about life, and how no matter who you are it is rough, it is about taking advantage of what you see, Jungle is describing the world and how fucked up it is, I am amazed at how a guy in the 80's can tell how fucked up it would be in the 90s and 2000s

Modest Mouse – Float On Lyrics 14 years ago
Jesus Christ, You guys are so fucking negative... I think this is a good song for MM even though it is uppity... although you really DO have to listen to more of their music to understand and really enjoy them... like the bible... you can't read Genesis and think it's all about betrayal and temptation.

Modest Mouse – Night on the Sun Lyrics 14 years ago
This is almost easy to understand, correct me if i'm wrong but... I think it is about a shitty town that he probably moved to when he was young and it kind of fits me... I moved to the town about 2 miles over and EVERYONE hates my guts... but i hate this town too.

This is told in two perspectives. The "You're hopelessy hopeless, i hope so, for you," is in one along with the "it's alright". The rest is told in the first person. When he says that it is night on the sun and stab your blood into me, he is saying that he wants one of the ruthless and careless people of the town to just end his life and kill him. "Get filled up" is a way of saying getting drunk so he gets drunk and he wants someone to kill him. Near the end when he is saying "There's one thing to know about this..." he starts saying "Not a single person doesn't want me underground," meaning that not a single person wants him alive/ they want him dead. When he says the town is five hundred miles underground he probably means that it is in hell or the town IS hell. And finally when he says "The globe is bound and willing to explode" or something like that he is saying that eventually the entire earth will become like this and explode. That is my interpretation!

---- Dragon 1629
(Since signatures are overrated)

Modest Mouse – 3rd Planet Lyrics 14 years ago
Sorry for double post but i agree with OAR guy and also with everyone else, espescially to that guy who said that wood with pitch on it was impervious to wetness, so when he says "OUR BLOOD IS LIKE THE ATLANTIC".... means our blood is like water... put together the lines... water = blood anyway... While i still don't understand wtf he would put "Baby Cum Angels"... i get what he means by "3 and 2" stuff and the "3 and 2 and this is how it began, this is how it will end" it means that God, Adam and Eve we're the first ones here, there were three. It will end in the same way, dwindling down to the final people...

Modest Mouse – 3rd Planet Lyrics 14 years ago
Easiest song to understand, it is about three different things, God, Life and a girl. God is the watcher, so when we die we will shake his hand, DUH! Life is when he says "The universe is shaped exactly like the earth if you go straight enough you'll end up where you were" He is stating that no matter what you do or where you go or stay you will always end up 'Doing the cockroach', doing the same thing over and over again. The girl is dying and it is god talking when he says "Your heart, felt good, it was dripping pitch and made of wood," Dripping pitch is like blood and the wood is meaning that her heart has stopped, because the phrase STIFF AS A WOODEN BOARD comes into mind.... if that isnt right then prove me wrong... not to brag.... SERIOUSLY

Modest Mouse – Teeth Like God's Shoeshine Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is about Three different things, A claustrophobic Hypochaundriac, A man with teeth like god's shoeshine and Isaac Brock... Okay i don't know wtf this song is about but who could hate it???

Modest Mouse – Paper Thin Walls Lyrics 14 years ago
You are stupid (Guy who said the thing about how could this be about rape charges) In about i think 2000 Isaac Brock (Lead singer of MM) was accused of raping a teenage girl, the charges were found false and so this is about the people around him being paranoid but he is the only one who is sane!

Modest Mouse – Heart Cooks Brain Lyrics 14 years ago
This is so easy to understand... It is about this guy loving a girl... and he does all this stuff to impress her and he is using the metaphors to compare how his heart is controlling his mind by telling him to do stupid stuff to impress someone he loves...

Modest Mouse – I Came as a Rat (Long Walk Off a Short Dock) Lyrics 14 years ago
I love the Uh-Oh... lol it's so catchy... "Uh-oh uh-oh uh uh uh uh-oh uh-ohohohohoh

Modest Mouse – Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is about finding out who you are... in this case its about Isaac Brock trying to figure out who he is but everytime he does he becomes someone else... So he blames the town, Talking Shit about a Pretty Sunset is meaning that he is talking shit about his beautiful potential and there is really nothing he can do with it...

Modest Mouse – Exit Does Not Exist Lyrics 14 years ago
I change my mind, I Think this song is about him trying to find a way out of life but he can't because you live for eternity in heaven or hell so he turns to drugs/alcohol for the answers and... the results are rather weird...

Modest Mouse – Exit Does Not Exist Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is about him being drugged up or drunk and/or him wanting to exit life but he can't kill himself because he THINKS if he commits suicide he will go to probably hell or heaven and that is still living for eternity

Modest Mouse – Ocean Breathes Salty Lyrics 14 years ago
I finally know the exact definition of this song, after watching the music video where the little kid goes around the countryside on his bike it is stating that no matter how much you guys want to deny it is about a loved one, but can be interpretted in two different ways. I think when he goes out to pitch to the scarecrow that is his father (lost loved one) and when he finds that man in the sunflower field (his father) he brings him home in a box and his mother yells at him and the little boy gets mad and runs away. He then opens the box and dies, and wakes up in a ruleless world where it is his job to have fun. But i kind of feel bad cause i thought this song had more meaning. His father was the anti-religious, telling his mother that there is no such thing as god or an afterlife but when his mother realized he was still alive she remember all the bad times and yelled at the kid for bringing him home, so in a way the kid committed suicide to join his father and i am pretty damn sure that this is the meaning.

Johnny Cash – Hurt (Nine Inch Nails cover) Lyrics 14 years ago
This song, when i hear the chorus, reminds me that you always die alone. No matter how many times, how long you have lived and how many friends are with you, nobody can die with you. And when you here this you feel that if you die the world would crumble around you as if nothing really mattered... in the end this song is worth burning on to a cd even just for this song

Modest Mouse – Ocean Breathes Salty Lyrics 14 years ago
This song has nothing to do with a girl, the "Get away from me" may make it seem like that but it is Modest Mouse expressing their feelings about Life/Death. "For your sake I hope heaven and hell.... are really there but i wouldn't hold my breath" That is stating that the religious are wasting their times and if the afterlife isn't like what they thought it was it was basically nought. "You wasted life, why wouldn't you waste death?" is stating that the religious basically wasted life praying to gods that did not exist, it is like a kick in the pants for those who's entire lives were spent praying to nothing but air.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps Lyrics 15 years ago
I also think it could be a self-image song. Think about it...If you looked in the mirror and said the lyrics it could make 'some' sense. I still don't get "Maps" tho...somebody please make a clarity of the meaning...

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps Lyrics 15 years ago
I am agreeing with Doobey but maybe this song is about a A girl who has fallen in love with a guy, they get together but after the guy straightens out his life he realizes he is gay "Pack up
i'm straight
i'm not
i'm say say say..."
Implying she isn't a lez but then
"wait... they don't love you like i do..."
she is saying that she would do anything to be with somebody who understands her...or she is saying that if he goes out into the world like that, that the other people won't like him and will criticize him for his judgment in people...

Linkin Park – And One Lyrics 15 years ago
This song is about a person who has nothing but pain and suffering in his life and is so mad. He/She meets a person and they make it so much worse that he reaches a point in which he finally loses his mind. The girl/boy that he met finally showed him that everybody usually goes through the same thing: "It's too late to love me now, you helped me to show me"

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