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Bread – Change Of Heart Lyrics 14 years ago
This is a nice song musically, but lyrically it's kind of unsettling; told from the perspective of a guy who stole someone else's girl away from him. I guess it just wasn't meant to be...

Bread – Lost Without Your Love Lyrics 14 years ago
I actually have this album (Lost Without Your Love) on CD, that I ordered off the internet, I forget where, but it's good, I love all their albums.

Bread – Tecolote Lyrics 14 years ago
What the hell does Tecolote mean?! Who cares?!! Excellent song!

Bread – I Dont Love You Lyrics 14 years ago
That's a weird vocal performance by good ol'e Jimmy there.

Bread – Everything I Own Lyrics 14 years ago
It must be a real feat to scat words real fast in a Jamaican accent. As for N*sync, they just plain suck. The only way you can make a truly beutiful song like this is if you actually feel what you're singing because you went through the pain of losing a loved one yourself, and that's what Dave Gates did.

Mushroomhead – Bwomp Lyrics 14 years ago
Here's the lyrics to the second version of Bwomp:

Drop It From The Top Don't Let The Motherfucker Stop Cops Want The Props Tripping Like A Bunch Of Pork Chops Don't They Know We're Loco Going Cuckoo For Our Coco Puffs So Rough So Tough Sho'nuff Make It Funky Enough Don't Let The Rhythm Stop Drop The Fronts At Once You Know You're Falling Behind Playing Catch Up Like Huntz While You're Jocking The Trends We're Stepping Straight From Within You Know We're Coming Correct And Your Slipping Again

Mushroomhead – Too Much Nothing Lyrics 14 years ago
I didn't notice the hog's great bass playing on this song until I got my new boom box.

Hed PE – Schpamb Lyrics 15 years ago
It's F-in' obvios, but it's an anti-cop song.

Nirvana – Molly's Lips Lyrics 15 years ago
I've never heard the original, but I know this:
Listen to it, it's just literally the same 2 chords being repeated over and over and over and over!!!!!!! (with a few random notes thrown in at the end) I would't give this song a single star.

Bread – Guitar Man Lyrics 15 years ago
Beautiful. I'm surprised no has commented on it yet...

Bread – Mother Freedom Lyrics 15 years ago
One of the more hard-rockin' Bread songs. Lovin' that guitar solo.

AC/DC – Love At First Feel Lyrics 16 years ago
Statutory Rape

Alice in Chains – I Know Somethin' ('bout You) Lyrics 16 years ago
Sounds more like something the Red Hot Chili Peppers would play. It's tight

Alice in Chains – We Die Young Lyrics 16 years ago
well it is the shortest song on the album

Shadows Fall – What Drives The Weak Lyrics 16 years ago
Seems to me it's about people who get anxiety attacks. All the days that pass just seem to become a blur and you can't remember anything from the day before. And once the panic is over there's that relaxed state of mind that lasts for about 10 mninutes.

Lacuna Coil – Entwined Lyrics 16 years ago
my bad

Lacuna Coil – Entwined Lyrics 16 years ago
Simply about love.

Lacuna Coil – Entwined Lyrics 16 years ago
Simply about love.

Van Halen – And The Cradle Will Rock... Lyrics 16 years ago
It's about how the young generation can get tied up with the wrong crowd and get into a lot of trouble.

Godsmack – Running Blind Lyrics 16 years ago
OpinionHead yur freaking brilliant.


Linkin Park – Riff Raff Lyrics 16 years ago
he says "touch base" not "touch a face"

you're all retarded

Godsmack – Moon Baby Lyrics 16 years ago
Maybe it's because he has this vision of the perfect woman and goes out seeking her but can never find her so she just lives in his head in a fantasy world. He just wants to travel to the stars with her, he can do anything with her because she doesn't exist.

I don't know, I just a thought.

Godsmack – I Fucking Hate You Lyrics 16 years ago
well, it's nice to know the lyrics

Mushroomhead – Sun Doesn't Rise Lyrics 17 years ago
Sometimes we have to break down in order to realize again who are so we can progress.

Every day we're faced with new problems, no matter how far you get, there will be more obstacles ahead of you. Just when you think you're done, in comes a new situation for you to deal with, just like the day before.

It's like the sun didn't even rise, cause you're right back where you started.
Who knows how far you'll fall tomorrow.

Also being faced with problems is what makes us human, you gain experience and knowledge from everything you go through in life.

"Welcome my downfall"

At least that's what I get from it.

Mushroomhead – Mother Machine Gun Lyrics 17 years ago
It seems that they're wondering if everything that happens to them is fate. Or if everything just happens without reason. Are our lives planned out by some higher power or do we have control?

"Now I can't understand what keeps me going.
There is no master plan,
nothing to go on, to grow on.
Somehow know where do I begin?"

Black Sabbath – Solitude Lyrics 17 years ago
Uh, didn't Bill Ward sing this song?

Hed PE – Pac Bell Lyrics 17 years ago
"Naw, baby, no I ain't mad.
But what's up? There was a time when we was tight.
There was a time when we make love
and you would suck my dick like every night.
There was a time when I would treat you
like you was my queen. ha
But now your pussy dirty like you need Mr. Clean

Just some lyrics that were missed.

Hed PE – Hill Lyrics 17 years ago
They reused the lines:

"Who will believe in me? Who will stand by me?
Who will walk with me? Who will fly with me?"

in the later song "Swan Dive".

Hed PE – Ground Lyrics 17 years ago
there are some lyrics missing, but I don't know what the words are so I can't post them.

"With both of us in the back seat, who the fuck's driving?"
would support that interpretation.

Hed PE – Darky Lyrics 17 years ago
I like singing this song with Daffy Duck's voice.

Hed PE – Crazy Legs Lyrics 17 years ago
The chorus to this song is a parody of the song "Hypnotize" by Notorius B.I.G.

The original goes:

"Biggie, Biggie, Biggie, can't you see?
Sometimes your words just hypnotize me.
And I just love your flashy ways.
I guess that's way they broke and you're so paid."

Hed PE – Circus Lyrics 17 years ago
maybe it should be "cut me in half and PRAY with me" which would support the religion theory.

Hed PE – Boom (How You Like That) Lyrics 17 years ago
"Now all my niggas say 'How you like that?'"
(low voices) "How you like that?"
"White boys say 'How you like that?'"
(high voices) "How you like that?"

-Funniest part of the song, especially considering Jahred does all the voices (by the way I'm white)

Hed PE – Bartender Lyrics 17 years ago
They didn't get the riff for the song, they got the chorus from the song "I just want to celebrate" and changed the words.

Alien Ant Farm – Glow Lyrics 17 years ago
So how come no one has commented on this song?
It seems as if he and his girl are getting into fights a lot but they always know they'll forgive each other eventually because a light (their anger with each other) cannot burn forever.

OutKast – Ms. Jackson Lyrics 17 years ago
The actual meaning is that Dre had a child with singer Erykah Badu out of wedlock. This song is a message to Badu's mother, whose actual name is Kolleen Wright. Ms. Jackson is a name that they made up.

Three Days Grace – Just Like You Lyrics 17 years ago
fucking brilliant

Three Days Grace – (I Hate) Everything About You Lyrics 17 years ago
Don't look so deep into it.
Seriously, its just him having girl problems and whining about it like everyone else. Really I cannot stand this song anymore.

311 – Come Original Lyrics 17 years ago
drummer in the nile

311 – Beyond the Gray Sky Lyrics 17 years ago
awsum geetarr

KoЯn – Right Now Lyrics 17 years ago
Does the middle not kinda remind you of the middle of "One Step Closer" by Linkin Park? Jon was even on the remix of that song!

KoЯn – It's Gonna Go Away Lyrics 17 years ago
The "it" in this song is Jon's fame. He knows he's going to lose it all one day but he doesn't know when and he's terrified of the fact.

KoЯn – Break Some Off Lyrics 17 years ago
It's a cool song, though I don't think any of the songs on TALITM have any signifigance, the album was just made to try and bring back their "old skool" heavy sound.

By the way it's "I'm 'bout to break some fuckiin' off!"
(going to lose my mind)

KoЯn – Ball Tongue Lyrics 17 years ago
"Balltongue" was actually their manager at the time. It says so in the skrapbook of the TALITM CD.

Mushroomhead – The Dream Is Over Lyrics 17 years ago
That means a lot coming from a 4 year old.

Godsmack – Changes Lyrics 17 years ago
Tony Rambola sounds awesome in this song, I hate to admit it, but without the solos Godsmack wouldn't be half as good. I wish he would write more music (he wrote this and Serenity) when he writes you can tell it sounds pretty good. Everything Sully writes kinda sounds the same...

Godsmack – Faceless Lyrics 17 years ago
Obviously about betrayal from someone who you thought was a friend and now you don't even know who they are anymore so they're "Faceless". Cool but simple song.

Godsmack – Bad Religion Lyrics 17 years ago
This is the only Godsmack song that Tommy had any part in writing.

Godsmack – I Am Lyrics 17 years ago
I think these lyrics are some of Sully's best, though not that great. If he could focus more on his spiritual side and stop tryin to be such a tough guy all the time(I Fucking Hate You, Whatever, Keep Away) then maybe he can improve himself and come up with some really great stuff(hinted in Serenity, Voodoo)

Godsmack – Immune Lyrics 17 years ago
This was said to be written about "urban vampires who suck the life out of their victims by emulating their fashion sense and behavioral patters"

Which would support the line
"You can't be yourself anymore when you're sucking out my life from under me."

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