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Parenthetical Girls – The Privilege Lyrics 10 years ago
"i know he left you to the savages
but save it for your endless"

should read instead as:

I know he left you to the savages
but save it for your analyst *

Parenthetical Girls – Sympathy For Spastics Lyrics 10 years ago
I believe the line

"as you take to task this great guildless gilded class"

is instead:
as you take to task this great guiltless gilded class

And the lines

"and bless these men of means
whose key bombs of ketamine "

should be instead:
and bless these men of means
whose key bumps of ketamine

That is, as in to snort a bump of ketamine off of a key. The same way one snorts a line or a bump of cocaine off a surface.

The Divine Comedy – The Complete Banker Lyrics 11 years ago
Well maybe this recession is a blessing in *disguise

To* all of us it was just a big game

I'm a* conscience free, malignant cancer on society

Parenthetical Girls – Love Connection, Pt. II Lyrics 13 years ago
The lead singer, Zac Pennington, is not a girl.

The Good Life – Your Share of Men Lyrics 14 years ago
I believe the first line is "I'm sure you've had your share of men" not "I'm shyer than your share of men".

It also makes more sense that way.

Xiu Xiu – Crank Heart Lyrics 14 years ago
Caralee, of Xiu Xiu, posted on

so today i was reading on one of the xiu xiu message boards, the shzine one, that there was a debate about the line from crank heart " her school colors, black and light black". its actually a line about jamies mother when she was in student council in highschool she was trying to get the school colors changed to black and light black. just a little xiu trivia for you. also jamies mom is super awesome for that (duh).

El-P – T.O.J. Lyrics 14 years ago
these lyrics are so off it's a shame they were posted. they contain an error every other line.

Owen Pallett – This Lamb Sells Condos Lyrics 15 years ago
Brad J. Lamb interview:

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone – Yr Boyfriend Lyrics 15 years ago
the first line is "you pretend that it's alright to wait up half the night".

Xiu Xiu – Ian Curtis Wishlist Lyrics 15 years ago
From a CBC radio show archive Jamie Stewart says, "An Ian Curtis wish list is a list of things that you have convinced yourself that you want to have happen, but you know that are never going to happen. But, you've sort of deluded yourself into believing that they're going to happen. So half of your... and then you feel like a total ass about it... like half of your body's completely fooled itself into believing something's happened and half of your body is totally beating yourself up because the other half of the body is fooling itself. So an Ian Curtis wish list is things that would fall into that category… like being crazy into this person.”

Jamie Stewart also talks about the drunk make-out story that horse_tamer mentioned, which is a funny story in a high school way.

You can find an audio recording of the interview online by going to the Brave New Waves website.

I believe that Jane S. is the girl he was obsessed with. In the interview he says, “There was something about this person who gets named in the song very specifically…”

So yeah… if you’re curious, try and find the interview.

At the Drive-In – Non-Zero Possibility Lyrics 19 years ago
"almost up there with Thursday. "

At the Drive-in's lyrics are much more complex than Thursday's lyrics. Whether this is due to allusion, symbolism, just nonsense, etc... they're much harder to decrypt.

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