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John Prine – Illegal Smile Lyrics 17 years ago
i'm not positive but i think this song is about weed. i think he's saying he'll be having the crappiest day and he can sit down with a fat blunt and smoke it all away...escape reality...i think that b/c he says it's illegal and then he compares it to killing some one and that's illegal too but sh-t weed isn't as bad as they make it sound.....those are my thoughts

Pete Yorn – For Nancy ('Cos It Already Is) Lyrics 17 years ago
this is a great all of pete's stuff...he's amazing...
that song is: Tal Bachman - She's So High

Billie Myers – Kiss The Rain Lyrics 18 years ago
i agree also with WYWH...the song is so beautiful and it's reminding a person not to take loved ones for granted b/c they won't always be there physically or emotionally.

Billie Myers – A Few Words Too Many Lyrics 18 years ago
well first of all this song is pretty self explanitory. it's obviously about a break up. it's one of those songs that anyone who was dumped unexpectedly can relate to. those first words "wait a minute what did you say?" i was like YEAH! when i first heard it. the lyrics "Staring at the ceiling
Wondering just what you're feeling
Was it me
Or was it you
What's the difference
If I knew"
those are so's yep i'm thinking that too. just a great song

Dave Matthews Band – Fool to Think Lyrics 18 years ago
I agree with all of you. It's like the person is being led on in their mind, but in the eye of the other person they are just friends. You always make things bigger then what they are, then when you talk to that person again you realize things are strictly platonic and you feel like a fool

Weekend Excursion – Nine Days Lyrics 18 years ago
It's kind of like how almost every time you go into a relationship you never think it will work and when it does, it's just the sweetest thing. but it's also like a long distance thing and how once it happens you just hope it can last.

Ari Hest – Aberdeen Lyrics 18 years ago
okay this is very cool. first of all i am from this town he is talking about....and every word about it is sooo true. i am definately checking out more of ari. this is crazy. i found this song by chance and let me tell you every word is everything i feel!

Dave Matthews Band – Halloween Lyrics 18 years ago
the girl this is about's name is julia grey (from grey street hence the name:)

Ben Harper – Walk Away Lyrics 18 years ago
okay first off i agree that this is a great breakup song but it's a little different for me. the part that says "it hurts even more to have to be with someone else." really hits home. i first heard this after this one week of bliss with this guy who lived a couple hours away from me...but the thing was that we both had a boyfriend/ girlfriend so its like we were so meant to be but we had to say goodbye and my b/f and i broke up like a week later but it was so true that being with someone else when you know you like someone even more is very hard.

Modest Mouse – You're the Good Things Lyrics 18 years ago
i think this is like him saying that whoever he is talking about is like so good but bad things happen when they are together....or like there are so many good things about this person but if you look closer the good things don't seem to come at a necessarily good time.

Madonna – Rain Lyrics 18 years ago
short and sweet...well said roger

The Smashing Pumpkins – Dreaming Lyrics 18 years ago
I can't believe no one has commented on this yet. i really like this song...favorite line is the last dreaming is free, how true
I also like I never met him, I'll never forget him it's like meeting someone and just "dreaming" what could be and how great it could be but never doing anything about it.....this hits close to home.

Dave Matthews Band – Say Goodbye (Album version) Lyrics 18 years ago
this is by far my favorite dave song. i haven't heard the other versions but i love this one. the intro alone is fabulous...i can just listen to that and i just feel so relaxed. it has a beautiful message too, don't we all want a relationship that could be so easy?

Grateful Dead – Casey Jones Lyrics 18 years ago
VERY well said compuwiz i agree totally. i would much rather live in the 60's than now. it was bands like the grateful dead, pink floyd, and the beatles that made music today...the good stuff anyway. and if you think the dead sucks then why are you even on this bored.....get a life and smoke a joint, you may just enjoy it....don't knock before you try it.

Mason Jennings – Ballad For My One True Love Lyrics 18 years ago
This is the perfect love song. Mason says it best in the line "searching for the perfect way to say I love you sweatheart." it is so beautiful

Mason Jennings – Train Leaving Grey Lyrics 18 years ago
i agree with you completely tubesocks! this is such a beautiful song. mason has a way of putting you in your own world with his voice and lyrics.

Rooney – Why? Lyrics 18 years ago
I believe he is talking about his dad in this song. He dies...flight 22 is about him too. So i'm pretty sure this song is about him

Pete Yorn – EZ Lyrics 18 years ago
I think the whole you were easy thing at the end is relating to when they were young and how things used to be easy and she would always take him back and he took that for granted...and now he realizes that she was easy

Pete Yorn – Just Another Lyrics 18 years ago
This is so amazing his voice and the tune alone make it beautiful, but then the lyrics are absolutely captivating. The first line is the greatest. "You and I, we’re two of a kind, I hate to say it but you’ll never relate, what makes you tick? It makes me smile." It's so like my entire life.

Merete – Case Of June Lyrics 18 years ago
I can totally's about having summer loves and how one minute you have them there and then they leave and you're left with a beautiful memory and horrible pain

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