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System of a Down – Chop Suey! Lyrics 18 years ago
This song could be viewed a lot of ways. One would be the religous view, as the Crucifiction, or it could be about someone hiding something. Or it could be viewd as not being trusted. But SOAD said it was about some guy in there country that stood up against the government there and kept saying lines from this song. So Serj I guess put them in the song.

Crossbreed – Stem Lyrics 18 years ago
Ya i think its about how it seems God leaves us and then Satan starts to 'take over' in our life. If you look he has a lot of refrences to the devil 'calling your name' and more about god looking away and leaving.

Crossbreed – Breathe Lyrics 18 years ago
Crossbreed freaking rules. Neways I think this song is about needing your space, Like people are always on your back and stuff, and you just need some space to 'breathe'

Linkin Park – Points of Authority Lyrics 18 years ago
this song is when chester was molested by someone. I think it went on for about 4 years or something before he told someone. Just look at the lyrics... "Forfeit the game before somebody else
Takes you out of the frame and puts your name to shame
Cover up your face you can?t run the race
The pace is too fast you just won't last" -- hes saying give it up you gonna get caught.
"You love the way I look at you
While taking pleasure in the awful things you put me through
You take away if I give in
My life, my pride is broken" --basiclly his molester is taking advantage of him
"You like to think you?re never wrong
You want to act like you?re someone
You want someone to hurt like you
You want to share what you?ve been through
You live what you learn" I cant exaclty make out this... maybe something that only relates to his personal experiance with this, like his molester has done it before maybe.
"You love the things I say I'll do
The way I?ll hurt myself again just to get back at you
You take away when I give in
My life, my pride is broken" --When he didnt tell anyone

Stone Sour – Inhale Lyrics 19 years ago
I dont know what Corey ment this song to be but to me it sounds like people might be judging him... like you know he try's just to talk to someone and they wont talk to him like a normal person, like they think hes some heretic satanist or something. And in the chorus when he says 'why does any of it matter?' maybe he's asking them what does it matter? I have beleifs just like you. Anyways thats just what I think

Dave Mosicant – Phil Lyrics 19 years ago
Its about when he was picked on by a kid named 'phil'

Dave Mosicant – For Me Lyrics 19 years ago
this sogn is about someone that keeps screwing your life up

Linkin Park – Plc.4 Mie Haed Lyrics 19 years ago
this song rules!! to me its about finding a place in the world when people bring you down. its says, "...not with enemy a place for my head"

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